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    Faking the numbness and pain.

    Martin zoo:

    OH! Dixie’s father died and someone sent Tad Dixie’s diary!!!! Cara encourages Tad to read Dixie’s diary. He opens to a page where Dixie, as a young girl, talks about wanting to marry a boy who makes her laugh every day. :( She also wanted to have both a girl and a boy. Cara says her dreams came true. Tad says she never knew Kathy. Tad puts down the diary and say he needs to get out of the house. Cara asks if he wants company. He says, You bet I do. MEK sounds like he has a cold. Yesterday it sounded like he has a cold too.

    The park:

    Tad is thinking. He says he will always miss Dixie, but he thought he got to the point where the memories weren’t painful. He explains how he turned out okay because of Dixie and fills Cara in on some of his Tad the cad past. ROFL! Tad realizes he hasn’t made peace with her death, but thinks now is the time. Cara wants to help him move on, like he did for her. Tad says that he needs her and asks her to be there when he says goodbye. Amanda meets a drunk JR and tells him she might have cancer. JR tells her he’s there for her. Amanda says if she does have cancer he is the last person she would lean on. He says he understands, but he can relate because he survived cancer. She doesn’t want to hear his stories and tells him despite Jake being okay about what they did, she’s quitting her job. JR is glad someone’s relationship is going well. He tells her about Marissa being a lesbian and Amanda’s jaw falls to the ground. She picks it up and notices JR taking a drink from his flask. Amanda wants him to stop but JR assures her he’s tough and he’ll be okay. JR comes on to her, but she pushes him away!!! Damn Amanda has got her backbone!!!! :) Maybe she found it on the grass while she was picking up her jaw! :)

    The hospital:

    Asher is out of pills so he goes to Frankie for a refill. Frankie refuses because he thinks he’s addicted to them now. Asher gets upset, as Caleb walks in. Caleb wants to help. Frankie offers to give Asher some names regarding addiction. Asher gets defensive and walks away. Caleb stops him and says he will be his father in all this and orders Asher to come with him. LOVE the father and son scene today! :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Asher and Caleb walk in and sees JR drinking. They notice he is drunk! I’m still worried about the plant! Is the plant okay?! :( Caleb wants to take Asher home with him. Asher leaves with his father. JR grabs his keys and the bottle! Oh oh!

    Casa D Lavery:

    Greenlee had a bad dream!!!! She tells Ryan she thinks she’s remembering something from when David saved her from the accident. She remembers seeing the Orpheus logo on her I.V. drip as well as someone else on a gurney. She doesn’t quite know if it was a dream or if it really happened though. She wants to work David to figure it out. Ryan says they have to find a way to manipulate David just right. I want to know who was in the gurney!!!!

    Griffin and Maria:

    Griffin calls Maria about David and Project Orpheus. At first, she says she doesn’t know anything about it, but then she recalls something. She tells Griffin how when she went on the run fearing she killed someone, David gave her a credit card registered to Orpheus. Hmmmm… She tells him if David is hurting someone else and Griffin needs help stopping him, she will be there in a heartbeat. Yeah I bet you will!!! :)

    The hospital:

    Griffin goes in David’s office and demands answers on Orpheus. He accuses David of lying to him and wants the truth. David gets upset and warns him if he wants to stay onboard he needs to back off and stop asking questions. If he doesn’t, David will cut him loose!!!!!! After Griffin leaves, Greenlee shows up and wants her medical records because she’s experiencing numbness in her leg and she needs her new doctor to look at her history. ROFL! She is lying!!!! David buys this and is concerned and wants to examine her, but Greenlee says he won’t ever get that close to her again. As they argue about her medical records, Greenlee fakes a pain in her leg. David says no other doctor can help her. Greenlee agrees to let him examine her. This David storyline is very intriguing. I want to know more!!!!! :)

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Ryan finds Griffin and asks if Greenlee was part of Project Orpheus. Griffin tells him there’s no way of knowing, but Ryan wonders about the other patient. Griffin says it sounds like a dream. Meanwhile Amanda confides in Opal that she might have cancer. :( Opal tells Amanda to let her family love and take care of her.

    The hospital:

    Oh boy!!!!!!!!!!! Griffin returns to David’s office demanding to know if Project Orpheus is pure research or has he been experimenting on humans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well duh Griffin! He saved Greenlee’s life!!! :)

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    I’m so glad Griffin went back to confront David; clearly, he’s been mislead by him to believe they were doing important research. The fact that he finally figured out that David may be experimenting on humans is awesome!! Of course, the viewers have known this since the whole spiking the punch with Libidizone. I’m pretty sure that he did that not only to mess with the whole town, but he had some ulterior motive in finding out what it did to people. Remember, most of the drugs he has are untested and definitely not FDA approved. Amazing how he’s able to convince so many people to let him use his concoctions to save people. Really, he’s pulled the wool over Erica, Zach and Kendall, etc. The scenes between David and Greenlee were priceless. It only proved that they are kind of the same person in that she’s just as scheming, if not more, as him.

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