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    That little devil runs off!

    The park:

    JR keeps calling and calling Amanda but she ignores it! She is with Jake and Trevor. Jake asks what’s up with her and she tells him she did something really bad. JR continues to call making Jake wonder who is so eager to get a hold of her. She says it’s nothing, as JR warns on her voicemail that it would be a big mistake if she told Jake they slept together. Jake tells Amanda he hates what he did with Cara, but he loves only her. Jake gets a page from the hospital. He has to go, but assures her whatever terrible thing she did, he forgives her. That’s sweet Jake, but you don’t know what she did yet!!!! Jake leaves! Damn and she was just about to tell him what she did!!! Amanda’s phone rings again she turns her back to answer it, and that little devil (Trevor) runs off!!! :) ROFL! That look on his face! Priceless! It’s like the little actor was waiting for his cue from the director to go! :) Guess who called Amanda? Yup you guessed it! JR!!! Leave her alone JR! Amanda hangs up on JR and she notices little Trevor is gone! She runs looking for him. Amanda finds him with JR. JR is holding him. Amanda tells Trevor to go play. Huh?!?!! No Amanda take him home!!! She says she is going to tell Jake the truth about what happened. JR warns that if she does that, she could lose Trevor permanently because Jake will take him from her. OH SHUT UP JR AND LEAVE HER ALONE!! Desperation is dripping all over your face!! Amanda knows Jake would never take Trevor away and orders JR to never call her again. She gets Trevor to go home.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Amanda is with her son when JR shows up!!! Oh so he is following her!!! Leave her alone you desperate bully! He continues to bully her to keep quiet about their sleeping together. Jake walks in. Jake thinks JR needs to lay off a bit with Amanda regarding work. JR makes some threats to Amanda and walks over to the bar. Amanda follows him and says he wins. WHAT?! NO!!!!! Amanda don’t give in!!! She says she won’t tell Jake what happened.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Colby comes home. She just went clothes shopping. She bought a lot! She enters a room that’s not hers and finds Maya napping. Maya apologizes AGAIN! I wish she would quit doing that. She says she didn’t know anyone used the room. Colby assures her it’s fine. She only uses the room to put her clothes in the closet when her closet in her own room is full. And when it’s not, she takes some clothes in this room and puts it in her own closet. Colby asks why she didn’t go home last night. Maya says she was too tired too drive. Colby knows she did it last week too and wonders if there’s something going on with her. Maya vows it won’t happen again and leaves. Later, Colby finds Maya and reads her some messages she’s gotten from some of her readers. One is from a girl who is being abused by her boyfriend. The way Colby is looking at Maya, I think she knows that Maya is being abused. Colby advises her reader to kick him to the curb. Maya wonders, what if the man really loves her. HUH?! Colby says are you kidding? Colby is concerned and says she’s seen her bruises. She asks if someone is hitting her. Maya dismisses it and then looks scared when her phone rings. Colby wants to help her, but Maya says no one can help her. Colby thinks she should call the police, but Maya begs her not to. Colby doesn’t understand, but offers to be there if she ever wants to talk about. Maya says there’s nothing to talk about because there is no one hurting her.

    The trip:

    Marissa, Bianca, and the kids are on their trip!! :) Little Miranda hurt her knee! Aww poor girl. The owchie looks so real!! Bianca takes care of it and then goes to her meeting. Marissa takes the kids swimming so Bianca can go to her meeting. Afterwards, Bianca returns to the room and Marissa invites her to get comfortable on the bed with her to watch TV. Bianca sits on the edge of the bed. Marissa wants her to come closer and get comfortable. Bianca looks so uncomfortable. What a strange and awkward scene!!! Just tell her already Bianca damn! Marissa asks if she’s okay. Bianca says she can’t do this anymore. She says their friendship means a lot to her and she doesn’t want to ruin it, but she wants her to know that she is attracted to her. Well it’s more than that!!! You are in love with her!!

    Slater home:

    Greenlee stops by and talks to Kendall about what happened to Madison yesterday, but oh look Madison is there!! Madison leaves and Greenlee thinks Madison is putting on an act to gain Ryan’s sympathy. Oh give me a break Greenlee! Kendall points out that Madison didn’t call him after fainting in the park. Greenlee says that Madison is smarter than she thought. Kendall assures her even if Madison is trying to get Ryan, there’s no way she can take him away from her. Greenlee says she doesn’t have to try and help her and leaves.


    Madison shows up. Randi wants to take her home, but Madison insists she’s fine. She needs to work so she can forget. When she’s not there all she does is obsess over Sara. Poor Madison. :( Randi brings up her miscarriage and how having Frankie and his family around helped her. Madison reminds her she doesn’t have a family, but Randi points out she has Scott. Madison is only reminded of why he befriended her in the first place and who set that up, as Greenlee walks in. Greenlee delegates work to Randi and Madison. Kendall shows up and, alone with Greenlee, says they are going to finish their conversation. Greenlee knows Madison will find a way to get Ryan’s attention over this. Paranoid much? Kendall thinks Greenlee should stop worrying about Madison and be grateful she has a great guy who loves her. AMEN! Listen to her Greenlee! It bothers Greenlee that Madison thinks she can still have Ryan. Kendall tells her to get over it because she would give anything to be living with the love of her life. :( Zak come home now!!!

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