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    Early to rise! Makes you healthy wealthy and tired.


    Boy everyone is waking up very early. Before the sun comes up. Must be 5 or 6 am. Maybe earlier.  BJ’s is not even open in this hour but the owner opens it up for Erica. OH LOOK BROOKE SHOWS UP! YAY! Let the digs begin!   Erica is just so happy to see her! ROFL! Erica asks about Tempo. Brooke asks about Fusion.  Erica says she and Greenlee are working together. Brooke wonders what Greenlee thinks of her opinion. Erica says that not everyone competes with her like Brooke did. Erica asks if Adam was shocked to see her on his doorstep. Brooke says he invited her. Erica suggests she pay attention to how Annie runs around in skimpy clothing if she thinks she has a shot with Adam! Brooke heads out. Erica stops her and apologizes for jumping to conclusions about her intentions toward Adam. She suggests that Brooke watch over him with that ‘gold digger’ in the house! Jack shows up and is happy to see Brooke! They hug. Erica asks him to join her. Brooke leaves. Jack sits down with Erica and she gives in more digs on Brooke! ROFL!  Jack wants to get back with Erica but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea and wants him to stop talking about it ROFL!  Erica feels it always falls apart and that he will blame her. Jack says they always come back together, and says he feels it will happen whether they decide it shouldn’t or not – it’s inevitable! Erica says he’s being dramatic and stands up to leave. He takes her in his arms and kisses her! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JERICA FOREVER! :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Annie is up and so is JR! Annie does not trust JR! She thinks he is going to use the divorce papers against her. He says she burned them so it doesn’t matter anymore.  Annie tells him she’s certain he hates her. JR says he did, but then he decided to try to find common ground with her because she saved him. AJ comes in, and JR tells him Annie saved his life. AJ hugs Annie. Awww! :) Marissa shows up and watches. Annie decides to go back to bed. JR takes AJ to bed too. JR and Marissa talk about David. She knows her father is in jail.. She wishes he would disappear. JR can relate. Meanwhile up in the attic, Colby and Damon talk. They talk about his drinking and his out of control behavior. He complains everyone is piling on him. Colby says they’re trying to help. Damon thinks it was a mistake to come. Colby stops him from going – she needs a friend. They talk about her dad and the craziness in the house. Colby tells him she wants to matter in life. Damon says she will, then hopes he can figure out what he’s doing too.  Meanwhile  Annie has gone back to bed to be with Adam, who wakes up and raves about how great things are in the house and family. Brooke returns where JR and Marissa were just headed back to bed. Marissa goes upstairs, while JR thanks Brooke for her support. He tells her he saw her with his father last night. Brooke says Leave it alone. ROFL!

    The hospital:

    Jake is told by a nurse at the desk that he has one more patient – it’s Amanda, who has come to see him, saying she’s up early because she couldn’t sleep. ROFL! Nobody can sleep!!!! He teases her about being worked up about her new modeling gig. She admits to feeling overwhelmed at the schedule – what if this job runs their lives? He reassures her that it won’t and they agree it will be family first.  Jake calls themselves Jamanda! HAHAHAHA! That is what the fans call them!!! I call them that too! That is to funny! I love it! Did Ricky Paull Golden adlib that? :)

    The Jail/Police station:

    David asks Greenlee what she’s doing at the jail so early. She says she couldn’t sleep. ROFL! NOBODY CAN GREENLEE ROFL! She says she brought his suit for the arraignment. David tells her she lied when she said she loved him – she knew Ryan was listening. Greenlee insists that love comes in different forms. Greenlee tells him she’s known he’s had feelings for her since they kissed, and she’s ready for that. David argues with her, saying he’s heartless and hurts women who he loves. YEAH GREENLEE LISTEN TO DAVID! If David hurts her or Greenlee hurts him I won’t be happy with the writers!!!! ARGH!  She wants him  to tell her what his feelings are for her. He says he does love her but that it scares the hell out of him how much he loves her! David says his type of love crushes people – he has to protect her. David asks her never to say she loves him again unless she means it. If that day comes he’ll fight with everything to be the man she deserves. Until the day he dies. She leaves and again he says Til the day I die. HUH?! Why did he say twice until the day he dies?!!?! Is he going to die?!!?!?! Jesse and Angie are at the police station having a morning breakfast together They talk about David. Jesse mentions that Liza is defending him. Angie is surprised. Jesse says she can do her worst – David’s going down. He suggests to Angie that they go on a holiday – she wants to go to the Evergreen Motel – where they had their first honeymoon! Awwww! Angie takes a phone call, and Jesse notices that the phone call she had is bothering her. She says it was Tad, who is looking for Damon. Jesse says this kid is a pain in the butt! Angie says he reminds her of  someone he knows. Jesse thinks Angie is talking about Tad but she isn’t. She is talking about Jesse. him as a young man! Jesse says watch out Damon Miller! Angela Hubbard has you in her radar! ROFL!

    The park:

    Tad is sitting at a park bench. Ryan is jogging.  Ryan asks why he’s up early. Tad says he’s looking for a young man with dark hair. Ryan hasn’t seen him, but they discuss Greenlee and David. Ryan says she told David she loved him – and knowing her, she’ll make it happen! Ryan says once she makes a decision she doesn’t back down. Tad urges him to be patient. Ryan thinks it’s a battle he cannot win, but Tad tells him not to give up.  Tad leaves. Madison shows up and sees Ryan. She asks him to join her for breakfast. He says why not.

    Martin zoo:

    Tad goes back home and sees Krystal. Tad tells her he couldn’t find Damon. Krystal  wonders if they should call Jesse. Tad doesn’t want to yet – Damon’s not stupid. They have to wait for Damon to show up I guess.

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