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    A narcoleptic.

    The park:

    Kendall is on a mission to tell David off for what he did to her mother. Griffin sees her and calms her down!!

    The hospital:

    David is making plans for the hospital with some woman who is helping him. Greenlee sees David. She tells him she never would have sold the hospital to Erica if she new he was involved. He thought she would have been happy to be rid of the hospital because it now allows her to focus on her personal life. He says, You do still have one don’t you? Yeah David with Ryan UGH! Please tell me you found out Leo is alive and are planning to reunite him and Greenlee together!!! David says that his dark side allows him to understand her in a way Ryan never can. ROFL! Once Greenlee has left, Kendall shows up to confront David. They talk about his shooting. Are you going to apologize to him Kendall?! Kendall tells him she has her life back now because the man who killed Zak is behind bars. She asks David to not screw her mother over so they can all have a chance of working things out. Griffin joins them and asks if everything is okay. She says it depends on his mentor. Kendall leaves for work and Griffin warns David not to make him regret supporting him. David reminds his protégé he is leaving town, so why does he even care? Good question David! :)


    Ryan shows up looking for Greenlee. Randi (does she have a tan? Or maybe it’s the hair. She looks different) is worried about Madison. Madison is asleep at her desk! He thinks she should get home to get some sleep, but she reminds him she is not his problem anymore. She spills coffee on the sketches she was working on. Ryan sees them and says she is more talented than he ever thought. Greenlee shows up and thanks Madison for picking up the slack for her while she’s been dealing with the hospital. She tells Madison her sketches are good and asks her to do the entire presentation. Wow Greenlee is very nice! :) Greenlee suggests she go home and take a nap and shower first. Madison leaves and Ryan tells Greenlee she is pretty amazing. Greenlee gets a call from Kendall and Ryan leaves to help with the David situation.

    The park:

    Randi shows up and sees Madison asleep on a park bench!!!! Madison has turned into a narcoleptic!!! Randi tells her it’s almost time for the meeting so she can’t wear what she is wearing.


    Madison walks in and Greenlee notices she didn’t freshen up. Madison begins the presentation, but freezes up when she thinks about Sara and what happened to her. :(

    The hospital:

    Ryan overhears David talking to who he thinks is Erica on the phone. David thanks her for pushing through the sale and says they are even now.

    Yacht club:

    Griffin sees Kendall ordering a drink. They talk about David and she tells him she knows she has to let go of the past because nothing will bring Zak back. He asks if they are on the Miranda Center clock or their own time. She wonders if it matters. He moves in close to her and starts touching her UGH! He is about to kiss her it seems. She runs out of there so fast!!!

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    JR is thinking about what her and Amanda did. Marissa walks in and she sits with him at a table. Bianca walks in. She joins them and they discuss Erica teaming up with David over the hospital. JR makes some calls for her, as Bianca tells Marissa she and the girls are going to a spa. Marissa asks if she and AJ can tag along. JR returns and Marissa fills him in on the trip. Bianca tells her JR already had plans to take her and AJ to the Grand Canyon. JR asks Marissa if she feels like going and she says of course I do.

    Martin zoo:

    Tad walks in to find Cara going through his mother’s recipe book. He knows she’s worried about Jake and he says he is too. She encourages him to go check on his brother. Once he’s gone, Opal comes home and tells Cara that she has brought a lot to the family.

    Jamanda home:

    Jake admits to Amanda he almost slept with Cara, but they stopped before things got too far. Amanda slaps him!! He says he deserved that and apologizes for what he did. Come on Amanda! Tell him you and JR jumped each others bones! :) He wants them to go away together and work things out, but she just leaves for work. Later, Tad drops in and Jake tells his brother what happened. Tad tries to reassure Jake everything will work out, but Jake is scared Amanda is gone for good. Oh Jake! You haven’t heard what she did yet! :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Amanda tells JR she wants to confess to Jake. He wants her to keep it a secret!! Marissa shows up. She wonders what’s wrong and they cover fast!!!!!!!!!!!! After Marissa has left, Jake arrives. JR says that Amanda has been working too hard, and to bring her home. She leaves with Jake. Marissa returns and JR tells her he has to postpone their trip.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Bianca talks to Miranda. Miranda wishes AJ would go to the trip with them. Awwww! :) She wants her birthday twin and soulmate to go! :) Marissa returns to Bianca and tells her that she and AJ are joining them on their trip after all. YAY! :)

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