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    Snowball war!

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Jack says they can get married on May!!! Say what? I thought it was in a couple of weeks! Erica leaves and Jack and Caleb have a bit of a chat. Jack asks Caleb to realize the game is over because Erica is about to be his wife. ROFL! Caleb leaves and Krystal heard what Jack said. Jack tells Krystal he and Erica have set a date. She congratulates him, but asks why he’s taking a swing at Caleb if he’s already got the girl. ROFL! Jack just wants Caleb to know it’s time to cash in his chips and leave the table. Krystal tells him he’s won so he doesn’t need to kick dirt in the guy’s face. ROFL! They also talk about her living with Tad and his new wifey poo. She talks about her failed relationships and whines about giving up on love! He says that would be a shame. UGH! Krystal just go find Caleb and make him forget all about Erica!!! He invites her to the wedding. She thanks him for giving her a little hope. UGH!


    Marissa and Bianca visit Kendall. Bianca tells Kendall about the custody issue and Kendall isn’t happy to hear that!!! She wants to spend the day with Bianca, but Bianca tells her she and Marissa have it covered. Erica later stops by to see Kendall, who tells her about Reese’s request for full custody. Erica of course isn’t happy about it either!!! Erica tells Kendall she and Jack have set a date. Kendall is happy about that and announces it to the office. Erica wishes she hadn’t done that because she wanted to keep it quiet and intimate since it is their second wedding. Oh? Or is it because you want the mountain man?

    Martin zoo:

    Griffin shows up all beat up!!! DOH! Tad is there!!! Poor Dr McLove was beaten up by the lollypop guild! :(

    The hospital:

    Griffin shows up with Tad and Cara wants to know what happened. Cara discovers he has two cracked ribs and Griffin explains that he tried to meet with Zak’s casino partners, but before he could see Diana, her men roughed him up. Tad thinks this means they have something to hide. Cara is worried but he says if Kendall is in danger, he won’t let a couple of goons scare him away. When Cara can’t get through to him, she leaves and asks Tad to talk some sense into him. Tad orders Griffin not to do this on his own anymore. Cara returns with Kendall, who wonders what happened to Griffin. Griffin makes up a story about a mishap on a date. An angry boyfriend! ROFL! He wonders why she’s there and she says she wants to help with the charity auction. Kendall knows he’s lying about what happened to him and discovers his bruised ribs. Cara and Tad leave and as Kendall and Griffin talk, Ricky shows up and sees Kendall he tells her the drug dealer his kids have been dealing with were beat up, but managed to hit the man, who was in a suit. DOH! He is so good!!! Letting Kendall think it’s Griffin who beat up the kids!!! Meanwhile Tad promises Cara that he will do a better job of trying to protect his new brother-in-law. Yeah Tad good luck with that! ROFL!

    The park:

    Marissa wants Bianca to let out her frustrations concerning what Reese is doing and they have a snowball fight. ROFL! They are bonding awww! :) Great scene. I think they would be cute together. :) Bi/lesbian/straight Marissa and Bianca for the win! ROFL! Bianca asks if they will win the custody battle. Marissa promises.

    Jerica home:

    Erica and Opal are together and Erica tells her she and Jack set a wedding date. Opal is soooooooooo happy and excited! She picks Erica up! ROFL! Opal gushes about the wedding. Opal thinks her telling Jack about the kiss with Caleb lit a fire under his behind. Bianca walks in and hears Erica discussing the kiss. Bianca questions Erica about it. Erica insists the kiss was nothing and Caleb means nothing. Bianca then learns a wedding date has been set. She is happy but Erica wants to talk about Bianca. She declares there is no way Reese will get custody of the kids. She says the girls will be at her wedding as flower girls. Opal thinks that’s one thing they can check of the to-do list. Opal brings up the guest list, which won’t include Caleb. Erica says she will take care of the guest list. Erica then leaves for a meeting regarding Cortlandt. Bianca asks if the kiss between Erica and Caleb bothers Opal as much as it bothers her.


    Marissa finds Caleb having a drink. She asks for his advice on Bianca’s divorce settlement and custody suit. She tells him what Jack’s advice was and Caleb gives attitude. She asks him what’s up and he tells her Erica is getting married, which means she won’t be able to do what needs to be done with Cortlandt. He admits he doesn’t want to do it without her. He also admits Erica makes him feel, So damned alive, as Erica walks in and hears. Aww poor mountain man has feelings for La Kane!

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