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    Meeting the soon to be mother in law!

    Martin zoo:

    Griffin stops by because he is looking for Cara. Tad tells him she isn’t here so Griffin warns Tad their mother is on the way. OH OH! :) Tad thinks he can charm her, but Griffin tells him how protective she is of Cara. She is an old school catholic, who did not approve of Jake and Cara’s marriage, which she wasn’t invited to, wasn’t in a church and ended in divorce. Griffin is worried about the stress this is all causing Cara. She got sick again after she left Jake. He doesn’t want that to happen again, but if it does happy during the 3 years they are married, Tad will have to take care of her. Griffin adds that he’ll be leaving soon to set up more clinics around the world, so he needs to be able to count on him to keep his sister safe. Tad promises not to let him or Cara down.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Mrs. Castillo comes in asking for Cara. Tad overhears and introduces himself to her. Tad turns on the charm but it’s not working! ROFL! She just asks him why her daughter is marrying the brother of her no good ex-husband. DOH! Cara you better tell your mother the truth about what REALLY happened with you and Jake!! He says can I call you mom? ROFL! She asks how old are you? ROFL! Yeah Tad how old are you? :) He doesn’t answer her! ROFL! She wants to know how many times has he been married and how many children he has. He tells her. She wonders what Jake did to crush Cara’s heart. Tad assures her Jake did nothing and that Jake is her past, but he is her future. He talks some Spanish, but she is unimpressed! ROFL! I like Mama Castillo! :) I like how overprotective she is of her daughter. :)

    Casa D Lavery:

    David shows up to tell Ryan and Greenlee that Annie called him. He says she sounded desperate for cash, but when he tried to find out where she was, she hung up. He thinks she will call again though. Ryan doesn’t believe David and gives him a hard time. Oh shut up Ryan! Greenlee believes David. David leaves and Greenlee tells Ryan she thinks David is truly trying to help them but Ryan still doesn’t trust him. Greenlee suggests they get out of there because just waiting for word is driving them crazy. She thinks they should visit Kendall.

    Slater home:

    Sneaky Ricky shows up. Kendall is still upset about that damn letter! She tells him about Zak calling her sweetheart in the letter, which he never did when he was alive. She can’t believe she didn’t notice it the first time she read it. Ricky tells her she did notice it and in fact they discussed it. DOH! He is lying and manipulating her! Wow he is good! Kendall doesn’t think they talked about it and leaves to get the mail. Ricky answers the phone when Ryan calls. Ricky tells him Kendall is napping. Kendall returns after Ricky hangs up and realizes he was talking to Ryan. She says she wanted to tell him about the Zak situation. He tells her Ryan had a lead on Emma and he didn’t want to hold him up. He then brings up the church Kendall was telling him about that meant a lot to her and Zak. He says maybe there’s another place she can go to that meant a lot to them. She just wants to focus on the letter and how she can’t remember telling him about the word sweetheart. He thinks it’s just her medication.ROFL! Kendall isn’t sure, but leaves to fix it.

    The hospital:

    Agent Trumble questions Jake and Cara about their loving relationship and how they fell in love. He just won’t let up!!! Cara talks about how they found each other in a difficult place where they had to maintain sanity. She says she grew up though and realized that while Jake was a good man, she was too young to be married so she ran away. Trumble wonders why Jake didn’t fight for her. OH DAMN! Jake tells him he just wanted her to be happy. Jake gets a page and says the interview over. Tumble leaves, but not before warning them to be careful with working together so they don’t reawaken any old feelings. Amanda finds Jake and Cara. Cara leaves and Jake says they just all have to stick to the story so they can get their lives back. Kendall shows up and begs Griffin to change her medication. He can’t because he needs her to stay healthy. She gets all upset cus she is thinking he’s making it about himself and his track record, but he assures her he just doesn’t want her to die. Cara walks in and Kendall leaves. Cara starts talking about her fake marriage, which Kendall overhears. OOPS! Kendall returns to question Cara, but assures her she will keep the secret. Cara leaves and Griffin thanks Kendall as well. She says it was the right thing to do, but now she needs him to cut back on her meds. He can’t do that, but she can do whatever she wants. She won’t take any unnecessary risks, but she needs him to trust her. Blah! Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Martin zoo:

    Cara returns and stares at a picture of Jake!!!!! Jake walks in and Cara boo hoos on his shoulder. Tad and Mrs. Castillo walk in.OOPS! Cara’s mother asks, Isn’t this the one you divorced? EEP!

    Mott home:

    Madison walks in and lies on the bed. She is shocked when Scott walks out of the shower with barely a towel on. HOLY COW!!!! Does anybody watch Gray’s anatomy? :) With Dr. Mcsteamy! Well Scott was Dr. Mcsteamy today! DAMH SCOTT! :) Co headwriter Donna, was this your idea? :) If so, THANK YOU! :) Now do it again! This time with David! :) It’s his turn! Ladies who read my recaps, if you haven’t watched today’s AMC YOU GOT TO!!!!!! :) Especially Scott’s scene!! :) He gets dressed and she changes her shoes and then goes to her doctor’s appointment. Scott wants her to see a picture of the little nugget. Aww! :)

    The hospital:

    While at the hospital, Madison gets a call from Emma!!!!!!!!! Who can’t say where she is. Madison then calls Ryan, who later arrives to question her about the call. Scott shows up just as the nurse arrives to take Madison and Scott to her room for her appointment. Greenlee meets with David and she realizes he has an ulterior motive for helping, she offers to do everything she can to get him reinstated at PVH if he assists in bringing Emma home. David says they have a deal. :) AWESOME! I want David BACK as a doctor damn it!

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