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    A jaw dropping shocker.

    The hospital:

    David tells Erica that he has saved someone she loves!!! David gets a phone call and has to dash! Erica won’t let him leave and wants to know who he has saved that she loves! David says if she won’t let him leave now, then he can’t tell her who! So he leaves! He left her in his office!!! Erica starts snooping around until Jack finds her! He says she is thisclose to a crime! ROFL!

    Yacht club:

    Jack and Erica are at a table where Erica tells him about David’s claim that he saved someone she loved. They both agree he’s lying and then Jack tells her he can’t find Ben. RA RO! The angel of death must be busy killing someone! :) Jack knows David will mess up and get arrested though, so it will all be over soon. Erica will makes sure he pays cus she wants him in jail so bad she can taste it! Jack calls her amazing for not backing down, but he wants her to let the police handle it. He then has an idea for the two of them!

    Slater home:

    Cara shows up and wants to stay a few days with Kendall. Cara is upset about Tad and Dixie. She calls it karma because she came to town for Jake and when she found out he was married, it didn’t stop her from wanting to get Jake! Yes Cara I’m glad you realized this is karma for you. But Cara is sad! Poor Cara! Kendall reminds her Jake didn’t leave Amanda for her, so Tad could stay with her. Cara says they don’t have the history Tad and Dixie do. She says they are a legend like Kendall and Zak. Glad you can see all that Cara! :) Kendall says that Zak is gone. Cara knows about the Orpheus Project, but Kendall doesn’t want to hear anymore theories. She’s gotten over the fact that Zak died and now she’s looking ahead. Kendall says she’s going out of town until it all blows over. Cara hopes when it does she and Griffin can work things out. After Cara leaves, Kendall prepares to take the boys out of town. Spike comes out with a huge stuffed Winnie the poo hahahaha! He wants to bring it on the plane but it’s to big!! :) Kendall thinks Spike has a cold cus he is sniffing. She leaves and comes back with an empty bottle. Spike is sitting behind huge Winnie the poo! ROFL! Adorable! :) She realizes that he has allergies and needs to fill his allergy meds!

    O clinic:

    Ryan figured out where the O clinic is!!!! Greenlee yells for help and Superhero Ryan hears and goes through an air vent!! Ryan sees Zak! Ryan says heneeds to go to hospital! No you idiot! Zak needs DAVID!!!! David rushes in to tend to Zak! David is so wonderful to Zak! David cares!!!!! I love you David!!! David hooks Zak up to another I.V., but Zak doesn’t want anymore drugs. David promises to take him off the drugs when it’s medically possible. Ryan is nagging all over David!! He tells Ryan to get off his back! Yeah Ryan SHUT UP YOU IDIOT! Greenlee wants to tell Kendall, but Ryan says no. Cus Zak is touch and go right now. WOW! Ryan is using his brain finally!!! David discovers Zak doesn’t have a pulse and orders Ryan to get the paddles. David brings Zak back. WHEW! Zak says, Take me home. David doesn’t think that’s the best option, but Zak wants to see Kendall. Ryan demands Zak be brought back to Pine Valley, but David doesn’t think Zak is ready to be moved. Ryan insists. Ryan shut up you idiot!

    The hospital:

    Kendall picks up Spike’s medication. She turns around because David says this man needs help! She sees a jaw dropping shocker!!! ZAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Martin zoo:

    Dixie is trying to reach out to JR but he backs away! He thinks David brought in a look alike! ROFL! Well this is Pine Valley! Town of strange. :) So yeah I don’t blame JR. :) JR fills her in on the pain he’s suffered through the past few years. He says being sober sucked so he crawled back inside the bottle. He says he might be a drunk, but he’s not stupid and won’t fall for a fake mommy. Once JR is gone, Tad fills in the blanks for Dixie. He says he wanted JR in jail to straighten him out! Dixie notices his plan isn’t working. She wants to help JR, but Tad tells her she can’t. The only person who can help JR, is JR. When Tad heads to the kitchen, Dixie sneaks out. Tad returns and realizes Dixie is gone and finds Cara’s house key.

    Chandler Mansion:

    JR pours himself a drink. Dixie walks in and says she could use a drink herself. Hmm what is she doing? :) What is your plan Dixie?

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Maya meets with Mookie. He is all fake nice. Colby joins them, which makes Mookie upset! Fake nice gone!!! He gets mad like a 4 year old and storms out. Colby realizes that Maya invited her because she knew it would upset Mookie. DOH! :) Colby wonders why she’s dating him if she doesn’t want to spend time with him. Good question! Colby suggests Maya make herself the priority in her life because it will change things for her. Maya knows she means breaking up with Mookie. Colby offers to do it for her, but Maya says she’s got it.


    Erica and Jack are in a room alone!!! Awww JERICA FOREVER! :)

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    Hahaha, TEAM DAVID!! I flove your comments about Stupid Ryan being an idiot & and ass (or, did I add that one? Anyhoo, it fits). I hate him & I want him to die & David NOT be able to bring him back, haha!

    Yay, Jerica! I would be mad at Erica for being all up in David’s grill had he not known someone was pretending to be her & let that person get away with it. I didn’t think that was very David-like (surprise, surprise with this show!), so I can understand why she is mad.. BUT I want some MAJOR “Thank you’s” & ass-kissing when she finds out everyone he’s saved! I don’t think that’ll happen b/c PV is full of haters & hypocrites, but I am gonna hope for it nonetheless!

    Thanks again for the recap! Can’t wait until the next one (though I’ve got 3 exams in about a week, so I probably shouldn’t be reading them!) ;0)

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    [quote=Miry]Hahaha, TEAM DAVID!!

    Hahahaha YEAH! :)

    [quote]I flove your comments about Stupid Ryan being an idiot & and ass (or, did I add that one? Anyhoo, it fits).[/quote]

    Thanks! :) And no you added the ass part ROFL! Yeah it fits.

    [quote]I hate him & I want him to die & David NOT be able to bring him back, haha![/quote]


    [quote]Thanks again for the recap! Can’t wait until the next one (though I’ve got 3 exams in about a week, so I probably shouldn’t be reading them!) ;0)[/quote]

    You’re welcome. Well it doesn’t take hours to read the recaps hahaha!

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