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    A lot of truths were spoken.

    Martin zoo:

    Tad is with Opal. It’s morning!!! Woah Opal’s robe is so bright! ROFL! *puts on my sunglasses* :) God I love Opal! :) Tad talks with Opal about Dixie and Cara. Opal feels bad that she stuck her foot in her mouth with Cara about Dixie. Tad says it’s not her fault. He says he’s stuck in the middle of both of them. Opal asks if Dixie knows why he married Cara. He hasn’t told her because the green card reason is no longer valid since he and Cara began to have feelings for each other. However, he’s got Dixie back now and even though they weren’t together before she died, they were close. Cara stops by after Tad has left. She talks with Opal. Opal tells Cara she feels bad that she stuck her foot in her mouth. Cara doesn’t blame Opal. Cara doesn’t want to talk about it and heads upstairs to get some of her stuff.

    Chandler Mansion:

    JR finds Dixie in the living room reading a paper and drinking coffee. JR is still cold toward her. He brings up David and says if she is still sleeping with him. She slaps him! She says she doesn’t remember what he did, but she despises David. Tad walks in and JR tells Dixie and Tad if they really want to help him they will testify on his behalf regarding custody of AJ. He says he’s done with alcohol for good and he wants them to vouch for him that he’s not drinking. They will stand up for him in court, but they won’t lie about the booze. JR leaves to get his son without their help. Once he’s gone, Tad tells Dixie they need to talk. JR calls Liza, who stops by. Colby isn’t happy to see her mother. Liza says she heard that Asher and her broke up. Colby says you want his number? ROFL! Liza tries to talk to talk to her but Colby leaves the room. JR tells Liza if she helps him get his kid back, he will help her with Colby. I think JR wants to pay off the judge!!!

    The park:

    Tad tells Dixie why he and Cara got married. Dixie can see that Cara is in love with him now. Tad says it’s one sided!!!! That he loves Dixie and has never stopped!!!! YAY! :)

    The hospital:

    In the hospital on-call room, Cara has her stuff that she got from home. David walks in and Cara blames David for destroying both her and Griffin’s relationships now that Dixie and Zak are back from the dead. David reminds her he brought two beloved people back to the world.He asks her did you want me to let them die? He wants her to figure out why she is REALLY upset. And he talks about the Martin boys. That she went from one Martin boy to the other bigger dumber one ROFL! The bigger dumber one is Tad. :) David spoke a lot of truths today!!!! :) Meanwhile Kendall goes into Zak’s room with a balloon and doesn’t see Zak in his bed! Griffin wheels him in after running some tests. Zak notices how Griffin and Kendall are acting toward each other. After Griffin leaves, Zak brings up the letter he wrote before he left wondering what Kendall really wanted. Kendall tells him all she wants his him. David finds Griffin in the hallway. Griffin isn’t really happy to see David and gives him attitude. David wonders when Griffin is going to act like a grown up ROFL! Good question!!! David tells him he needs Zak to be ready. Griffin wonders for what, but David reminds him he chose the wrong side, so he’ll have to wait like the rest of the mortals.

    Griffin returns to Zak’s room as Kendall and Zak kiss. Zak and Kendall ask when he can go home. Griffin doesn’t have an answer, but says he’s healing faster than expected. Zak wants to rest, so Kendall and Griffin head to the hallway. Kendall asks Griffin for a favor. Later, Griffin examines Zak to make sure he can handle what’s to come. Kendall comes in with SPIKE AND IAN YAY! Spike says daddy Zak! Awww! :) Zak talks to them about heaven and why heaven wouldn’t take him in. Such a sweet scene! Griffin finds Cara in the on-call room. She tells him she’s leaving town. He reminds her immigration will know and she’ll be in danger. She promises she won’t do anything stupid, but after her brother leaves, Cara calls to make plane reservations. After running into Kendall in the hospital hallway, Griffin drives her and the boys home. Greenlee visits David to ask what David did to her at his clinic, because her dream about Leo was TOO REAL!!!!! David says Leo is on your mind. And despite all the non stop noise you keep making about how Ryan is the love of your life, I know better. She says you think you always do. David says oh but I do. What a great scene!!!! GO DAVID YOU TELL HER!!! :) David told more truths!!! :) David says you want to know if Leo is alive or dead? Just ask me. He is waiting for her to ask him! He says if you don’t ask I won’t tell. You will just have to settle for dreams about Leo. Greenlee knows he’s dead. She can tell by the look in David’s eyes. She tells when David has dreams of Leo, that Leo will hate him for manipulating her like this. Greenlee leaves!!! Oh no!!! Greenlee has got Ryan’s idiot disease! Greenlee! You should have asked David if Leo is alive you idiot!!! Greenlee visits Zak in his hospital room and empathizes with how he must be feeling after coming back from the dead. Zak admits to Greenlee he’s worried Kendall has given her heart to someone else. He asks if Kendall and Griffin are in a relationship. DOH! You gotta watch AMC today! Especially the David and Greenlee scenes! :)

    Slater home:

    Kendall thanks Griffin for saving Zak, but Griffin says David is the one responsible.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Ryan meets Jesse. He asks Jesse to help him talk to Ricky. Jesse agrees to help, but finds out that Ricky is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    David is on the phone. He asks the person on the phone if it’s done. Hmmmmmmmm? Wait a second! They want us to think that David got someone to kill Ricky! No way did David get someone to kill Ricky!!!!!! He wouldn’t do that!!!

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