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    Erica’s word. 

    Ryan and Liza chat about Gayle. On how to get Gayle on their side to bring David down and decide to go see her. 

    Greenlee and David talk about Erica. About how Erica will be out of her life and her company for good. He asks her why she needs to do that and for her health maybe she should drop it. She won’t stop!!! She wants Erica badly! 
    The hospital: 
    Tad sees Damon sleeping on a gurney!  Damon says he was fired and doesn’t have money for rent. Tad reminds him that he could get in trouble for this and that he can’t afford to be in trouble any more. Hey Tad! Invite Damon to stay at the Martin zoo! :) They go to the cafeteria for breakfast. Tad buys him breakfast. They talk about JR  Damon hopes that he will be a match for JR. Frankie and Randi talk but Frankie is frustrated and hits his hand on the desk, AGAIN!!!  Randi notices and is very worried. She wants him to take his pain pills. and  Jesse sees Angie in the chapel. She tells him that she used to go in the chapel every day before she had to go to work.  Angie argues with Jesse that it’s her fault that her patient died. He says it wasn’t her fault at all and that she can’t be on call 24/7. She needed some well deserved rest. Later Angie is with Frankie. They argue some more about Frankie wanting to take respondsibility.  David eavesdrops. She tells Frankie that the whole thing is all her fault and refuses to discuss it anymore. they don’t notice David. Tad and Damon see Frankie and get the news that Damon isn’t a match for JR. Tad is upset and says he’s not alright.Tad gives Damon a key so that he can stay at his place. YESSSSSSSSSSSS! :) He also gives him some money for a toothbrush and deodorant. Damon talks about his parents. That his mother’s name is Hillary. Hmmmm Hillary!?!?!! Tad’s Hillary from his past!?!?! Hillary from the 80’s!?!?! OUR HILLARY!?!?! I’m freaking out!!! I’m getting excited!!!! If she is THAT hillary then does that mean Tad is the father?!!?! :) Angie returns to her office to find David sitting behind her desk. He’s surprised she’s not curious as to why he’s there. He pulls out an envelope and drops it in front of her. Angie looks at the photos which show her at the precise time that her patient died. DOH! She tells him that he’s too late, that the Hospital Board is covered. He says he’ll show them to the Board and just see what happens. She  tells him that he can’t blackmail her and reminds him of all the evil deeds he’s done. Angie is disgusted with him and tells him that her job is keeping the hospital ‘clean’. He threatens her and leaves. Frankie and Angie are working together when he asks her what has gotten into her. She says that he needs to forget her problems and concentrate on getting back into the Operating Room. When she leaves, he takes his pain meds. David is watching!!! :) 
    The castle:

    Ryan, Liza, and Erica talk to Gayle about bringing down David. Ahhh so it’s Liza that Ryan was talking about helping.. I thought it was Jesse. Erica tells her to take her hurt and use it. She pleads that this isn’t just for them, it’s for everyone in Pine Valley that David’s hurt.  Erica gives Gayle her word that everything is going to be okay. Ryan assures her that Liza will make sure she’s protected legally and that she can make the difference. Liza says that if she helps, they can put David away for a long time. Gayle agrees to help. Erica leaves. Gayle leaves the room, and Ryan and Liza discuss how he’s doing. Liza heard about Greenlee and David’s wedding and feels bad. Gayle returns and they begin to question her. Liza asks her about the DNA switch. Gayle tells them how David bribed a tech in the coroner’s office but doesn’t know his name. Liza says they can’t use it because it’s all hearsay, it’s not going to be enough to nail David. BAHAHAHHAA Nice try guys!!!!  Liza tells her that they will find out who the tech was. Gayle is upset cus she thinks they aren’t going to get David so she leaves and Liza says she’s running out of ideas and asks Ryan if he has any. Liza and Ryan continue to talk about their plans to get David when she asks Ryan why he isn’t fighting for Greenlee. He says if he pushes her one way, she goes the other. Liza says that he’s a patient man. Ryan says when Greenlee changes her mind, he’ll be there waiting.

    Greenlee  goes to work and sees Madison. Madison is the only one working.  Greenlee starts demanding information but Madison is reluctant and explains that the staff really doesn’t know who to take orders from. Greenlee tells her to ignore everything Erica told her because it’s her company. Greenlee and Madison suddenly remember that they knew each other as children at boarding school. Wow!!!! Now that is an interesting twist. :) They talk about old times. Randi shows up and Greenlee fills her in on the new rules. She tells Randi that she’s the boss and Randi needs to know that or else she can just pack her things and leave. Erica arrives and she and Greenlee argue about the business. Greenlee tells her to pack up and get out. Erica says that she has the proxy from Kendall and so she’s in charge. She advises Greenlee not the let the door hit her on the way out and says, Toodles but Greenlee stays. Erica says she’s a vengeful spoiled little girl. Greenlee  taunts her about her relationship with Ryan. Saying that Erica is having leftovers ROFL! Greenlee tells Erica that because they are both stubborn that the only way for Fusion is to survive is for them to work together and suggests she think about it. She leaves and Erica says to herself that she will definitely think about it.

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