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    Sorry I’m late with the recap. I didn’t watch AMC live yesterday except for the last 20 minutes. I had to wait until it was on youtube. I watched it this morning.

    The Oak Haven gang.

    Martin zoo:

    Tad, Opal, and Jack are together and they talk about Erica. Jack still doesn’t believe Erica’s story. Opal talks about how weird Pine Valley is! :) Yes Opal bring up Janet/Natalie and Tad/Ted!!! Jack was hoping that Tad could help him get into see Erica since she isn’t allowed visitors. Tad arranges it so Jack can see her as her lawyer, but says he’s going with him. JR stops by to see AJ. Tad tells Jack to go to Oak Haven ahead of him and Opal heads upstairs. Krystal let’s JR talk. JR apologies but then gets angry insisting he’s not the one at fault. DOH! So close JR! SO CLOSE!!! He blames Marissa for blowing up his family! Tad yells at JR he wants him to stop because Marissa and AJ enter the room. JR tries to talk to his son, but Marissa wants him to leave. He yells Not without my son! Tad pleads with JR to leave for now. JR agrees and says goodbye to AJ. JR leaves and Tad asks if he can bring AJ over JR’s later. Marissa agrees as long as Tad is there. Tad will be there. AJ doesn’t want to go!!! Poor AJ!!!

    Chandler Mansion:

    JR is outside. Scott tries to talk to JR but he doesn’t want to talk to him and wants to give him the company. He doesn’t care about anyone. He only wants his son back. Scott reminds him he had him until he fell off the wagon. Yeah Scott you tell him!! Tad finds JR who is still outside. He tells JR that AJ didn’t want to see him. JR says he will get his son back and picks up a bottle of booze. Tad says, Not like this you’re not, and pushes him in the pool!!! ROFL!

    Oak Haven:

    It’s the Oak Haven gang!!!! Janet, Annie, and Marion!!!! :) Erica has joined the Oak Haven gang. :) Janet shows Erica around Oak Haven. Erica’s hair is a mess!! ROFL! They run into Marian and Annie. Annie and Erica snipe at each other, as Janet tries to make peace. ROFL! Oh this Oak Haven scene is brilliant!!! So funny!!! Janet asks about Amanda and Trevor, but Erica tells them she’s been in captivity so she doesn’t know what’s going on. After Erica separates herself from the group, Marian talks with her privately. Erica says she isn’t scared about being there, she just wants Jack to come to his senses about her. A staff member takes the Oak Haven gang outside for exercise except Erica because she needs to stay put!! :) Jack walks in to see Erica! She wonders if he believes her. He wants to, more than anything, but her story is pretty wild. Oh come on Jack!!! Believe her! She promises him she is telling the truth. He thinks there has to be proof out there. She fills him in on everything she knows and Jack realizes she is telling the truth. FINALLY!!! :) She thanks him for not giving up on her. They hug as Dixie walks by and sees them.

    The hospital:

    David is unhooking everything and is out of bed! He desperately wants to see Dixie! Griffin rushes in to get David from falling! Griffin assumes he’s desperate to get to his secret patients. He tells David he and Kendall are done so he is there to help him. David still won’t tell him anything!!!!


    Kendall and Madison try to focus on the Fierce line, but Greenlee keeps bringing up Griffin!!! Greenlee urges Kendall to give Griffin another chance. NO SHE DOESN’T!!! Greenlee then leaves to see David so she can play him again. You know, with the fake pain and numbness in her legs. Madison and Kendall continue to work on Fierce as Griffin shows up. The work is over for now. Kendall tells her to take a break. Griffin lets Kendall know that he cares about her, but there’s no place for secrets in a relationship. Zzzzzzzzzz. She wonders if he has decided to let her in. Griffin wants to tell her the truth, but he can’t. He knows it’s asking a lot, but he needs her to trust him. Kendall can’t forget that he’s involved with David so she can’t blindly put her faith in him. Hey Griffin! She kicked you to the curb! You want more?! She loves what they have, but she can’t compromise on this. Griffin says he can’t tell her anything – for her sake. He hopes one day she will understand and forgive him.

    The park:

    Madison is working on her sketches and eating lunch. She is eating a hotdog. Scott shows up who is eating a hotdog too!!! He notices her new look, saying it appears she took the world by the reins and told it where to go. She asks about him and he tells her he’s working on the gatehouse. She’d like to see it sometime and he invites her out. She is trying not to laugh and smile but he got her to laugh and smile hahaha! Mott is so applesausy today! YAY!!! :) Come on Mott get back together! :)

    The hospital:

    Greenlee visits David and she says as much as she hates to admit it, he might be the one person who can keep her alive and she doesn’t want to die. Come on David you know she is playing you!!!! Sure you are worried just in case she might be telling the truth. Don’t buy into what she is selling!!! She pretends she is worried about what’s happening to her. She asks, Am I going to die? He assure her she’s not. He orders her not to tell anyone that he’s helping her and says he has to take her somewhere for treatment. He’ll be in touch. He needs to sleep now.

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