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    Do it to him before he does it to you. 

    The police station:
    Natalia does not want her father to fire her. Brot tells her she’ll be great undercover! Jesse goes to start the paperwork as Natalia says No! I won’t! Brot and Jesse convince her to do it.  Jesse tells her it’s the fast track to detective. Jesse and Brot are on the internet trying to find what Natalia should wear. Natalia doesn’t like it. Jesse and Brot talk alone. Jesse says she will forgive you in 5 yrs ROFL!

    The casino:

    Randi warns Ryan about Madison. He is confused and she talks about how Madison has baggage. Oh shut up Randi!!! What are you jealous or something?!


    Madison is at ConFusion with her date, Craig the casino manager. Craig doesn’t like being at CONfusion but she sees Ryan and suggests they stick around. Ryan comes over to greet them, before talking to Liza. I guess Ryan isn’t going to listen to Randi. Good. :) Ryan and Liza talk Madison watches them. Oh she likes Ryan!  Ryan gets Liza laughing with funny stories, and they agree it’s been a long time since they got together this way. Liza wants to continue at her place. DOH! She realizes what she just said. He realizes she and Tad have split up, and asks if she needs to talk. He teases that if it weren’t for loving Greenlee he might have taken her offer. They agree to forget it happened and Liza leaves. Ryan walks over to Madison, who says her date left. She pretends not to know that Ryan was going to be there tonight, but he says he mentioned it earlier!  Meanwhile  Annie puts Liza on retainer before asking what she can get if Adam leaves her. Liza teases her, and Annie whines about how she saved Adam’s life and his son’s life! She mentions Brooke, and Liza says that there’s history with a capital ‘H’!  Liza  talks about how she married Adam three times – she might be the one person who understands. She says that Adam cheated on her with Brooke. Annie asks her what she should do. Liza says, Do it to him before he does it to you. Annie thinks Liza is bitter. Liza says that men will usually disappoint – she asks Annie if Adam has cheated – it would help their case. Annie doesn’t think so and tells her she doesn’t really want out of the marriage. Liza says she’ll wait to hear from her and then leaves.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Adam wants David gone! He tells Greenlee and David that JR is coming home and he can’t have David there.  He’s out! Greenlee tells Adam that he’s in it with David now – if he goes down, he’ll go with him! Adam’s not worried about being charged for harboring a fugitive – it won’t stick. They hear the front door open. Greenlee and David say this isn’t over and run to the tunnel.  Brooke comes in and tells Adam they need to talk. They discuss Annie’s jealousy, and Adam tells Brooke she can stay as long as she likes. She says it’s felt like coming home. Brooke asks Adam if he’s committed to Annie. He says yes and she says then let me help you keep her." Adam feels it isn’t her responsibility. Brooke says she wants peace in the kingdom. Annie comes in and Brooke leaves.  Adam tells Annie he’s sorry they fought – she is too. They kiss and he heads upstairs. Annie is in Adam’s bedroom looking sexy. She wants to show him how she feels by making love to him. Adam remembers what David said  warning that his ticker can’t handle sex. Adam and Annie start to kiss and are on the bed. Adam stops what they are doing and wants to go to sleep! ROFL! Later  he sneaks out when she falls asleep and heads downstairs, where he finds Brooke, who also can’t sleep. He tells her he’s glad she’s there. He keeps saying that! How many times is he going to say that? ROFL! Annie comes down and sees them! In the attic David tells Greenlee that they played their hand with Adam – it’s over. Greenlee thinks about ways she could intimidate Adam until David pleads with her to just stop! Greenlee tells him he’s not going to jail on her watch. David feels he’s putting her in danger with all of this. He then admits that although he wanted her to talk him out of this before, but now everything has changed!  She says she won’t let him leave her! He tells her goodbye and runs, locking her in so she can’t follow. ROFL!  She does finally get out with a key that was on the ground. Did David give her the key? 

    The park:

    Liza is on her way home when she runs into David!! He is wearing a hoodie and a cap. :)  He tells her to go ahead and call Tad, or the cops. She’s suspicious, and tells him she doesn’t want to be a hero to Tad Freakin’ Martin! ROFL! As she’s about to walk away, David tells her he’s in need of an attorney – and she’s the best at playing dirty, adding that if she took his case and won, she could become D.A. He offers a million dollar retainer – she says she’ll sleep on it. David has nowhere to go, but Liza says that’s not her problem until she accepts his case. Oh stop with the talking and have sex!!!! I want to see some clothes flying! If you know what I mean. :) Follow her home David!!! Mmmmmmmmm! :) 

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