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    The David obsession continues.

    The hospital:

    Angie is there for her appointment. David shows up. Angie wants to know how he’s bringing people back from the dead. He reminds her he’s just bringing them back from the brink of death. Glad David said that! :) He says that Orpheus can help restore her eyesight. Angie knows David has always had a bit of an angle and devil in him. She thinks maybe it’s the angel’s turn right now, but wonders when the devil will return. Or is he already here? Haha I love Angie and David scenes. :) He tells her he just gets a rush out of saving lives, but Angie knows there more to him than that. She thinks he also wants to be loved and that’s why he does what he does. Angie is on TEAM DAVID! :) Meanwhile outside of Zak’s room, Bianca talks to Marissa about her brother-in-law being alive. Marissa notices how happy she is, but Bianca tells her Zak isn’t the only one putting a smile on her face. Awww! :) David approaches them and tells his daughter he’s happy she’s found love. Bianca asks how he brought Dixie and Zak back. He says that the details will come out eventually and when they do, he hopes his daughter has a better opinion of him. Marissa thanks him for saving Zak and for giving her and Bianca his blessing. She hugs him!!!! WOAH! I did NOT see that coming!! That surprised me!!! :) I didn’t think I would EVER see her hug her father! :) Krystal watches them. David walks over to Krystal, who sucks up to him. She brings up Babe. He knows she is manipulating him to find out if he saved her too. She cries and asks if he did. He doesn’t say anything and just walks away.

    Marissa talk about what to do next. Bianca says they can have dinner. Horny Marissa doesn’t want dinner! She wants to spend the night together at a hotel!!!! :) In Zak’s room, Kendall cries as she tries to wrap her head around her husband being alive. She asks him what happened. He doesn’t know. It all went dark and then nothing. He asks about Spike and Ian. She says she will bring the boys by, but he wants some time to pull himself together. She shows him his journal and says she reads it all the time because it makes her feel closer to him. He says that real men don’t keep journals. ROFL! Kendall thought that was funny. :) She laughs and then reads some of it to him. They kiss as Griffin stares longingly at Kendall. He goes in to check on Zak. He gives him more meds, which Zak doesn’t want but he needs!!! The meds put him to sleep. Kendall tells Griffin she’s still getting used to the idea that Zak is there. Griffin wants her to take care of her heart, but Kendall assures him her heart is soaring. Griffin is happy for her, but she needs to take care of herself. Kendall tells Griffin she owes him everything for taking care of her. He says she makes it easy to care about her. Griffin checks her heart again. Damn how many times is he going to do that?!!?! Griffin grabs a chair and a blanket for Kendall. Griffin leaves and Zak opens his eyes. In the hospital cafeteria, Ryan tells Greenlee they have to find out how David rescued Zak. Greenlee is tired of David being the center of their lives. Ryan can’t sit around and let David get away with everything. Greenlee thinks they should just be grateful that David brought Zak back to them. She wants him to let it go. Yeah Ryan!! Listen to Greenlee!!!! Who cares how David did it?!!?! Stop with your damn David obsession!

    The hotel:

    Oh man this was one awkward scene!! As soon as Marissa and Bianca walked in it was awkward. Marissa tells Bianca she has never felt so sure about anything in her life. This is where she belongs. They kiss and then they start to have sex. Damn this was so awkward and stiff!!!! Really bad scene.

    Casa D Lavery:

    Greenlee tells Ryan of her dream about Leo. She says she loved Leo very much, but this is where she’s meant to be – with him. NOT! They kiss and then head to the bedroom and have sex. UGH! Altho I gotta say, Cameron Matheson yum! :) After they have sex, Ryan tells Greenlee the past has it’s place, but they have to look to the future. And for him, that means her. NOT!

    Hubbard home:

    Jesse notices some shadow of feet under the door. He opens it to find idiotic Mookie, who is waiting for Maya to get off work. Jesse wants Mookie gone when he returns. After Jesse leaves, Maya tells Mookie it’s over between them. HIP HIP HOORAY! :) Mookie gets angry and grabs her. HEY! Let her go you jerk! Maya says they are over because he hurts and scares her and that’s why she gave up her baby. DOH! No Maya no!!! Why did you tell him about the baby?!!? He demands to know where the baby is now. She wouldn’t tell him even if she knew. She gave their baby away so he wouldn’t hurt her too. Mookie throws her to the ground, as Jesse returns with Angie. Jesse tells Mookie to leave his house and to leave town for good. If he’s not gone in one hour, he will go straight to jail for assault. YEAH YOU TELL HIM JESSIE!!! Altho you should have just arrested him at that moment. :) Mookie leaves and Jesse encourages Maya to move on with her life now that Mookie is gone. He heads out to meet Brot. Maya holds Lucy and tells Angie she wonders who is holding her baby now. Uh YOU! :)

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