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    Get down and get funky

    Martin zoo:

    JR brings her to the Martin zoo after he found her on the side of the road because her car broke down. She hurt her poor poor footsies when she kicked it on the tire from frusteration! :) She thinks he could have anyone he wanted, so why is he banging his head against a wall with her. He isn’t convinced that’s what he’s doing. Marissa gets a call and then asks JR to take her to see Bianca.


    Marissa and JR meet Bianca. JR asks if he should leave. Bianca doesn’t want him to. Marissa tells her Reese’s lawyer is fighting dirty and she wants to hit back. Bianca doesn’t want to escalate the fight. JR urges Bianca to let Marissa defend her, but Bianca doesn’t want his input. DOH! Damn Bianca don’t take it out on JR! Take all that anger and fight for your kids!!! Marissa pleads with Bianca, who eventually tells her to do what she has to do. Marissa steps away to make some calls and JR tells Bianca he wants his family back but he doesn’t see his wish as a bad thing. Marissa returns and JR steps away to pay the check. Bianca tells Marissa JR wants her to trust him. Marissa says JR won’t give up. Bianca asks if she wants him to. They commiserate over starting over and agree to help each other through it. Awww more bonding. :) Bianca thanks her for taking her case and helping her keep her girls.

    Chandler Mansion:

    JR returns home to find AJ on the stairs. Poor boy misses his mommy! Awww! :( JR promises she will be back and that they will be a family again. No JR! Don’t make promises you can’t keep!! Meanwhile rock star Colby dances and sings to music!!! ROFL! Get down and get funky Colby!!!! :) Asher watches Colby. He tells her the walls are shaking because the music is so loud. She says that’s the point and continues to rock out, as Asher smiles. She accidently bumps into him and hits him OOPS! :) Colby explains she was trying to get her anger out through the music. She then asks who bought him at the auction. He doesn’t know. She leaves to meet with the IT guys at Krystal’s BJ’s/ Asher then gets a call about his date, whose identity he won’t learn until he gets there.

    Jerica home:

    Caleb and Erica have a chat. She says she is flattered by his attention but what she feels for him will never go beyond friendship. He won’t give up. He says never is a long time. He won’t accept what she’s saying because she keeps giving him mixed messages. YEAH ERICA STOP GIVING HIM MIXED SIGNALS DAMN IT! He tells her he is not confused or anxious. He is frustrated, because of her. After twenty years of shutting off his feelings on the mountain, he won’t do that anymore. He thinks she’s feeling what he’s feeling too. She tells Caleb she loves Jack and is going to marry him, so he needs to give up the fantasy. Caleb says he has waited a long time to feel alive so he will wait for her. OY! She tells him he will be wasting the next half of his life while she is blissfully happy with the man she loves. He thinks things will be fine for awhile for her, but she will eventually wonder what she’s done. He tells her to call him and leaves.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Asher walks into Krystal’s and finds Colby alone. She tells him the IT guy never showed up. He thinks she made that up and that she bought him at the auction. She swears it wasn’t her and he deduces someone tried to set them up. She wonders who and he says he’ll take care of it. He wants to grab a bite to eat anyway, but she says she has to leave. He asks if he’s done something wrong and she responds that he’s not Damon. Colby takes off and Caleb arrives. Asher accuses him of setting him up with Colby, but Caleb denies it.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Colby returns home and posts another video about getting over a break up. She has a lock and shows it to everyone. She thinks they should lock up their hearts for good so they don’t get hurt again.

    Jerica boat:

    Krystal shows up to give Jack some legal briefs. Which is work stuff!!! He tells her Erica will be there after she clears the air with Caleb. Krystal leaves, but falls into the water. ROFL ROFL! That cracked me up! :) Jack and some other guys get her out and Jack brings Krystal back and tells her to change out of her wet clothes. Erica arrives to find Krystal in one of Jack’s shirts and Jack in his robe. They explain and then Jack steps away to take a call. Erica vs Krystal start!! LOVE IT! :) Jack returns to hear Erica tell Krystal she is wasting her time waiting around for her to break up with Jack. Krystal leaves!! Hey Krystal don’t leave you chicken!!!! Come back! Damn! Erica tells Jack she wants to get married tonight. Oh why is that Erica? Is it because of what Caleb told you? Sure it is!!!! Damn I miss Erica vs Brooke!!! That was always the best!!!

    Jesse and Angie’s blast from the past:

    Jesse brings Angie to the house where they were married years ago. He assures her the vows they took and the love they felt for each other are stronger than ever. Awww! :) She realizes the place is empty and he tells her the house is in foreclosure. She says that’s sad, but he tells her they will bring the place back to life. They relive their first wedding! There are flashbacks! YAY!!!! Then Angie feels a contraction. It passes and Jesse tries to call the doctor, but he can’t get any cell service. Jesse wants to take her to the hospital, but Angie thinks labor could go on for awhile so there’s no rush. Hmmm say what?!!?!?!?! GO TO THE HOSPITAL ANGIE!!! She wants to get back to talking about their wedding and asks him to recite his vows. Angie gets another contraction and tells Jesse this could be it. As they get up to leave for the hospital, Angie screams out in pain. Her back hurts like hell!!! She says something is wrong.

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