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    It takes a village

    The park:

    Oh no!! More Kenlipop scenes!! Kendall forgives Griffin. All is good in the world of Kenlipop! He takes her to the cold cold park for their non date. Griffin gives her a warm coat and some boots. She acts like she is too good for them! Kendall you are acting like Greenlee used to be when she was younger! Cut it out! They open some champagne and they toast to ugly boots. Kendall continues to refill Griffin’s cup as she plies him with questions. He asks her why she is trying to get him drunk!! ROFL! Kendall you couldn’t be subtle about it? Damn! A delivery person drops off food Griffin arranged for them and Kendall fills up Griffin’s glass again, but he wonders why she’s trying to get him drunk while asking so many questions. She assures him she’s doing no such thing and tells him she’s just a widowed mother of two who is trying to hang on. He thinks she’s a lot more than that. UGH! I want to take a nap here they are so boring! He encourages her to never stop feeling and to take the steps she needs to take as she grieves. He wonders if there is anything else she wants to know from him. She thinks she has all her answers. *Sonya takes a nap in her bed*


    Brot is upset that Natalia isn’t showing up for anything cus she is at her job! Natalia shows up!!! *quickly gets up from my nap in bed and watches this scene* HI NATALIA!!! :) Great surprise for Brot and everyone! :) Natalia has a gift. They are all going to Jesse and Angie’s party. As Brot and Natalia catch up, Randi makes an excuse for her and Frankie to leave the room, giving them some alone time.

    Jamanda home:

    Jake and Amanda have tons of pictures of Jesse and Angie when they were young! :) Tad shows up to help them with the party. Tad says Cara isn’t coming because she has a date with Ricky. Amanda wonders what happens if Cara actually finds someone she likes while pretending to be married to Tad. Jake knows Cara wouldn’t jeopardize anything. Amanda isn’t so sure. Jesse, Angie and Krystal show up to their party and Tad and Jake present them with a photo album of their history. YAY!!!!!!!! That baby Hubbard is still so HUGE! Angie says even though she can’t see, him she’s never felt closer to Jesse. Jesse sees a photo of them getting married at the Justice of he Peace and recalls that day. Brot, Frankie and Randi enter and reveal that Natalia has come home for the party. Angie looks uncomfortable as everyone gives speeches about the Hubbards and their baby. She asks them to stop with all the praise on her when she’s scared out of her mind. Jesse brings Angie out in the hallway. She expresses her fear over not being able to protect their daughter over dangers she can’t see. She wonders if she made a mistake by pushing for this on her terms. Jesse assures her he has faith in her and that he’s there to help her and the baby the rest of the way. Jesse and Angie return to the party, as the group agrees to take turns helping Angie out. Well hey it DOES take a village! :)

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Natalia and Brot are together. She tells him how much it means to her that he’s there for Jesse and Angie. He tells her they are like his family too. Whatever they need, he’s there for them. Awwwwwwwwww! :)

    Fusion elevator:

    Frankie brings Randi to Fusion so she can pick up some papers, but they have elevator sex instead!!! WOOT WOOT! :)

    The hospital:

    Cara brings Ricky to the hospital for his date because a couple of elderly patients who would like a visit from a handsome young reverend. Ricky makes excuses not to do it!!! Hey Ricky if you are going to pretend to be a reverend, ACT LIKE ONE! So Ricky visits them and after he does, Ricky tries to question Cara about her and Griffin, but Cara doesn’t like it and is suspicious! :) When he asks about Griffin in relation to Kendall, Cara gets uncomfortable and says she doesn’t want to talk about his personal life. She wonders why he is asking so many questions about her brother. Ricky says he wants to do everything he can to help Kendall. He worries she’s hanging around him, especially after he’s been beaten up. She defends Griffin and accuses him of acting like a jealous boyfriend instead of a concerned reverend. ROFL ROFL! Tad shows up and Ricky leaves. Sensing the tension, Tad asks what that was all about, but Cara isn’t sure.

    Slater home:

    More Kenlipop. Griffin takes Kendall home. He leaves and Ricky is stalking outside!!!!!!!!!!!! Watching Kendall from the inside.

    Martin zoo:

    Tad and Cara are home! Cara tells Tad Ricky is not her idea of what a reverend should be. He admits he felt a little possessive when he found her with Ricky. She thinks it’s cute he was jealous. I do too Cara! I do too!!! She then sees that the present she ordered online for him arrived. She gives it to him and he finds a few 45 records in the box, which are collectors’ items. She tells him she saw his collection and thought he might want some more. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a great gift!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cara you are awesome!

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