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    Being grateful.


    Ryan tells Bianca and Kendall that Griffin never got on the plane to Chile. OH OH!!!! Kendall is afraid something went wrong. Bianca and Ryan try to assure her this isn’t like Zak. Bianca asks why Ryan is even looking for Griffin. Ryan wants answers when it comes to David and is hoping Griffin can help. Kendall tells Bianca Erica spent the night with David in his hotel room. Bianca gets upset about people running away and leaves. Kendall and Ryan talk about Griffin’s connection to David. Kendall gushes about superhero Mcwonderful and defends him! Ryan gets it and says Griffin is a saint. Oh no! More Superhero McWonderful is love gush!! Ryan suggests they find out why Griffin didn’t get on the plane and they leave.

    Martin zoo:

    Cara is soooooooooooo very grateful!!!! She is up to her ears with gratitude!!! Tad tells Cara he doesn’t necessarily want a divorce, but maybe just a step back. He wants more from her than gratitude and isn’t comfortable with their in-name-only marriage anymore. Cara thinks they are more than friends, which can lead to other things. Tad assumes she’s trying to talk herself in having feelings she doesn’t have. Yeah I agree with that!! He doesn’t want her in his bed just because she’s grateful. Cara keeps saying she is grateful!!! She is grateful a LOT!! Tad points out they’ve both had magical relationships and he’s too proud to settle for anything less. Kendall and Ryan show up and tell Cara Griffin never got on the plane. Cara gets her phone and notices she didn’t get any messages from Griffin. She worries the court will find him in violation of his community service. Tad agrees to look for him and Kendall is relieved. Kendall and Ryan leave. Cara tells Tad he is important to her, but she doesn’t know how to fix this. Tad says the only way to make things work is to be strictly roommates. No more dates, kissing or holding hands. After three years they can part ways with no pain or guilt.

    The hospital:

    Ryan brings Kendall where she is supposed to meet with her new doctor. Ryan leaves her to break into David’s office. Kendall remembers moments with superhero McWonderful! She gets checked out by the nurse, but she insists she’s fine. She runs out to the hallway and sees Superhero McWonderful!!!! Are we going to see them running to each other in slow motion and hug? Colby takes Asher to fill his pain meds. Frankie tells him how many he should take and when, cus he doesn’t want Asher to get addicted. Neither does Colby.

    Chandler Mansion:

    JR tries very hard to explain to Marissa the help he received when it comes to her. Oh Scott walks in!!! He is dirty! :) He has been working on the gatehouse! :) Scott and JR argue about the gatehouse and then Marissa asks Scott to give them a minute alone. Marissa demands to know who has been helping him. JR admits it’s Bianca. JR says Bianca just gave him a few pointers. It was nothing he wasn’t going to eventually figure out himself. JR gets a call and Marissa leaves. Mookie shows up and finds Maya helping Asher down the stairs. Maya lets him go and is nervous to see Mookie. Afraid he will be jealous hmmm Maya? Colby takes over and leads Asher out of the house. Mookie tells Maya he is staying in town for her. Everytime Mookie smiles it irritates me! Scott walks in, as he fires his contractor over the phone. Mookie asks if he needs a replacement and Scott hires him after Maya vouches for him. Woah that was quick! Once Scott leaves, Maya questions Mookie’s newfound employment, pointing out he doesn’t need the money. Mookie says he took it so he could be close to her. He tries to kiss her as she works, but she pushes him away. He reminds her he told her he’d never hit her again. Yeah right!!!!!

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Marissa talks to her mother and then sees Bianca. Marissa says she knows Bianca has been helping JR. Bianca brings up the music box and the orange soda and chips. Marissa is shocked! She had no idea about the music box and orange soda and chips!!! Marissa calls it manipulation and demands to know why she would be part of that. Bianca says she had to because she knew she would never be able to do it herself. Bianca doesn’t think they should see each other for a while and Marissa agrees.


    JR confronts Scott who is working on the gatehouse! JR confronts him for firing the contractor. Scott knows he was trying to sabotage the project with that guy. They have words! JR is being such a jerk!!! Scott announces once he builds the house, he is moving in. JR accuses Scott of wanting to be near Marissa. Scott thinks she will need someone on her side and says he won’t let JR hurt her again. JR in turn throws Madison in his face. Scott won’t say anything to Marissa because he knows JR will screw it up all on his own. HA! Yeah that’s true. :) coughcoughSEXWITHAMANDAcoughcough

    Chandler Mansion:

    Asher is at the pool getting a tan. He keeps popping those pills! Colby asks him what he wants to drink. He says a soda. She gets the sodas and comes out to get a tan too.

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