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    Moving out.

    Martin zoo:

    Tad assures Cara he’s still committed to their marriage despite Dixie being back. Cara doesn’t want him worrying about her while he figures out where he and Dixie stand. Tad says that when Dixie was alive the last time, he and Dixie weren’t a couple. Yeah true Tad but you still love Dixie!!! Cara knows it!! Tad gets a call from Brot and learns that JR has been released from jail. Cara says that JR doesn’t even know Dixie is alive. Tad thinks it can wait until they talk more, but Cara says JR’s reunion with his mother is important. Cara is being very smart about their relationship! I like that! She says she has to go to the hospital. Tad tells her that they started this together, so they will finish it together. I love Cara’s outfit! :)

    The park:

    Damn David looks so sexy in the park! DAMN! :) Dixie tells David that he did something horrible. What did he do Dixie?!!?! Maybe she is overreacting. I have no idea what David did. I don’t want to jump to conclusions. I’ll wait to hear the whole story. She can’t remember what it he did though. Dixie is in tears. Tad arrives and tells David to back off. OH! A Tavid scene love it!!! Awww a David and Tad lovers quarrel. :) They always argue! :) David tells Tad he is the reason Dixie is alive. Tad is grateful about that but he didn’t like David keeping her away from him. David says he kept her away from them so Dixie could recover. Tad accuses him of playing God…again. Tad asks Dixie what exactly happened, but she can’t remember. David says it’s a good thing Dixie can’t remember the pain and trauma. Yeah that IS a good thing! Tad doesn’t think a judge will buy his story. David walks away as Dixie tells Tad she wants to see JR. Tad thinks he should prepare him first.

    Chandler Mansion:

    JR is with someone. A woman. Who is that woman? OH IT’S MADISON! I didn’t recognize her at first! What is with her hair and clothes? Damn! Scott shows up and sarcastically welcomes JR home from jail. Scott and Madison leave together and Tad shows up. Tad wants JR to come to his house, but JR doesn’t want anymore of his tough love. JR is drinking. Tad asks him to stop by after he sobers up. He orders him not to show up drunk again! If he doesn’t show up at all, he will regret it for the rest of his life.

    Martin zoo:

    Cara runs into Dixie! Dixie told her that Tad told her to stay there. Cara tells her how great it is that she’s back for Tad and Kathy. Cara has packed her suitcase and is moving out!!!!! She puts the house key on the table and leaves. Tad returns without JR. He is about to tell her about JR’s drinking problem, when JR shows up. JR is in shock to see his mother!!!

    Slater home:

    Jack and Dopplegranny Jane are there. Dopplegranny is wearing glasses! Susan Lucci is wearing glasses ROFL! Kendall and Erica come in from the other room. Kendall is in shock seeing the look alike! Kendall tells her off for kidnapping her mother. Erica tells Dopplegranny Jane no one believed her story so they need her come forward. Dopplegranny Jane doesn’t want to go to prison, but Erica encourages her to do the right thing. Jesse comes over as Dopplegranny Jane agrees to corroborate her story. Jesse is in shock!!!!! ROFL! Dopplegranny Jane says that Ben was her only accomplice, but Erica believes David has to be part of this. Of course he does!! (sarcasm) Dopplegranny Jane insists she didn’t know David before and she has no knowledge of someone else being held where Erica was. Jesse brings up Project Orpheus. Dopplegranny Jane never heard of it. Kendall can’t talk about David bringing people back from the brink. She storms out. Erica thinks she’s free now since Jane can back up her story, but Jesse reminds her she stabbed David. Dopplegranny Jane interrupts and says she stabbed him. DOH! She is lying of course. :) When Jesse takes a call, Jack and Erica question Dopplegranny Jane about taking the blame for the stabbing. She wants to make up for what she put Erica through. It’s a thank you and I’m sorry. Jesse returns to them and takes Dopplegranny Jane away. Once alone, Erica tells Jack she won’t stop until she sees David punished. She believes Jane doesn’t know anything about Dixie being held, but she wonders if Ben does. When Jack takes a call, Erica quickly slips out.

    The hospital:

    Erica confronts David! She warns him Jane confessed to everything and Ben will too once they find him. David warns Erica if she goes to the police she’ll never know who else he saved. Oh boy! This is good!!!! :) Kendall heads over to the hospital and tells Griffin they should be together. DOH! Griffin thinks she’s too afraid to admit Zak could be alive, so she’s latching on to something else. Well DUH!!! Griffin is just trying to make it easier between them for when she finds out her husband is alive. Kendall says if Zak were alive he would have come back to her by now. Cara shows up with her suitcase. :( Poor Cara. :(

    The O clinic:

    Greenlee tells Zak that she is Greenlee and not Kendall. Zak is in way too much pain!!! DAVID HURRY UP! Greenlee talks about everyone who’s waiting for him to help him get through it. He recognizes who Greenlee really is finally and asks if Kendall found someone new. Greenlee assures him no one could take his place and that Kendall could never forget him. Zak wants to go home, but he passes out. When she can’t wake him up, Greenlee bangs on the door and yells for someone to call David. Oh NOW you want David? I thought he is bad for people and should stay away from them Greenlee?

    The park:

    Scott and strange looking Madison are together sitting on the bench. They are eating hotdogs and have drinks. He still loves her!!!!

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    Hahaha, LOVE the recap AND The commentary!!

    TeamDavid all the way!

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    [quote=Miry]Hahaha, LOVE the recap AND The commentary!![/quote]

    Hahaha thanks! :)

    [quote]TeamDavid all the way![/quote]

    YES!!! Team David all the way! WOOT WOOT! :)

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