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    I’ll see you at PTA!

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    It’s morning!!!! Cara and Tad the hart to hart team are having breakfast. Cara is eating a muffin. I’m surprised Cara didn’t gush/flirt with her muffin like she did with her fry! Cara is oh so worried about Jake! Tad tells her about the fight he got into with his brother. She doesn’t want there to be tension between him and Jake but Tad assures her it will be fine. He asks her to look after the kids so he can meet with Marissa to talk about Agent Trumbull. Once he’s gone, the girls tell Cara she’s fun and that’s why their dad smiles so much when he’s with her. Awww! :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Marissa is there with JR! Bianca shows up and tells Marissa she’s meeting the mother of the girl who teased Miranda for having a lesbian mother. They leave JR who is so very disappointed because he was hoping to have breakfast with Marissa. AJ finds his dad and tells him about the fight he got into with the kids who were being mean to Miranda. He wonders if he’s in trouble. JR says not a chance and tells him he’s special for standing up for his birthday twin! Great scene!!!! The last scene of AMC that I want to see in September, is AJ and Miranda to get married! :) First Jerica get married and then they fast forward a few years and they show an adult AJ’s and an adult Miranda’s wedding! :) Anyway back to today.. :) Tad comes by looking for Marissa. JR complains how she’s gone and that he can’t spend 10 minutes alone with her. Tad reminds him he blew up his marriage on his own. JR points out Tad’s in a green card marriage. JR wonders why Tad married for convenience. That it’s not like he can’t get a date. Tad says she needed help, but also admits it’s nice to have her around. He protests too much that he’s not falling for her. He knows the reality of the situation and says he chooses not to get attached. JR says there’s always hope and points to him and Marissa and how he wants to get her back.

    The hospital:

    Jake who looks like he is on his death bed dreams of his weddings to Amanda and Cara in his hospital bed. I think Cara and Frankie are wrong! This doesn’t look like a mild concussion!!! He wakes up and calls for Amanda, who is by his side. Cara tries to hide her face as she enters the hospital. She runs into Amanda and admits Jake got into the fight because of her. Tad shows up while Cara and Amanda argue. Cara tells Tad she will see him at home and walks away. When Amanda complains about Cara, Tad insists she isn’t holding on to Jake, but Amanda bets him if they go to Jake’s room, she’ll be there. Cara stops in to see Jake, who continues to dream of his weddings to his two wives. Cara starts to walk away, but Jake grabs her hand and says, You forgot to say I do. She’s confused, so he tells her he was dreaming of their wedding. Amanda and Tad enter and Cara says she had to apologize to Jake, who doesn’t need to fight her battles. Tad says that’s what he’s there for.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Marissa and Bianca are both there. Bianca meets with the girl’s mother. The woman wonders how Bianca had her babies and if she gave guys a try for awhile. The woman badmouths Bianca and assumes Marissa is her girlfriend. Oh man that woman is so judgemental How dare she!!! Marissa stands up for Bianca. As the judgemental woman leaves, Bianca says see you at PTA! ROFL! That was very weak Bianca come on! ROFL! It was a great scene tho! Bianca warns Marissa will be labeled as a lesbian now too, but Marissa doesn’t care. She says she would be honored to be considered Bianca’s partner, especially since her last one was lacking. Oh kiss already!!!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Marisa returns and hugs JR when he shares his outrage over what’s happened with AJ and Bianca. I thought that was a dream! Not sure who’s dream it was but I thought it was a dream! It wasn’t!

    The park:

    Bianca and Miranda talk. Bianca tells Miranda people are uncomfortable when other people are different than them. Miranda gets it!!! Bianca suggests they just keep being themselves and love each other. Miranda says people should never be ashamed of who they love. Great scene!!!!

    Abandoned house:

    Kendall wakes up from her nap. Griffy is watching her. As it turns out it wasn’t a 20 minute nap! IT WAS A 9 HOUR AND 20 MINUTE NAP!!! Did Griffy watch her all night?!!?! They are going to have breakfast. Cereal! She can’t eat until she changes clothes! ROFL! He gives her something to wear and They try to have breakfast. Griffin offers to take her to Bianca’s to see her sons, as a couple of teenage boys enter. I was wondering what the hell is the point of that young boy to show up and run away from Griffin and also those two boys! Now I know!!! It’s so Kendall could tell those boys how wonderful Dr. McWonderful is!!! UGH! Stop writers stop!!! Griffin speaks Spanish to them as he tends to one of their wounds, which impresses Kendall. She talks in Spanish a little! I didn’t know she knew Spanish!!! One boy goes out and gets them some food. As Kendall enjoys her tamale, the boys apparently tell Griffin in Spanish that Kendall is hot and someone is stupid. Probably Griffin is stupid. After some goofing around about that, Griffin tells the boys they can’t tell anyone about finding them in the abandoned house. He then makes a plan to track down the missing hospital drugs he was framed for. Kendall doesn’t like that idea, but Griffin has to clear his name. Kendall gets a call from Ricky. They make plans to see each other. She hangs up and Griffin leaves to try and track down the drugs.

    The yacht:

    Ricky orders food for him and Kendall to go out to sea. He hangs up and then hires a discreet captain who can marry him and Kendall. Ricky is all alone and he rehearses his proposal to Kendall. DOH!

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    Uh, creepy! You (Ricky) have only know her for like 3 weeks, and her HUSBAND (that you killed) just died! This dude is nuts, with a capital NUTS!

    I think I like your idea of AJ & Miranda being together. I like that it will link the Chandlers & the Kane women (once again)! ;)

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    [quote=Miry]Uh, creepy! You (Ricky) have only know her for like 3 weeks, and her HUSBAND (that you killed) just died! This dude is nuts, with a capital NUTS![/quote]

    Hahaha yeah! He is a creepy nutso delusional creep! :)

    [quote]I think I like your idea of AJ & Miranda being together. I like that it will link the Chandlers & the Kane women (once again)! ;)[/quote]

    Yeah I like that link too. :)

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