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    Hello ass!

    Yacht club hotel room:

    Amanda is so upset and they talk about Jake and Marissa. She calls them a couple of screw-ups, but says they still deserve to be loved. They start to kiss and HAVE SEX! DOH! :) Wow they are so hot! No Amanda two wrongs don’t make a right!!!! After sex there is no afterglow. Well not on her end because she starts to cry. She talks about how she just cheated on Jake. JR tells her there’s no reason to feel bad because it was two friends who needed each other. No JR I think YOU needed her!!! She says she thought she would feel better, but Jake is the only one who can do that for her. :( Amanda calls herself a total failure. JR says that what happened doesn’t change how amazing she is. JR assures her what happened won’t go further than the room.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Marissa thinks about her future with JR with Bianca. Bianca suggests she just follow her heart. After Bianca leaves, Marissa talks to Krystal, who thinks JR has changed. Marissa is surprised to hear this and wonders if she’s just a coward. She thinks maybe it’s time for her to trust him. NO MARISSA DON’T DO THAT!

    Chandler Mansion:

    JR returns to to find Marissa. She apologizes for running away from him in the park. She says she was wrong and they hug. Jr looks guilty!!!

    Yacht club:

    Jack and David are bickering! ROFL! Greenlee shows up and sees them. David insists he and Erica are just reconnecting, but Jack and Greenlee know David wants something. ROFL! After David leaves, Greenlee tells Jack she’s thrilled to be selling the hospital because it’s her last connection to her ex-husband. Damn I miss the Greenlee and David friendship/family bond! :(

    The hospital:

    Jake tells Angie that he might have blown it with Amanda because he can’t find her. He admits he’s keeping something from his wife and Angie urges him to tell Amanda the truth. Jake calls Amanda and leaves a message. He says he loves her. David shows up and says I love you too. ROFL! Jake says hello ass. ROFL! That scene cracked me up!!! David finally admits that he loves Jake YAY! :) I want more scenes with them!!! David should have scenes with Tad too!!! Before the show ends!! We don’t have much time left here!! David talks to Angie about her treatment. Angie says they’ll talk later and leaves. David hangs back and tells Jake he saw Amanda tossing back martinis. Jake tells him it’s his hospital and he wants him out. And even if he does get his medical license back, he will never work at PVH. ROFL!

    Jamanda home:

    Opal is doing some tai chi ROFL! Jake shows up and wonders what she is doing ROFL! He asks her if she could watch Trevor for a few days so he and Amanda can go away on a romantic getaway. Opal would be happy to help. Opal should have her own storylines instead of babysitting all the time!!! How about dating Caleb? And then Krystal will realize SHE wants Caleb! And then Opal and Krystal could bicker about that! :) Later Jake makes calls for a romantic surprise for Amanda, she walks in the door. Jake asks where she’s been. Yeah Amanda! Where WERE you? You gonna spill your guts and tell the truth or start your pants on fire with the lying?

    Adultnapped room:

    Dopplegranny tells Erica she can’t handle all the questions people are asking her! ROFL! She also asks her how she has gotten through all the tragedy in her life without being bitter. Erica realizes Dopplegranny is talking about her own tragedy and tells her she knows about the accident. And of course Dopplegranny doesn’t want to talk about it and says that Erica’s life is hers now. She has to get back to it and make her big power play. Erica asks what’s going on and tells her if the power play involves David it will blow up in her face. Dopplegranny turns off the speaker and sees grim reaper Ben. She is upset with him for telling Erica about the accident. He apologizes, but she says they will deal with it later. Oh oh! That sounds scary!!! Watch your back grim reaper!!

    Yacht club hotel room:

    Dopplegranny visits David. The poor thing is too stressed from all the pressure, so he hands her a beer. ROFL! She tells him the sale of the hospital is going through, but she worries she won’t have all the answers people will ask once she makes the big announcement about him. He points out she is pretending to be Erica Kane and doing it pretty well. Hahaha liar! :) He is so playing you!! Wake up! ROFL! She was thinking of bringing him on in about year, but he says it needs to be done now. He assures her he has it all under control.

    Yacht club:

    Dopplegranny shows up to sign the papers for the sale of the hospital with Greenlee. Jack questions her about David’s involvement first. She says that David is very knowledgeable on the hospital. Jack says he doesn’t want her involved with him. Dopplegranny says it’s just business, which is a win win for everyone. Greenlee agrees and they sign on the dotted line, as David watches from afar! ROFL!

    Jerica home:

    Dopplegranny tells Jack there is going to be a news conference. Jack is worried about her, but she assures him she’s got in under control. The cameras show up and Dopplegranny speaks from index cards!!! ROFL! Dopplegranny announces that she is the new owner of Pine Vally Hospital. She then opens the door and David is standing there and then walks in. Dopplegranny stumbles on her lines she is supposed to say from her index cards! ROFL! Everyone is watching on TV AND from a live stream online!! Angie is shocked. Grim reaper Ben sets it up so Erica can watch the broadcast. She is in shock!!

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