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    Welcome home!

    The hospital:
    Amanda sees Jake. They talk about her audition at Fusion. She doesn’t feel confident about auditioning at Fusion. He reassures her and she takes off her jacket. She shows off her sexy gold dress. She looks like a hooker ROFL! An orderly drops his tray! ROFL! Meanwhile  Brooke goes into JR’s room. She wants to write a Tempo story about his illness and recovery. JR says if it will help promote the donor registry he’ll do it!!!!! YAY! JR good for you! Anyway Colby comes in as Brooke leaves to set up a photographer for his homecoming. Marissa asks what Colby and JR are up to! JR claims he wants to start over with Annie because she saved his life. Marissa goes to get AJ. JR tells Colby it will be worth lying to Marissa in the end. AJ shows up. He wonders if it’s okay to hug him. JR says it’s okay and they hug.  Awwwwwww! :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Annie and Adam  are in their bedroom. She asks if anything in particular kept him up last night. She admits she saw him with Brooke – it looked intense. Adam says his son beat a death sentence. Annie brings up again  that was because of her. Oh shut up Annie.  Adam asks her not to make this about herself. ROFL! She says the next time JR needs a bone marrow she will tell him she is tapped out. Adam isn’t happy about that.  Annie says she’s just scared – he should need her the way he needs Brooke. Adam says this day is about JR – and she’s not going to ruin it!  YOU TELL HER ADAM! :) Later Annie is on the phone leaving a message with Liza. Colby picks up the extension and hears Annie saying she needs to strike first, and telling her to draw up the papers! DOH! Annie comes downstairs, where Brooke and Adam ask her about telling her story in Tempo – she wants to put her on the cover. Oh Annie is so going to love that! ROFL! And look she is! Annie is excited – until Adam starts thanking Brooke and wanting Annie to thank her! ROFL! Again Adam is treating Annie like a 5 year old.  Brooke goes to set up for JR’s arrival. JR, Marissa and AJ show up! WELCOME HOME JR! :) The camera man takes their pictures. Everyone hugs JR, except Annie. He says What no hug from the woman who saved my life? Hahahaha! Annie hugs him.

    The casino:

    Greenlee thanks Ryan for allowing them to use it for the photo shoot. He says that he had nothing to do with her getting dragged into the police station. She says she knows – he just happened to be there. Erica and Randi show up. Woah what the hell is Erica wearing? Ugly peach shirt! ROFL! She looks like a peach!  Greenlee wants to know  what Erica is doing there. Erica insists on being involved in choosing a Fusion model. Ryan tries to help but he isn’t helping at all. Greenlee gets called away, and Ryan accuses Erica of pushing her buttons. Erica says it’s only a matter of time before she detonates anyway! Amanda comes in and Erica goes up to her right away and loves her look.  Erica tells her she’s hired – she doesn’t even need test shots!  Amanda is in shock and says yes! Natalia arrives and Greenlee sees her. She accuses her of spying. Natalia tells her she got fired that Jesse fired her for breaking rules and she really needs a job! Greenelee says no. ROFL! Greenlee sees Amanda and wants to hire her but Amanda tells her Erica already hired her!  Greenlee isn’t happy about that. Randi goes up to her and gives her head shots of Natalia. Greenlee loves them and that she is a natural. Greenlee tells Natalia she doesn’t trust her, but she can try out. Ryan walks by Greenlee and she tells him that Erica stole Amanda – she’s called her father regarding the ‘poaching’. Ryan notices Greenlee is in pain and insists on massaging her lower back. Greenlee is rude to Madison and Ryan suggests she relax. She says with David gone, Fusion and this campaign are all she has left! He says that it doesn’t have to be that way. UGH!

    Liza’s home:

    Liza wakes up and sees someone. She screams. Hmm David? HA I WAS RIGHT! IT’S DAVID! David is drinking coffee.  She asks how he got in – he says it’s not exactly Fort Knox. They bicker about whether or not she’ll take his case.  Liza tells him that the way he is talking about Tad it’s like Tad had broken up with David instead of her! ROFL! TAVID FOREVER! :) David tells her he will give her a million dollars. Just then, Tad knocks at the door! David hides and listens. Tad tells Liza he didn’t mean to hurt her. Liza is defensive, saying she’s fine and shrugging off his concern. She tells him he’s right – it never would have worked out. He apologizes for giving her grief over Damon – saying finding out he’s his kid has made him squirrely. Liza wants Tad to go cus she says she has an appointment in a half an hour and she can’t go like this ROFL! Tad leaves and David comes out of hiding happy and says that it’s a pretty big secret Tad’s keeping – he says either Liza represents him or he’ll tell Damon the truth! Liza says he can sky-write the truth for all she cares! He heads for the door, saying he has to find another lawyer, but she says not to bother – she’s right there! She explains she needs to make a name for herself. David says she won’t make friends. She tells him her price went up to two million because he tried to blackmail her.  . He says he’ll need a place to stay. Liza tells him that he already has a place to stay. At the county lock-up – he’s going to turn himself in! DOH!

    Erica returns to her office and sees Jack!  Jack is waiting for her.  He tells her that was Greenlee’s casting call – she had no right to sign Amanda Martin.  Erica warns she never plays when it comes to business! Jack suggests she use herself for the campaign instead. She calls him on resorting to flattery. He lets her know he’s staying in Pine Valley from now on. YAY!!!! Erica thinks he decided this because of Greenlee, but he says that’s not the only reason. The other reason is because of Erica! DUH ROFL!

    Martin zoo:

    Tad and Jake talk about Damon and Liza.  Tad feels he can’t tell Damon the truth until he talks to Hilary. And with Liza, Tad says he went to talk to her, but he should’ve saved himself the trip – apparently he didn’t hurt her at all, in fact, he did her a favor! They briefly talk about how ‘not normal’ it is that Krystal lives there with him. Jake tells Tad that Amanda booked a huge modeling job!


    Jake meets Amanda where she tells him that not only did she get the job, but Greenlee was upset that Erica hired her first. Jake asks for her autograph, telling her to make it out to the sexiest man alive. ROFL! 

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    Funny thing happened today, I actually watched an ENTIRE episode of AMC without changing the channel once or falling asleep!! It was actually a pretty good episode!!

    Greenlee is becoming TOO bitchy for my taste. She seems to have no sense of humor anymore, and that was the main thing that I loved about the character in the first place. She spends all her time getting snappy with people, arguing, making threats and being a first class BITCH!!!! Good thing I love Rebecca Budig, otherwise I’d be over this character TOTALLY!!!

    Don’t understand the point of having Natalia "pretend" to be a model just to track down David!! Greenlee is already onto her, so what’s the point??? I do like Shannon Kane, though, and I am looking forward to seeing what develops with this. Shannon Kane DESERVES a storyline.

    Loved Liza and David together today!! Glad they are making Liza more of a bitch. Jamie Luner has been great!!

    More Annie WHINING about Brooke!! Wake me when it’s over!! TOO MUCH ANNIE LAVERY!!! ANNIE DOWNLOAD!!!!!

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