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    The plant!!! The poor plant!!!

    Martin zoo:

    Tad is dreaming about Dixie while he is sleeping on the couch. Kathy wakes him up wondering if he and Cara are mad at each other. Tad explains that they were just taking a time out which is a good thing. And that sometimes taking a time out doesn’t always mean you are in trouble. Cus Kathy was worried about that. Cara brings Kathy some juice and then sends her to get her backpack for camp. Tad tells Cara that he was thinking about them and just dozed off last night. He likes their arrangement, but he can’t accept any more gratitude kisses. Yeah I don’t blame you Tad! She is sorry for using the word grateful, insisting he means more to her than that. He believes her, but does want to go out for a walk with her. Tad leaves and Cara talks to Kathy about Dixie. Kathy shows her a picture and says her mother is with the angels, but now she has her and Krystal. Awww!

    Jamanda home:

    Amanda dreams of being surrounded by her family at home as JR taunts her having a disease! Jake wakes her up and then takes the day off to spend with her. Amanda sneaks out when Jake takes a shower!!!! And hey Amanda has a haircut. It’s short! I like it! :) I have a girl crush on her hair! :)

    The hospital:

    Jake goes to look for Amanda. He calls and leaves a message. Tad walks up behind him. Jake is afraid of what is going on with Amanda who is acting desperate. They talk about Cara. Tad says he feels like he’s cheating on Dixie with her. :( Jake urges him not to let the past stop him from appreciating what he has with Cara. Jake walks away and runs into Cara. She notices he is upset and he wasn’t going to say anything to her but he ends up telling her he’s worried about Amanda. He asks if she knows something. Cara reminds him she can’t tell him anything and suggests he talk to Amanda. They move on to talking about Tad and she tells him she used the word grateful with him. and that she feels more than gratitude for Tad. Jake actually says he will always love Cara!!! SAY WHAT?!!?!?!Jake thinks maybe she should go for it with Tad.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Opal sees Amanda. Amanda spills the cheating secret to Opal! Opal says there is no judging here, but she should tell Jake! Amanda thinks what she did was unforgivable and runs out. Tad joins his mother and tells her about falling for Cara. He wonders why he’s been thinking so much about Dixie though. Opal points out that Tad needs to be Cara’s hero, where as he could just be himself with Dixie. Tad thanks Opal for her genius insight and takes off. Great mother and son scene!!

    The hospital:

    Tad finds Cara, and she says she doesn’t know where they go from there, but she doesn’t want them to give up their walks. Tad agrees and then blames his hero complex for the awkwardness. ROFL! He thinks she’ll have to settle for just him from now on. She doesn’t consider it settling. Awww! :)

    The park:

    Amanda has everyone who talked to her in her head! They won’t go away!!! She gets upset. Jake shows up and she tells him she has an STD! :) The look on his face!!! :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    JR is sleeping on the couch and dreams of being married to Marissa. Marissa wakes him up and they fight about him using Bianca. He apologizes, but she thinks he will always have something to hide. She calls him just as bad as Adam!!!! :)


    Bianca brings Scott one of Stuart’s paintings he gave her to put in the gatehouse. Awww! :) He thanks her and offers to show her around the place. He says he’ll call Marissa to have her join them. Bianca says she and Marissa need some distance because she was helping JR win her back. Scott can’t believe he was pushing her to get with JR. Bianca says she just wants Marissa to be happy. Scott understands that but says there is no good in JR and that he will never change. JR finds Bianca outside and blames her for telling Marissa the whole truth about her Cyrano act. She doesn’t doubt that he loves Marissa, but she doesn’t think he can give her what she wants. He wonders if he isn’t the man for her, then who is? Yeah good question! :) Bianca thinks Marissa will know the right person when they come along. She leaves and JR yells out, It’s Scott isn’t it? ROFL!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Scott finds Marissa and tries to convince her to move out. Marissa doesn’t want to, but questions him when he brings up Bianca. JR returns as Marissa admits she’s too scared to admit what she wants. She then leaves to find Bianca. Scott and JR argue. They insult one another. JR calls him a loser! It was a great scene! Later, JR returns to the house with a bottle of booze. AJ finds his dad and tells him how happy he is that he and his mom are back together. JR hugs his son and then pours out the liquor in the plant. Oh great JR! Now you are going to make your plant drunk!!!!! How dare you?!!?! It will be YOUR fault if the plant goes out and gets in trouble!!! And if the plant goes in jail, YOU pay for bail!!! That poor plant!! It’s going to have one hell of a hangover. :(

    The park:

    Marissa and Bianca talk. Marissa asks why she helped JR. Bianca thought she wanted JR. Marissa knows something has been going on between them for a while, but thinks she just couldn’t accept it. Marissa gets close to Bianca and she kisses Bianca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    She is sleeping. She is crying out for Tad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP SLEEPING BEAUTY WAKE UP!

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