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    Time for a welcome home hug.


    Tad isn’t happy seeing his son Damon drink alcohol and Liza not stopping him. Tad talks to Liza alone.  Damon takes out the bottle of pills and pops a pill and drinks Liza’s beer. Tad grabs Damon and they leave.

    Martin zoo:

    Angie visits. Krystal is there and they talk about Damon. Angie is very worried. Angie says that Damon is a ticking time bomb and that she thinks Damon is taking pills. That there is something more wrong with him than his parents ignoring him. Tad comes in with Damon. Angie and Krystal see to him when he says he’s going to hurl. Liza comes in and apologizes to Tad. She tries to explain, but Tad says she’s the same old vindictive Liza – she chose to get back at him by using his son! Liza says tell Damon she hopes he feels better, then leaves. Angie, Krystal, and Damon come back into the room, where Angie says that she believes there more to Damon’s state than just alcohol! As Damon lays on the sofa, Angie asks how many pills he took – he says two. Tad apologizes to Angie and begs her to keep this quiet – give his son one last break. Damon’ asks What did you just call me? Oh oh! What are you going to tell him Tad?!!?!  Tad  says he was talking about JR. Angie agrees to keep quiet but warns Tad to get a handle on this. She leaves, and Tad starts giving Damon coffee. He tells him life isn’t fair – get over it. Stop pretending that you don’t care.  I love Tad and Damon scenes! :) Maybe Tad SHOULD tell Damon that he is his father.

    The hospital:

    Colby and JR are talking about Annie.  JR says he’ll use what she’s done against her – they’ll become best friends! As they are sealing their pact with a pinkie swear, Marissa comes in. She says aren’t you the wrong sex for doing pinkie swear? ROFL! JR says he’s being released – they can move into the mansion! Marissa is surprised that he wants to move in with Annie – it’s too stressful. JR says Annie was his donor – he’d like to give her a second chance. Marissa hugs him. When she leaves, Colby asks JR why he didn’t tell his wife the truth. He says she’d just worry. Hmmm Marissa looks pregnant in that dress she was wearing.

    The Casino:

    Brot and Natalia argue. They always do!  Madison and Randi arrive. Randi goes to say hi to Brot and Natalia – she tells them she’s there due to the photo shoot for Fusion. She complains about the current climate at the office. Brot advises her to please Greenlee by giving her the perfect model – Natalia! Natalia yells that she doesn’t want to be a bimbo! Brot asks why she takes everything the wrong way, and she says you always say things the wrong way! Huh?!!?! Oh come on Natalia! You are so sensitive!  Ryan comes in  and Randi wants to talk to him but he is too busy. Madison goes up to him and asks if he’s okay. Ryan talks to her and then Randi talks to Madison alone and tells her  to quit the act – she’s not fooling her – she wants Ryan! Madison says that he’s in love with Greenlee, but Randi says As if that would stop you! DOH! Madison goes back over to Ryan and talks about the guy who works for Ryan asked her out on a date and if it’s okay. She is asking him if it’s okay cus she doesn’t know Ryan’s rules. He doesn’t have any rules besides, she doesn’t work for him.  Madison talks about how long it’s been since she has dated and if he is going to date anybody. He says Greenlee is the only woman for him. When she walks away, Randi goes over to Ryan and warns him about Madison. Oh boy!

    Police station:

    Greenlee has handcuffs on!  Oh! So she REALLY was arrested.   Jesse wants to know where David is.. She tells him David is skiing in Switzerland. He says he expects the love of her life to come through the door to save her any minute. Just then, Ryan shows up!!! Oy! Okay if the writers insist on playing this game, Ryan is the 2nd love of her life BUT Leo is her first love of her life!! And always will be!!!  Jesse says he was expecting Greenlee’s other husband. Ryan doesn’t like that Greenlee is arrested and wants Jesse to find another way to get David. Oh what is this?!!?! Good cop bad cop?! Greenlee thinks this is bad cop good cop too! Ryan says he isn’t he just wants to help her. Greenlee doesn’t believe him. Jack shows up to help Greenlee.Jack and Jesse talk. Jack convinces Jesse to let Greenlee go. Greenlee leaves.   Natalia and Brot are back discussing David with Jesse. They decide they need someone on the inside, close to Greenlee.  Brot suggests to Jesse that Natalia become a model at Fusion! Natalia has pms moment again. She says it will never work because Greenlee knows she is a cop!  Jesse becomes Donald Trump and says you’re fired! ROFL!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Annie is very angry and is packing. He asks if she’s just threatening to leave so he’ll beg her to stay. She blames Brooke for his sudden lack of trust in her. Adam calls that ridiculous – the problem is the way she relates to everyone in his life! Annie calls him out on not defending her – Adam says she doesn’t make it easy! He admits that Colby and JR are difficult, but thinks she can handle it. When he urges her not to be jealous of Brooke, she completely flips out.  Adam says he loves her, not Brooke, and Annie insists he prove it by getting rid of her! Adam tells her to put the insecurity behind her, or else. Adam says that Brooke is just his friend, but not nearly as close a one as her friend – his nephew Scott! BAAHAHHAAHHAHAAHA! Great one Adam! Bring up Scott! YEAH! The phone rings – it’s JR saying he’s going to move in. Adam tells Annie that and Annie runs from the room! Later Adam is yelling Annie’s name through the house when his security men come in wheeling a crate with Greenlee giving directions! When she opens it, David pops out asking Adam where is his welcome home hug! Hahaha! If Adam doesn’t want to give you a hug David, I WILL!!!! :)


    Jack and Greenlee walk in and she tells him Jesse is lucky she’s so forgiving. He takes off and Greenlee goes back to the office. David is there. They discuss Jesse’s set up, and she says he shouldn’t be there. He says he couldn’t help but be worried about her. David insists this can’t go on – he’s going to turn himself in. No David don’t do that!!!! Anyway Greenlee disagrees with him doing that. David points out two unmarked cars outside. She says she’ll get him out of there.


    Annie shows up and sees Liza.  Annie orders a drink then sits down. Annie says I’m going to need a lawyer. She gives Liza a dollar for a retainer, and asks, What can I get if Adam leaves me? Boy Annie! Aren’t you tired living in paranoia city?!

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