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    The together forever kiss!

    The park:

    Dixie and Tad say they love each other YAY! :) Dixie says he’s what kept her going all those years she was alone. Awww! :) They say together forever and then they KISS!!!!! WOOT WOOT! They did the together forever kiss! :) Tad pulls back and tells her what will happen to Cara if they get a divorce. Dixie thinks it’s wonderful that Tad married Cara to save her life, and says that their kiss has to be their last one. DOH! Well I said no no no! Hell no! :) Tad didn’t like that idea. Dixie says she wants him just as much as he wants her. He says I doubt that ROFL! She says she also needs to spend time with Kathy and JR to make things right for them.

    The hospital:

    Cara is booking an airline ticket. David overhears her doing it. He says he never figured her for one who ran from a fight. He remembers how she fought cancer for the second time when he met her. It was like she was standing up to death. He thinks Griffin is a brilliant doctor, but he will only go so far. Cara calls it ethics. David thinks they should use everything at their disposal to help others. At the hospital. He says she is beautiful. I just want David to unzip Cara’s dress (which is in the front) and then go back to his hotel room and have a fling! :) Anyway Amanda tells Jake good things are happening to the people in Pine Valley and it’s only the beginning. Geez what is with her? ROFL! She brings up Dixie coming back to Tad and Zak coming back to Kendall. Cara walks in and says she’s happy for Dixie and Tad. Amanda asks for a couple of minutes alone. Jake and Cara talk alone. Cara tells Jake she sees Tad looking at Dixie the way he looks at Amanda. She knows what happiness looks like and she won’t settle for anything less wherever she ends up. YEAH CARA!!!! *Stands up and cheers* Good for you Cara!!! Jake knows by the way she is talking, that she’s saying goodbye. Jake returns to Amanda, who knows Cara will be fine. She says happiness is infinite and they will all find that out soon. Here we go again with Amanda! ROFL! Jake leaves when Amanda falls asleep. He literally runs into a nurse who is giving Cara’s files to another doctor.Tad tracks Cara down and they talk alone. Cara says, So, you’re in love with Dixie. Tad quietly says yes. He says he won’t just walk away from their marriage though. He will get her her green card. Cara isn’t sure she can watch him with Dixie. She wants more than that. She says Dixie damn well better be good to him and leaves.

    Martin zoo:

    Tad brings Dixie back. Kathy is there and she is wondering if Cara is there because it’s time for her band-aid to come off. Hmmm? Kathy couldn’t do it herself? ROFL! Dixie helps her take it off. Kathy asks if she is going to leave again. :( Dixie promises she will never leave again, but she has to stay with JR for awhile. Kathy and Dixie hug awww! :) Dixie takes a nap and dreams of David treating her. He tells her he has the power to save lives and take them away. Geez Dixie! Tad wakes her up but she doesn’t tell him about her dream. She claims she forgot what her dream was. She leaves the room as Tad takes off his wedding ring. Jake stops by looking for Cara. He thinks she’s skipping town.

    Slater home:

    Kendall wants to go see Zak! Griffin has lunch! So they have boring chit chat and have lunch. Griffin wonders to Kendall what Zak remembers about the crash. Kendall says he didn’t recall much. She begins to tell him how much he means to her, but Griffin doesn’t want to hear the It’s better to have loved and lost speech. Blah blah blah zzzzzzzzzzz. Griffin finally leaves!!! Kendall grabs her bag and starts to leave, but Ryan shows up. He tells her Ricky is dead. Kendall thinks this gives them closure, but Ryan thinks Ricky was killed for what he knew about Zak’s plane crash. Kendall doesn’t want him to tell Zach about this.

    The hospital:

    Greenlee tells Zak about Kendall and Griffin relationship but they aren’t together anymore. She also tells him about Ricky. Jesse shows up and Greenlee leaves. Jesse tells Zak about Ricky and then asks what he remembers about the crash. By the look on Zak’s face he knows Ricky and knows what happened. Zak doesn’t tell Jesse anything!!! Zak worries if someone else is out there, Kendall could be in danger. Kendall arrives and Jesse leaves not happy. Zak brings up Ricky with Kendall. He won’t let what he did to her and their kids slide. Kendall doesn’t want him to go after anyone and get himself killed for real this time. Kendall gets so upset! Zak tells her he has something to tell her but that she won’t like it. He tells her to close the door. Oh that is ominous! Kendall closes the door.

    David’s hotel room:

    David is using his shredding machine to shred papers. O project papers. :) Greenlee stops by. Geez Greenlee why don’t you leave David alone? :) David wants to know what is it now? Something wrong with her? He knows she is playing him!!!! Faking her pain! Go David! :) She says she is just here to ask what he wants with Zak. David says he just wants to be known for doing something good. He taunts her about Gillian! ROFL! David wonders if Ryan might like to see the love of his life again. Oh he knows how to pushe buttons!!! ROFL! I was giggling. David makes me giggle. :) Greenlee doesn’t think he has Gillian and insists she and Ryan are on solid ground. ROFL! David sees through her, and notices her insecurity. As Greenlee leaves, David tells her to tell Ryan an old friend says hello. ROFL! Is the old friend Gillian? ROFL! You know, Greenlee and Amanda have the same hairdo. :)


    Cara is having a drink when David finds her and suggests they talk about her future. Hmmm. Yeah they need to have a fling. :)

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