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    A virgin will be a virgin no more.

    Jerica home:

    Poor Dopplegranny is so confused! She doesn’t know up from down ROFL! She is not sure if David is using her or not! ROFL! She accuses him of setting her up to take the fall. David insists that’s not true, and that he respects her. She has said she has worked hard to get what she has, but she doesn’t want to go to prison. David assures her that won’t happen. He tells her to keep telling herself that she is Erica Kane and everything will be right in her world. ROFL! Oh David is sooo playing her hardcore!!!! :)


    Angie and Jesse are eating. They have been quiet. Angie doesn’t like how quiet they are. They talk about David. She wants Jesse’s support. Jesse doesn’t trust David.

    The hospital:

    Jesse and Angie waiting for David outside his office. They go in and Jesse warns David he needs to have a license to practice before he even thinks about touching his wife. ROFL! Angie tells Jesse to leave them alone and David assures him he plans on taking excellent care of Angie, and that this will last not more than an hour. Jesse leaves and David tells Angie the specialists he spoke of are going down the wrong path, but there’s a new treatment he’s been doing research on. He suggests they use stem cells from her own skin they will turn into retinal cells. Hmmm interesting!!! :) The procedure is still experimental and risky, so no one can know about it. But, he vows he can give Angie her sight back. Angie gets upset and says Jesse is right that he knew David would pull something like this. And deep down she knew too!! David assures her he can grow any kind of stem cells he wants with a little bit of blood and a skin biopsy. He tells her he can make her dream of seeing her child possible. Angie takes a minute and then allows him to draw her blood.

    Jerica home:

    Jesse stops by to question Dopplegranny about her kidnapping. She doesn’t know what else she can tell him. He wonders why she teamed up with David. She calls it a good business move and assures him he doesn’t have to worry. Hey look Jerica home has a red carpet!! Where did that come from? Well if Lily comes back, they will have to get rid of the red carpet AND the red flowers! :)

    David’s hotel room:

    Dopplegranny goes over to see David. She is worried that Jesse isn’t letting the investigation go. She fears she never should have gotten involved with David and starts getting upset! David stops her with a kiss. He says I want you! She breaks away saying she’s can’t do this because she’s never done it before. DOH! :) David tells her it will make it all the more special and kisses her again!!! Oh boy you are in for the time of your life Dopplegranny! Cus David is a fantastic lover! Ask Julia. :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Asher grabs her and kisses her! :) They are about to have sex when she stops it.sweeps She says if they do it it will be out of nowhere! ROFL! Well yeah that’s true. She says she wants to sleep with him, but she doesn’t want to rush into it. He understands and they kiss again. She goes to her laptop and posts that she and Asher are officially together. They head downstairs and see Maya, who has a black eye. Colby demands to know who is hitting her, but Maya gets defensive and says she has a cold so she has to go home. She leaves and Asher suggests they follow her.

    The park:

    Colby and Asher follow Maya to see a guy grab her. Asher runs up and punches him. Maya explains that his name is Mookie. Mookie?!?!!?! She says Mookie is just a friend, who was stopping her from going to see her boyfriend who did hit her. Asher apologizes and walks away with Colby. Mookie says Asher is lucky because if it weren’t for Maya, he’d be dead. DOH!!! MOOKIE IS A BAD GUY!!!! Mookie apologizes for hitting her and promises it will be the last time. No Maya don’t listen to him!! He is lying!!! He says how much he loves her and thinks the way she had his back means she loves him too.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Asher and Colby return and Asher takes a pain pill. Tad stops by to see JR who is sad. JR is feeling less than proud of who he is. Tad knows JR has tried to fix his bad habits and make things work. JR tells him he and Marissa are back together and Tad wants to celebrate that along with his birthday. JR says he can’t due to work and Tad takes a rain check. After Tad leaves, Amanda stops by with some papers for JR, but then she starts to cry. She can’t believe they didn’t use protection when they had sex. JR says we only did it once. You know the chance of that? Uh JR you are NOT a naive teenager!!! Come on now!!! He doesn’t want her to get worked up over it. And that no one has to know what they did and they can have the life they both want. Amanda isn’t so sure because she’s been having twinges. JR urges Amanda to go home and be happy with her husband.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Tad talks with Krystal about JR and Marissa’s reunion. He then brings up Cara and admits their marriage is growing into something more. She thought that’s what he wanted. He did too, but something feels off now that the walls are down between him and Cara. Krystal suggests he just close his eyes and take the leap. Yeah Tad take a leap!! And then you will see Dixie. :) JR arrives and thinks he and Tad can have that lunch now. He joins him and Tad says he feels like it’s going to work out for all of them.

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