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    A surprise wedding.

    Slater home:

    Kendall stops Griffin from leaving to ask for his email address. He reminds her she can email him and asks for updates on the Miranda Center, Cara and her boys. Why would you even need an update on Cara? Just call her yourself! She gives him her camera so he could take pictures and show her the pictures. She takes a couple of photos of them together! Just let him go Kendall!!! She then says one of them has to figure out how to really say goodbye. YES PLEASE! Griffin says he isn’t good at saying goodbyes. TOUGH! She says he’s not good at saying hello either. She tells him he meant a lot to her coming into her life when he did. He calls her a real experience. She kisses him on the cheek and he leaves. FINALLY HE LEAVES!

    Martin zoo:

    Cara gets a text message from Griffin telling her he is leaving. She tells Tad what Griffin said. Tad knows Griffin is family, but he (Tad) is family now too and he isn’t going anywhere. Awww sweet!! But Tad as soon as Dixie shows up, then you WILL be going! :) Ryan calls Tad and needs his help BADLY!

    Hotel room:

    Cara stops by to see Griffin. He explains that he texted so she couldn’t talk him out of leaving. She says she’ll be fine without him, but she will miss him. She sees the camera and looks through all of Kendall’s photos and teases him about them. He says he has history there, as does she with Tad. They hug and say goodbye. You know, They really should have been lovers than brother and sister! :)


    Greenlee and Randi wonder where Madison is! Greenlee is going to call Madison and tell her she is going to find someone else. Madison walks in! Woah I am in love with Madison’s white dress! Kendall tells Greenlee and Randi she’s working on ideas for a new line that is going to make Greenlee give her a raise. She doesn’t have one nailed down just yet, but it’s right there waiting for her. Madison thinks Greenlee is looking at her like she’s a flake, but Greenlee is excited she is working on new ideas and orders her to get busy. Greenlee gets a call from Emma, who, with Ryan’s prompting, says she needs her to come home right now for help with her hamster Harvey because he is sick! ROFL ROFL! Greenlee says she is coming home and then hangs up. Greenlee leaves. Randi hovers over Madison, who insists she’s fine. She points out she has spent her whole life trying to please a man and it never turned out well. Fusion is about her and honoring her daughter. She has a new attitude and orders Randi to stop waiting for her to freak out. Madison is thinking up new products!

    Casa D Lavery:

    Ryan has a box full of things that includes a gun!!!! Tad shows up assuming the emergency has to do with David. Ryan instead says he wants Tad to marry him and Greenlee today. Tad can’t believe that’s the emergency and questions the impulsiveness of it. Ryan knows Greenlee is the woman for him and thinks they have to grab their happiness when they can. Tad can’t argue with that. Ryan asks Tad to figure out what he’s going to say about them and Tad thinks about his own wedding to Cara. Ryan leaves a message for Kendall asking her to be a witness for the wedding. Emma walks into the room. Emma says that Spike hid her toys and won’t tell her where they are! ROFL ROFL! Ryan tells her they are holding a surprise wedding for Greenlee. Emma wants to help and says she will help make the best surprise wedding ever.

    The park:

    Greenlee runs into Jack. Greenlee is late going home because she got medicine for Harvey the hamster! ROFL! Why is Jack’s hair slicked back like that? It looks strange. It looks like he just got out of the shower. Anyway she tells him how grateful she is for what she has and thanks him for his good advice about Ryan. Ryan calls Jack asking if he saw Greenlee. He says yes and Ryan says she is with you? Jack says yes. Ryan tells him about the secret wedding that Greenlee doesn’t know about yet! They hang up and Jack wants to take her home.

    Casa D Lavery:

    Kendall stops by. Tad says the stripper’s here! ROFL ROFL! Ryan asks Kendall what’s going on with her. She tries to blow it off, but Ryan wonders if the wedding is bringing up memories. She just says it’s making her nostalgic because everyone she knows is getting what they wanted. Jack walks Greenlee home. Spike and Emma are so happy to see Greenlee! They both jump up and down! ROFL! Greenlee is so happy to learn about the surprise wedding she hugs Ryan! The wedding starts and they say their vows! Ryan tells Greenlee he loves her now more than ever and calls her his soulmate. He has always been deeply connected to her. That’s always been her. Greenlee says all the things that tried to keep them apart never could and she could never stay away. It’s always been him. She’s always been deeply connected to him. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Deeply connected? Always been you? GIVE ME A FREAKIN BREAK!!! I know Rylee is endgame but damn enough is enough! UGH! And they show flashbacks of the past too!!!

    The line of the day:

    Goes to Emma!!! Actually it’s lines of the day. :)

    Emma: Spike took my dolls and hid them. He won’t tell me where they are!


    Emma: Harvey my hamster is sick. Come home!

    ROFL ROFL! Emma just cracked me up! Spike and Emma are so adorable! I am going to miss all the kids. :(

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    I am going to miss all the kids.

    How appropriate. I’m going to miss All My Kids, too…

    I just read here that there is a rumor of an extended finale on September 23rd. That doesn’t stop the show from ending, but at least it gets sort of a movie treatment. I think it would be great for them to show it in primetime and pre-empt one of their shows then.

    Here’s another thing I just thought about: you know how (at least in NYC) when there is breaking news, most of AMC gets cut-off? How great is that going to be when it happens to “The Spew”? I don’t want to DVR that, but just to see that happen a few times, I would. Can’t wait to see how ABC handles that.

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