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    1. 2. 3. I miss you!

    Yacht club:

    Kendall is at a table sitting waiting for Griffin. Bianca shows up (what the hell is she wearing?! ROFL!) because Griffin told her to meet her there. Kendall is ALL confused. :) Griffin meets with them. Superhero Mcwonderful wants to fly away from Pine Valley to go to Chile immediately to help people! He leaves. Once he’s gone, Bianca asks Kendall why she didn’t ask Griffin to stay. Kendall says it doesn’t matter now because his assignment is court ordered. Bianca thinks he could get it changed and says if she had the guts to put herself out there then Kendall should too. Bianca tells her she admitted her feelings to Marissa, but it wasn’t reciprocated.


    David brings Greenlee a box of things from her office from the hospital. He says he’s back in the business of saving lives and she will be astounded by what he’s about to do. Hmm more crypticisms from David! :)

    The hospital:

    David finds Griffin. Griffin says he is tying up some loose ends before he leaves Pine Valley. David once again tells him that he wants Griffin to stay!!! But alas Griffin says no. David is impressed he is walking away clean, with no attachments. He says it’s essential to the success of people like them. Griffin starts to think and then leaves. Dopplegranny is followed by a reporter asking so many questions! Ryan intervenes when the reporter gets too hostile. After he gets rid of the woman, Ryan says he is concerned about her that David was involved in her kidnapping. Dopplegranny assures him that’s not the case and she knows what she’s doing with David. However, she never knew he still cared so much and is obviously pleased by it. Greenlee comes in and thinks she is doing this to get back at her. Dopplegranny insists she won’t be manipulated by Hayward like Greenlee was. Dopplegranny walks away and as it turns out, Ryan set Dopplegranny up with the reporter! And Grenlee upset with her was a lie too!!! David takes Dopplegranny away and they talk alone. David warns her against getting too close to Ryan, but she assures him she’s got it handled. She wonders if he’s jealous of Ryan. ROFL! He denies it and indicates he has big plans in store that go beyond ownership of the hospital. He says no one will know what hit them. MORE CRYPTICISMS!!!! :)

    Slater home:

    Griffin visits Kendall because he couldn’t leave without seeing her again. UGH! One last goodbye!!! I hate this scene!! He gives Kendall her file in case her new doctor has any questions. Huh?!?! Why would he give her the file?!!? Why couldn’t he give the new doctor the file?!!? He gives her the new doctor’s card. He listens to her heart and says it sounds good. They talk about their patient/doctor relationship and how they got off to a rough start. Kendall apologizes for everything that went down with Ricky and how she didn’t believe Griffin from the start. Griffin calls it water under the bridge because that’s how friends roll. Kindergarteners Kendall and Griffin want to say together 1 2 3. She says 3 is where 4 is. He says yes it’s in place of 4. HUH?! So stupid! So they both at the same time say. 1.2. 3. I miss you! UGH! Kendall grabs his stethoscope and he grabs it from her and she grabs it back. She wants to listen to his heart. He starts to unbutton his shirt. :p TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT NOW GRIFFIN! :) She listens to his heart. When she is done they hug and it looks like they are gonna kiss. UGH! They don’t! Griffin heads to the door, but Kendall says, Wait! Why Kendall do you want to say goodbye one more time? UGH!

    Casa D Lavery:

    Greenlee thinks it’s weird how David got to Erica overnight. Ryan agrees something has changed and they need to figure out what it is. Greenlee also points out that Erica as wearing last season’s shoes, which she would never do. ROFL! Ryan doesn’t exactly grasp the gravity of that evidence, but Greenlee knows it means something. ROFL! She also says she’s missed them working together. Ryan leans in for a passionate kiss. Ryan tells Greenlee how much he loves her. He says that no matter how many people try to get between them, they have to fight to stay together. She will always be by his side whether he wants her there or not. He says he definitely wants.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Marissa and JR wake up in bed together!!! Yes they had sex the night before. Marissa wakes up and thinks about what Bianca said. JR talks about how great it is to be with her again. AJ runs in the room and asks if they are back together. JR says it’s a good question and lets Marissa answer it. Marissa says yes and AJ is thrilled and says no divorce!!! JR says that’s the only birthday present he wanted.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Marissa, JR and AJ run into Bianca and the girls. AJ excitedly tells the girls that his parents are back together, JR goes to check on AJ, as Marissa asks if Bianca is okay because she cut the vacation short. Bianca says she’s fine and in turn asks if Marissa is okay with what she admitted to her. Marissa insists she’s more than okay. Bianca brings up her reunion with JR and Marissa says she’s happy, but trying to be smart about it. Bianca says if Marissa is happy, then she’s happy for her. JR catches Bianca before she leaves with the girls and thanks her for whatever she said to Marissa to bring her back to him. Bianca is just glad things are working out for them. She starts to give him another date idea, but he says he’s got it covered from now on. Bianca walks out and longingly look at Marissa again!

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