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    My house my rules.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Maya and Colby find Asher listening to his iPod with his eyes closed. They interrupt him and tell him he should go outside and get some sun. Colby tells Maya to join them, but Maya has a second job interview cus she needs more money. HUH?! JR isn’t paying you enough Maya?

    Yacht club:

    Colby brings Asher to an empty Yacht Club. It’s empty because there is going to be a graduation party that is going to be held there later. She makes sure it’s okay to hang out until it starts. They turn on some music and Colby starts helium singing which Asher just LOVES! :)

    The hospital:

    Ryan sticks his nose in David’s business and confronts David about partnering up with Erica. He knows David has something bigger going on and assumes it has something to do with Greenlee. David says, My house, my rules. May the best man win .Huh? What does THAT mean? May the best man win? Huh? :) Ryan calls Erica and leaves a message for her to call him back. Jesse finds Angie reading information on David’s treatment plan to get her sight back. Jesse is not very sure about David’s involvement, but Angie explains how badly she wants to see their daughter. Angie says that once she can see again, there will be one more set of eyes on Dr. Hayward. Jesse gets a call and tells Angie he has to go. Angie meets with Frankie so they can talk with Maya about babysitting. Ohhh so THAT is her interview! David approaches them and Maya leaves. WOAH! David and Maya look like they could be father and daughter! She could be Leora!!! :) Frankie wants to join Angie and David’s meeting, but Angie assures him she’ll be fine. After Frankie walks away, Angie tells David she wants her sight back, but she won’t lose her soul to get it. David gets a little too real real with her about her rather wanting to hear her daughter instead of seeing her. So, she slaps him! DOH! Damn Angie you had no right!!! He says if you want to be coddled then go be with a Martin ROFL! David tells her she has to take a leap of faith with him if she wants her sight back. Later, Angie tells David she’s ready to start treatment as soon as possible.YAY! Frankie finds Maya in the hall and asks if she’s okay. Maya says she can’t work for his mother because the emotions of giving up her baby are still to raw. Frankie tells Maya Randi rebounded from her miscarriage by being around other babies. She can’t give him an answer right now and leaves.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Colby and Asher invite Maya to hang out with them. Maya just wants to do her job. She walks out and takes a call begging someone not to be mad. Hmm is that someone her boyfriend?


    Madison freezes during her on-camera presentation to the buyers! Madison runs out and Greenlee takes over. Randi checks on Madison, who insists she’s fine, and then goes in the elevator. Randi looks different. Does she have a tan or is it just the make up? :) Randi returns to Greenlee and questions her treatment of Madison. Greenlee knows she will be judged no matter what she does and tells Randi to go home. After Randi leaves, Jack shows up with cotton candy for her and Greenlee ROFL! The cotton candy looks fake! ROFL! They talk about her relationship with Ryan and Jack thinks she’s afraid what she has will be taken away. He tells her to stop being afraid or else she will lose everything. Sweet scene!!!! :)

    Casa D Lavery:

    Jesse and Ryan discuss David. What else is new? *roll eyes* Ryan wonders if David had something to do with Erica going missing. He then backtracks and thinks David could have even orchestrated Greenlee’s accident so he could control her when he brought her back to life. WOAH RYAN WOAH!!! You are nuts!!! He thinks he did the same with Erica to gain control over her. Jesse doesn’t think it makes sense, but they agree to look into things and keep each other updated. Greenlee comes home as Jesse leaves. Ryan tells Greenlee he knows he’s been distracted, but he won’t let David hurt her anymore. Greenlee is sorry she’s been so needy for his attention. He tells her she’s go it now and kisses her. UGH!

    The park:

    Kendall sits on a park bench. It looks like she is praying. Griffin shows up! He followed her UGH! He wonders what he said that scared her off. She explains that after her recent ordeal she forgot how to stop running and just catch her breath. She just wanted to be there in the moment on this beautiful day. He asks what she wants to do now. She challenges him to a race. She takes off her high heels. :) Which I actually didn’t think she was going to take them off. I didn’t think they were going to show the race but they did!!!! After the race was over, Griffin grabs her close. UGH! They are gonna kiss but they end up not doing it cus Kendall sees Madison. Madison is so spaced out!!! They run over to her and Griffin tells her he will take her to the hospital. Madison says no and then she passes out in Griffin’s arms. I am so worried about Madison! Griffin wants to take her to the hospital, but Kendall says she shouldn’t have to wake up in the place where she lost her baby.

    Slater home:

    Madison wakes up. Griffin tells her she’s suffering from extreme exhaustion. She needs to eat and then sleep. Madison says it sounds good as long as she doesn’t wake up.:( Kendall assures her one day the pain will subside and the sun will shine through all the dark clouds. Madison falls asleep and has a dream that she confronts Greenlee with a gun and shoots her!! DOH!

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    I must preface my post by saying that I love AMC so much; I wouldn’t have for watched it for its entire run if I didn’t.

    That being said, drivel like the full 15 minutes devoted to Colby singing in yesterday’s episode is more than ridiculous. I really hope come Monday they abandon that and also the dumb story of Maya on the phone with an unknown person. They really don’t have time to flesh out newer characters and their backstories. If they are going to focus on Maya, let it be that she meets Lucy, realizes it is her baby and they resolve that with the Hubbards. They, in my opinion, are too much of legacy characters to keep them on the back burner like they have.

    It’s killing me that the show is ending. I watched Guiding Light when I was in college for a little bit, and ended up watching the last few weeks of it. It had, in my view, the worst ending for a soap ever, save for bringing Josh and Reva back together. I really don’t want to see that for AMC. Figure out how to end the Jane/Erica storyline (must say loving SL in both roles), bring back the old faves to satisfy the major storylines. I’ve said it before – how cool would it be for Brooke to be the one to save Erica?

    So excited to see Leo come back (albeit briefly). I can’t fathom how they will use him, but if it is to break up Greenlee and Ryan, then I am fine. Definitely hope that having the crazy ladies of Oakhaven ushering Dixie back to Tad works. I love them all and it would be a hoot if they can make this happen without them all looking really nuts and use them for the greater good.

    I can’t really say that I want Jake with Cara, because as much history as they have shoved down our throats in recent months, it is not enough because we never really had her as a character before this. A short appearance to bring Jake to Africa was not enough for me and mere mentions don’t do it either. Griffin, on the other hand, works for me because Kendall is falling for him and it will create a little conflict when Zach finally returns. The show needs to end with Zendall together and hopefully Jerica can finally be married for good. I’m not sure what I want to happen for David, but if he can end up finally doing something semi-good, it will be worth it. He does have that side in him, and playing him to only be a villain is tiring.

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    [quote=Smooshiest]That being said, drivel like the full 15 minutes devoted to Colby singing in yesterday’s episode is more than ridiculous.[/quote]

    Hahaha I know!!! And Asher likes it and thinks she is talented? WHAT? ROFL!

    [quote]I really hope come Monday they abandon that and also the dumb story of Maya on the phone with an unknown person. They really don’t have time to flesh out newer characters and their backstories.[/quote]

    Yeah you are right about that! They really DON’T have time!! UGH!

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