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    Let’s have some fun with Ralph.

    The hospital:

    Greenlee begs David not to let her die!!!!!! He is curious about her begging and wonders if she is playing him ROFL! She says she is getting worse. He tells her he can help, but he has to take her somewhere for a procedure. Greenlee isn’t so sure about this. David suggests she talk to someone who has been where she’s been. Greenlee asks him if there was someone else in her room when he treated her. David confirms her suspicions, saying it was someone near and dear to them who was taken too soon. DOH! LEO?!!?! :) Greenlee who looks shocked says, You don’t mean… A nurse walks in and tells Greenlee she has to go. David tells her she’ll know more soon enough.

    Casa D Lavery

    Superhero Ryan returns home from California. Superhero Griffin is there!!! He knows Ryan was asking about him and David. Ryan reminds Griffin he has already chosen sides. Griffin says that he did and it’s not David’s. Griffin tells Ryan he was doing stem cell research on lab rats, but David has been using human subjects like Greenlee and Maria. Griffin is worried there are others and that they are people David knows from Pine Valley. Ryan says he’s talking about bringing people back from the dead. He says that all the people they think are dead might not be. Kendall walks in and Ryan gives her and Griffin some time alone. Griffin tells Kendall he’s done with David and he’s ready to tell her everything. Griffin you Benedict Arnold!!!! Kendall is so happy to hear it and assures him there is nothing he can say that will change the way she feels about him. Griffin tells her how much he cares about her, but he’s afraid to open up old wounds. She encourages him to talk to her and he says if David could bring back Greenlee and Maria then he might be able to bring back someone else. Kendall falls back on the couch and says, Zak! Kendall gets upset and tells Griffin to leave. Griffin says he couldn’t keep silent even if it means she hates him. After he’s gone, Kendal breaks down and says, Damn you David. Poor Kendall!!! Stupid Griffin!!! Look at her! Look what you did!!! You had no right! You don’t have proof that Zak is alive! And David didn’t tell you that Zak is alive!!!!

    Yacht club:

    Ryan and Greenlee are together. He fills her in on David’s stem cell research. He says he is going to stop him. Stop David from what Ryan? Stop him from saving peoples lives?!!? You are an idiot! You and Griffin are both idiots! Greenlee tells him that David hinted that the person in the room with her was Leo. They hug. And then Greenlee HAS A FLASHBACK OF HER AND LEO BACK THEN!!!!!!!!!!!! When I saw that flashback, I burst into tears!!! I love my GREENLEO!!!! :)

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Tad and Cara kiss. They are excited over the possibility of going away with her. As they make plans to go to Martha’s Vineyard, Brot walks in and tells Tad Bianca’s car was wrapped around a tree, but there’s no sign of JR. OH OH! Brot leaves to work on the case. Tad tells Cara they should get going on their trip. She encourages him to be with JR first.

    The park:

    JR stumbles drunk with a bruise on his forehead. He is drinking and sees AJ flying a kite with his nanny. Love that kite! So REAL!!!! :) Tad stops JR from approaching AJ and says what happens to him is in his hands. He’s the only one who can save himself. JR tells Tad he’s not just some drunk in the park. Tad thinks he’s on his way. Tad tells JR if he wants to be in AJ’s life he needs to be someone he can look up to or else he’ll be watching him from a distance from now on. LISTEN TO TAD JR!!!!!! He is right!!!! After Tad leaves with AJ, JR sees a homeless person. He sits down and shares a drink with him. :(

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Tad is with Cara. He says he knows he has to let JR figure his life out on his own. Tad thinks it’s time for him to do the same and says, Martha’s Vineyard, here we come! :)

    Oak Haven:

    Erica is in shock seeing Dixie!!!! She’s dragged away to her own room by the woman orderly. Erica needs to see Dixie again! Janet visits Erica and is told about Dixie. Janet offers to ask her friend Ralph the orderly who is sweet on her to get her in to see Dixie. ROFL ROFL! I wanted to meet Ralph. :) Janet and Ralph! Couple name Jalph! :) Janet says there’s one condition though. Janet wants to be friends for life. Erica agrees. Hey there is Ralph the orderly! He is hot!:) He lets Erica into Dixie’s room. Dixie is so frightened seeing Erica! Erica promises to help her. She says she’ll get her to the hospital, but Dixie says No! No, David. Erica questions her about David and keeps talking about David that it freaks Dixie out!!! She screams!! Ralph the orderly enters and pulls Erica out of the room. Once she’s back in her own room, Erica hears Dixie tapping on the pipe, just like she did when she was in the quarry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Normally, I really can’t stomach Rylee together, but when she told him her dream was really the truth and that it might be Leo who was the person on the gurney, he supported her. That’s what should be happening in the relationship, regardless of whether they should be together or not. This was my fave scene of the day.

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