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    Bachelor auction


    Caleb and Erica are left alone. Bianca and Jack join them and announce Jack will be part of the charity auction. Erica thinks it’s a great idea because where will come in at the end and outbid everyone. But the strange thing is, is that when Jack and Bianca talk about the bachelor auction, Erica and Caleb keep looking at each other UGH!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Amanda wants JR to get involved in the charity auction. She has to go and meet Jake. Marissa shows up and learns AJ isn’t there like he’s supposed to be. JR apologizes to her about the mess with Annie and for being selfish. He tells her she’s right. His problem is wanting what he can’t have. He wants to be grateful to things that are special to him instead of trashing them. He wants her to admit things were great with them for a while. She agrees, but then leaves. Hey JR Marissa doesn’t want you! She is already bonding with Bianca. :)

    The hospital:

    Ricky continues to manipulate Kendall! He keeps trying to making her doubt Dr McLove regarding the hospital drugs. Jake meets with Cara and Griffin. He expresses his frustration over trying to get bachelors to be in the auction and asks Cara to lead the charge on it. ROFL! He even gives her a camera! :) Amanda finds Jake at the hospital desk and asks if he’s ready for their big date. He says he is too busy and can’t make their date. :( Jake wants to make sure she is okay with it and she acts all okay. She leaves and Cara runs into Ricky in the hallway and asks him to be part of the bachelor charity auction. He agrees saying it’s part of his civic duty. Kendall meets with Griffin in another hospital room and questions him about the drugs he’s taking from the hospital. He reminds her they are antibiotics for people who need them. She asks if he’s taking other drugs as well. He doesn’t think they should talk about it there, but tells her if he had the money he wouldn’t have to do it this way. Zzzzzzzzzz. Please no more Kenlipop!!! He thinks the ends justify the means since lives are being saved. Kendall later sees Cara working on the auction and learns Griffin is taking part.

    Later Kendall wonders if she could be wrong about Griffin and makes a bid on him. Griffin happens by and realizes what she’s doing. She tells him she’s making a bid and intends to win. She wants to thank him for saving her and says it would be nice to spend an evening together. She thinks it could be an interesting night. No I think it would be an Zzzzzzzz night!! After they’ve left, Caleb finds Erica in front of the bachelor board. He admits he never thought he’d enjoy spending time with her. She thinks he’s confusing his feelings about his son with her. She suggests they meet tomorrow night at her house to further discuss it. Erica calls Jack to push back their date tomorrow a couple of hours. OY!!! What the hell are you doing Erica?! Griffin runs into Cara again in the hospital hallway. He’s uncomfortable having Kendall bid on him and gives his sister money to outbid her. ROFL! A sister bidding on her brother? ROFL! After Griffin goes home, Cara decides not to outbid Kendall because Griffin needs a little push. She bids on Ricky instead. DOH!

    The park:

    Ricky and Diana are together. Zzzzzzzzzzz. He tells Diana that he will be part of the charity auction. He needs to speed up the process with Kendall and thinks having her bid on him is part of that. Diana is bothered by it! He says she is jealous! UGH! He reminds Diana they were never serious. That’s not what they were about. She wonders what he and Kendall are about. He responds, The future.

    Dr McLove’s home:

    Griffin searches Diana’s name online!!!!!!!!!!!


    Marissa returns and talks to Bianca about JR. Marissa tells her that JR wants her back. She doesn’t think she can go back to that place though. She then tells Bianca she got a few calls from the press to interview her about gay divorce. They talk about relationships and Bianca says they both need to wait until the right person comes along. Oh just kiss already!!! :)

    Slater home:

    Kendall tells Bianca that she bid on Griffin in the auction. She calls it a fact-finding mission. UGH!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Amanda returns to work with JR. He tells her Cara called to recruit him for the auction. He says that Cara told him she always gets her man when she sets her mind to it. Amanda looks worried!!! Well gee Amanda all you have to do is have sex with Jake again. That always works right? JR notices that Amanda looks worried and she says she is there to work, not talk about her personal life. She again suggests the auction could be good PR for him. JR isn’t so interested in what it could do for his company, but for him personally. He says he has a project for her. He says he wants his family back, so he tells Amanda to sign him up for the auction and for her to talk Marissa into bidding on him. How the heck is Amanda gonna do that?!!?!

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