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    Teacher and student.


    Madison tells David that her getup is part of her pitch for a new line that Greenlee didn’t like. David want to be her teacher!!:) And she can be his student! Yum!!! :) He suggests Madison not let her emotions interfere with her goals. Madison asks how she can best Greenlee. He points out getting Kendall on her side will cause Greenlee to eventually follow. He thinks he has many things to teach her. Yeah baby! Teach her!! :) He says first up, owning the part of Fierce, not just looking it. She gets up to find Kendall and David offers to meet with her later to give her more advice over drinks. She turns him down proving that she’s already taking control. The teaching is working!!! :)

    Yacht club:

    Kendall, Greenlee and Ryan talk about the possibility of Erica cheating on Jack with David. Ryan tells them about the earrings he found of Erica’s on David’s night stand. BFF’s Kendall and Greenlee argue over the cheating. Ryan tells the two children not to argue. Kendall suggests they not tell anyone about this until they find out what’s really going on. Kendall and Ryan leave, leading David to find Greenlee alone. He of course taunts her until Greenlee accuses him of being sleeping with Erica. ROFL! She warns she will come down on him if he is hurting her father. David continues to insist that he and Erica aren’t sexually involved. ROFL! Jack shows up. :)


    Madison sees Kendall and Madison sucks up to her! ROFL! Kendall tells her she has great instincts for the business, but she just needs to tweak her vision for Fierce. Madison thinks she needs a mentor to help guide her to where she wants to be. Kendall suggests Madison just soften it up a bit because there was an underlying anger in her pitch. Madison asks if she can present her idea again after implementing the changes. Kendall agrees to talk to Greenlee and leaves to find someone.

    Casa D Lavery:

    Jesse meets with Ryan to discuss the possibility that David kidnapped Erica. Ryan shows Jesse the earrings, but Jesse isn’t completely convinced yet. Ryan learns David is treating Angie and warns that Jesse can’t let him anywhere near his wife. Oh shut up Ryan!!! After Jesse leaves, Kendall shows up. They talk about David and Griffin’s connection to him. Kendall says he’s gone though so he can’t help them. Ryan tells her it’s okay to admit she misses him. Kendall gets a call and leaves. Ryan calls the airline to try and track Griffin down, but he learns that Griffin never got on his plane. DOH!

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Amanda is still worried that she’s pregnant with JR’s baby even tho they JUST had sex! JR wants her to relax. Marissa walks in and noticesAmanda doesn’t look very good. Jake enters as well and as he goes into detail about a greasy sandwich he wants to order, Amanda feels ill and runs out. Marissa follows her and Jake explains to JR it’s probably morning sickness. He asks JR to allow Amanda to scale back at work to lessen the stress. JR agrees as Marissa returns to yell at him for working Amanda too hard. Amanda returns looking worried and Jake tells Marissa her illness is probably pregnancy related. Jamanda leave as Marissa apologizes to JR. She is happy for Amanda and Jake. JR says he’d be happy too if they were having a baby. Marissa gets upset and over reacts. She can’t believe he’s already talking about having babies. JR reminds her that she is the one who came back to him. She just think it’s too soon. He notices she has a look on her face like she wants to run out of there screaming. ROFL! He asks what’s wrong with her.
    Jamanda home:

    Jake promises Amanda that everything will be okay. Amanda gets another pain and Jake take her to the hospital.

    Adultnapped room:

    Dopplegranny is OUT!!!! Erica switches clothes in order to escape. Angel of death Ben walks in and Erica convinces him she’s Jane. She starts to leave until Jane the Dopplegranny wakes up demanding Ben stop her. Poor Ben is so confused!!!! Erica and Jane try to convince Ben they are the real Jane, until Jane asks Erica what her daughter’s name was. When she hesitates, Ben grabs her. Very very soapy scene!!! Nice try Erica but it didn’t work!! ROFL! Doplegranny Jane tells Erica to switch clothes now because she has to go! Jane leaves and Ben tells Erica she is better at playing Jane than Jane is at playing her. ROFL! Erica asks for a recorder so she can get down her thoughts for a new book on her life.

    Jerica home:

    Kendall heads over to see Erica and confronts her about sleeping with David. Dopplegranny insists they were just working. Kendall wants her to call Jack to assure him he is the only man in her life. Dopplegranny calls Jack to suggest they go somewhere together when she gets back from the spa she’s going to. Kendall is confused, but Dopplegranny tells her not to micromanage her life! ROFL! She insists she knows what she’s doing because she’s Erica Kane. And then she just walks away from Kendall. :)

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