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    A punch, a bite, and a strangle.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Poor AJ asks Marissa and Bianca what’s wrong with his dad. JR comes in with a drink in his hand and dares Marissa to tell their son the truth. Marissa wants to talk to AJ privately, but JR is eager to talk with AJ. He tells AJ it’s not so much the birds and bees, but the birds and the birds. ROFL! What?:) Really JR birds and the birds? :) Marissa wants JR to back off and as he starts to walk away, he falls over AJ’s chair!! :( JR gets up, grabs his drink and leaves. Bianca leaves to talk to him, as Marissa tries to explain things to AJ. She tells him they are still a family, just a different kind because she loves Bianca. AJ understands because he has friends who have two moms and two dads. Marissa and AJ hug. Bianca finds JR drinking outside. It looks like the gatehouse. She talks to him about turning to booze because he feels sorry for himself. He is so angry he goes on about her going after the women in his life, but then screams that he knows he screwed up. Bianca says he had nothing to do with it. Oh Bianca you can’t talk to JR right now!! He is drunk!!! Bianca and JR return to the mansion. AJ is eating ice cream. JR thinks AJ needs some time with his dad and suggests they play catch. AJ doesn’t want to and walks to his mother. JR is being very scary today!!!! I thought he was going to hit someone!!!! JR grabs his keys, ready to leave, but Marissa won’t let him. JR says he’ll walk instead and leaves. Poor AJ I just want to hug him!

    The park:

    Kathy tells Cara she saw her mother. Cara says maybe you saw someone who just looks like her. Kathy says no. She is sad. :( Poor Kathy! I just want to hug her!!! Zombie Dixie is hiding behind the bushes. Zombie Dixie stumbles around the park until she sees money. A 5 dollar bill? She holds onto it but then she sees Brot and gets scared and drops it. He wants to take her to the hospital, but she freaks out. He gives her back the money. As he answers a call on his radio, Zombie Dixie runs off.

    Martin zoo:

    Cara returns to Tad and tells him Kathy thought she saw Dixie. :( Cara thinks she misses knowing her mother and suggests Tad isn’t ready to give her up either. Later Tad goes through Dixie’s diary. Cara walks in and he says he knows how to say goodbye.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Tad gathers Krystal, Liza, Opal and Cara to tell them he needs to publicly get rid of the things he’s been holding on to connecting him to Dixie. :( JR shows up as Tad recalls how meeting Dixie and JR changed everything for him. He says wants to make sure JR knows he is his son no matter how many mistakes he makes. It was a great Tad scene!!! But they didn’t show flashbacks!!! I wanted flashbacks. :( JR leaves. Tad tells Cara she is the reason he can say goodbye to Dixie. Well you will be saying hello to Dixie soon! :)

    Adultnapped room:

    Erica tells Dopplegranny Jane that she wants to see who she used to be before the transformation. Dopplegranny Jane shows her a photo and recalls her mother telling her how ugly she was. That is horrible!!!! :( Erica doesn’t think she is ugly and urges her not to let her mother win. Erica tells Dopplegranny Jane how remarkable she is considering all she’s accomplished with her kidnapping. She wants her to own who she is and be Jane Campbell. YEAH! :) Erica says say it! Say I am Jane!! Dopplegranny Jane says I am Jane! Erica wants her to say it louder. Dopplegranny Jane says I am Jane! I am Jane! Erica hugs her!! :) Hmmm Susan Lucci hugs herself! ROFL! Erica thinks it’s time for Dopplegranny Jane be out in the world as herself and that it’s time for her to go home. Dopplegranny Jane doesn’t know how she’ll do that alone, but Grim reaper Ben vows he’ll be there for her. Dopplegranny Jane then worries she’ll end up on prison, but Erica promises she won’t press charges. Grim reaper Ben says they’ll take her back to Pine Valley, but they have to blindfold her so she doesn’t know how to get back there. As he is going to put the blindfold on her she stops him. She needs to do something.

    Dixie’s room:

    David calls Ben (HUH?!!? BEN??!!!) from Dixie’s room and leaves an angry message saying that she’s missing!!!!

    The hospital:

    Jesse brings Angie for a consultation appointment with a surgeon that David set up, and David. Jesse is worried about David’s involvement, but Angie assures him Hayward has earned her trust. David runs into the hospital asking a nurse if a Jane Doe has been admitted. Jesse and Angie find him and wonder why he’s late to their appointment. He tells them that the surgeon had to reschedule it. Jesse is upset with David for doing this but Angie wonders what is wrong. :) He can’t talk about it and quickly walks away. A nurse approaches Jesse and Angie saying the surgeon wondered why they didn’t show up to their appointment. DOH! Jesse says he knew David couldn’t be trusted.

    The park:

    Angie sits in the park alone until Jesse can join her. Zombie Dixie walks by her and Angie calls out asking who’s there. She says she’s a doctor and can help, which makes Zombie Dixie back off. Later JR wanders the park drunk, he sees Zombie Dixie passed out next to a bench. DOH! He will probably think he is seeing things since he is drunk.


    Jack punches David!!! ROFL! Jesse breaks them up and wonders what David did now. David says Jack hit him first. Erica walks in. David kisses her, but she bites him. ROFL! Erica hugs Jack and tries to explain what happened with Jane and Ben. Jack doesn’t think she’s making any sense! Jack and Jesse don’t believe her!!!!! Erica demands that David tell the truth. Instead, David suggests Erica needs real help. ROFL! Erica starts to strangle him ROFL!

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    So. Good. Today!

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