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    The art of seduction doesn’t work.

    Adultnapped room:

    Erica changes into the dress she was kidnapped in, as she prepares to record her thoughts for her new book. Erica tells Grim Reaper Ben that she wants to show the woman behind the ambition and fame. She talks about her father and how she still yearns for him to rescue her. Erica still needs her father! :( Ben asks if she is okay. Erica turns her back to the mirror as a slow smile spreads across her face. Hmm is she lying?

    David’s hotel room:

    David finds Dopplegranny lying on his bed in lingerie. She wants him BAD!!! :) She tries the art of seduction on him but it doesn’t work!! He tells her it’s too risky because she’s supposed to be at a spa. She says she couldn’t leave him and kisses him. David does not WANT her!!! ROFL! If he did, they would be having sex by now! :) David tries to put her off while assuring her he’s into her. David tells her they can’t do this now and tells her to leave. She is upset that he’s tossing her out like trash. She accuses him of using her and says he won’t get away with it. She will make him pay. David sweet talks her and says he’s falling in love with her. BAHAHAHA! He is so manipulating her and it’s working too!!! As he’s about to kiss her, Jack pounds on the door. Dopplegranny hides as Jack yells at David about Erica. Jack accuses him of doing something to make her run away. David denies it and Jack walks off. Jane closes the door and David tells her to get Jack under control. She says that she is Erica Kane and can be with whoever she wants to be with. David says it’s too soon to reveal they are together.

    Jerica home:

    Jack is so upset! Dopplegranny walks in the bedroom and asks him to make love to her. ROFL!

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Amanda finds Cara and asks about her test results. Cara doesn’t have it yet and assures her she won’t tell anyone about it and will let her know when she gets them. JR walks in and meets with Amanda about business. Amanda is acting strange which JR notices. He thinks she’s upset about the pregnancy scare and assures her everything will work out. Amanda tells him she’s not pregnant, but she might have an STD. JR freaks out, but insists he couldn’t have given anything to her because he got tested after Annie. She thinks she’s in the clear then, but JR reminds her disease could go back a long time. Yeah Amanda!!! JR is right!!!! He says once she gets her results they can put this whole issue to bed. I mean rest. ROFL!

    The hospital:

    Angie enters David’s office as Ryan hides like the little rat he is. He tries to sneak out, but Angie knows someone is there! Ryan reveals himself and admits he broke in. He wonders why she’s meeting with David alone. Angie is as suspicious of David as the rest of them, but she wants her miracle from him. She plans to beat him at his own game and says she will subtly probe him for information. Oh that’s nice Angie!! David is helping but you are so ungrateful! Ryan snoops around the office and finds a hidden safe, which he can’t open. Ryan finds some files in a box which contain a plastic key card that says Project Orpheus. Hmmm interesting! After Ryan has left, David returns and talks to Angie about her procedure. Angie reminds him she is trusting him to give her back her sight. Meanwhile Griffin examines Kendall at the hospital, but remains very serious. She asks why he’s back. He says that he missed his flight. They put him in a hotel until the next one and he had a lot to time to think about the things that mattered to him. Jake joins them as Griffin calls for some tests.

    Jake follows Griffin out in the hallway to tell him about the doctor he assigned to his cases. Griffin isn’t happy about that and walks away. Griffin returns to Kendall and tells her this is a big waste of his time, as he draws her blood. She again asks why he came back. He says he was thinking about his patients. Cara walks in and is so excited to see her brother!!! :) Jake follows and says Griffin is back on staff. A nurse walks in to get Griffin for an emergency. Once alone, Cara tells Kendall she knows Griffin didn’t return for his patients. She explains that Griffin doesn’t mean to be cold, but having feelings for him is new for him since he’s never been in a real relationship. Oh give me a break!!! Kendall gets all jumpy and says she has to go. Cara finds Griffin in the hallway and tries to get him to see that there’s more to life than work. After Cara calls Amanda about her test results, they meet at the hospital. Cara tells her she tested positive for HPV, which is an STD. DOH!!!

    Slater home:

    Griffin shows up and says he came back for Kendall. Yeah right!!! If he REALLY came back for her, then he would have went to her house to see her or gone to Fusion to see her!!! I don’t buy it sorry Dr. McWonderful! He throws his coat down and a Project Orpheus key card is revealed!! Hmm very VERY interesting!!!

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