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    The most expensive bachelor

    The hospital:

    Griffin thanks his sister for outbidding Kendall! Cara doesn’t tell him what she did! Amanda is In front of the bachelor auction board and tries to convince Marissa to bid on JR. Marissa is suspicious and asks if JR put her up to this. She admits it and Amanda pleads JR’s case and encourages her to go out with JR. Cara walks in and tells Marissa she has to bid now if she’s going to.Cara runs into Ricky in the hallway to tell him to meet his date at CONFusion. Cara walks away and Ricky runs into Griffin. They discuss the auction and Ricky gloats that he thinks his date is with Kendall. When I watched this I was thinking did Marissa pick Scott? :) And did Diana pick Ricky?


    Kendall tells Greenlee about her date with Griffin at ConFusion. She tries to downplay it, but Greenlee thinks it’s a big deal. Kendall eventually admits it is. She checks online and discovers that she won the bid and has a date with Griffin. UGH! Greenlee assures Kendall this is a good thing and that she likes Griffin. She asks if she’s nervous. Kendall says that she bid on Griffin to dig for information. Then she tells Greenlee everything that is happening!!! About Griffin stealing drugs for the third world countries for people who can’t afford it AND she talks about what Ricky told her! Damn Kendall!!! She told Greenlee not to fire Griffin!

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Ryan brings Emma and finds JR having a Coke at the bar. JR tells Ryan he plans on keeping tabs on Annie’s treatment. Ryan just wants him to stay away from Annie and his entire family. He thinks any contact with Annie will make things worse. Ryan who the hell do you think you are?!!! Shut up! JR agrees to stay away if that’s what Ryan wants. So JR is going to bow down to the superhero Ryan? UGH!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Amanda tells JR she tried to convince Marissa to bid on him, but she ended up bidding on someone else. Hmm Scott? :)

    Casa D Lavery:

    Greenlee TRIES to talk with Emma, but she wants no part of her. DOH! Ryan shows up and Emma asks him to get Greenlee away from her. Ryan tries to get her to see that the three of them are a family. She says no they are not and walks away! DOH! BURN!!!! :) Superhero Ryan assures Greenlee they will make their family work. They kiss, as Emma watches them from the top of the stairs. She don’t look happy!

    Griffin’s hotel room:

    Dr McLove is shirtless and tends to his wound. Kendall arrives for their date. She informs him he was the most expensive bachelor in the auction. So he must have been number 1 bachelor!!! As he gets dressed he calls Cara to confront her for not out bidding Kendall. He knows what she is up to. They hang up. Kendall urges him to hurry up and questions him about his beating and the hospital! Man Kenlipop are so boring! UGH!


    Ricky finds Diana! UGH another boring couple! He tells her she needs to leave so Kendal doesn’t see her. Ricky sees Kendall enter the bar and assumes she’s there for him. He then sees Griffin join her and wonders what he has to do to make Kendall turn on Griffin. OY! As Kendall and Griffin sit at a table, Randi sees them. She tells her how glad she is that Kendall is getting out and dating the hot doctor who saved her life. No Randi don’t encourage Kenlipop!! Kendall insists it’s just for charity. Randi walks away and Griffin tells Kendall he didn’t want to go on the date either. In fact, he did everything he could to get out of it. He explains how he tried to get Cara to outbid her. Kendall is offended which I thought she was tricking him at first but I was wrong. Griffin reminds her she said this wasn’t a date. Kendall gets upset and leaves. Griffin follows her and grabs her arm and turns her around asking her not to go. Cara arrives for her date with Ricky. OHHH So Diane wasn’t Ricky’s date! It was Cara!!! But Cara you are married! Aren’t those agents watching you?

    Mott home:

    Scott tells Madison he might have a date due to the auction. She notices he’s not too thrilled about it, He doesn’t think any of the ladies are going to be lining up to bid on an ex-con. Madison says I don’t care if you were in jail. Look at you? ROFL! Yeah!!! He is hot! :) If Madison had money, she’d be there in a heartbeat. Madison teases him about who his possible date could be. Doris from accounting ROFL! Marissa shows up and reveals she is Scott’s date. I KNEW IT!!! :) Madison tells them to have fun, but after they leaves she looks disappointed. JR stops by to make Madison jealous about Scott and Marissa going out together.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Scott asks what brought Marissa to bid on him. He asks if she had a hankering for a hunk of Scotty C. ROFL! She tells him she did it to avoid JR, but assures him he was very expensive considering he garnered the second highest bid. Alright Scotty!!!! :) She asks him about Madison and he expresses his concern over her being alone and says he should get back. After Scott has left, JR arrives. She calls him out on having Amanda report back on her date. She asks why he’s not on his date. He tells her he doubled the bid himself so he didn’t have to go. ROFL! She asks why and he responds so he could be there with her. JR says he wants her back, but promises he won’t do anything shady to make it happen.

    Mott home:

    Scott returns home to Madison who pretends to be asleep. Scott falls! ROFL! Madison doesn’t “wake up” ROFL! he realizes she’s faking. He crawls in bed with her and makes her laugh. He says she waited up. She says he came home early. He tells her this is where he wanted to be. Awww! I love MOTT! :)

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