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    I don’t want to love you!

    Slater home:

    Griffin calls Kendall but she ignores it!!! Putting him in time out eh Kendall? She starts to have shortness of breath thinking that her Zaky is alive!! So she runs out the door!!

    The hospital:

    Kendall is at the hospital and tries to avoid Griffin! Well gee Kendall if you are trying to avoid Griffin? Don’t go to the hospital! Griffin is oh so worried about her health! She’s furious that he’s working with David!! Yeah Griffin you are still on time out!!! He says he’s done with David and working with Ryan now. TRAITOR!!! He urges her to let him check her heart. She let’s him and he says her heartbeat is slightly elevated, but there is no cause for concern. She thinks it will go down once she’s away from him. Griffin in time out again!

    Casa D Lavery:

    Greenlee and Ryan talk about the possibility of Leo being alive!!!! Ryan asks if she believes David. Greenlee thinks he’s just messing with her head. Just like YOU are Greenlee? :) Jack stops by and tells them he’s going to Brazil on a lead on Jane. YAY! Greenlee is stunned Jack believes Erica’s story. Haha! Like you believing David’s story about Leo Greenlee? :) Ryan encourages Greenlee to go to Brazil with her father. Kendall stops by after Greenlee and Jack have left. She tells Ryan to back off David! Ryan is confused, but Kendall explains that they are letting him control them. Ryan wants to know where this is coming from. Kendall tells him that David is dangling the possibility of Zak being alive. I guess David is gonna be sent to time out too! Ryan says he already knows and says David is playing God with too many people’s lives. He that David hinted Leo may be alive as well. Kendall can’t believe David would open that wound in Greenlee. Kendall agrees to let Ryan handle David.

    The hospital:

    David is on the phone with someone about Dixie. Angie overhears David yelling on the phone! When she hears him say he needs to get out of there, she tells him he can’t leave town. David tells her he has to postpone her treatment due to his injuries. Oh oh! After Angie has left, Greenlee visits David. She says she might be leaving town and asks if he was referring to Leo when he hinted that he saved someone close to them. David doesn’t think she will believe whatever he has to say. He says come with me and see for yourself. As Greenlee wheels David out of the hospital, David wants her cell phone so she can’t contact Ryan and he can’t find out where they are!!!

    Hubbard home:

    Paranoid Jesse offers Maya a job at the station!!! She knows he doesn’t trust her, but she won’t leave until Angie fires her. Good girl Maya! :) Maya takes Lucy to the park! Angie returns. She tells Jesse David is postponing her treatment and fears he is leaving town. Jesse is upset with David! Their conversation goes from talking to David to talking about Maya. Angie tells Jesse they are lucky to have found such a great nanny who has bonded with Lucy in such a magical way.

    The hospital:

    Jesse and Brot chit chat about Maya. Jesse tells him Maya turned down his job offer. Brot isn’t worried but Jesse thinks the truth will come out the longer Maya is around. Jesse doesn’t know how to fix this. He has to deal with David though and walks to his room. He finds Griffin making calls to find out where David went. Meanwhile Amanda tells Jake she doesn’t want to spend whatever time she has left talking about cancer. Jake knows their love will get them through this. They will smash any obstacle that gets in their way, she just has to believe in them. They meet with Dr. Hamilton, who recommends a hysterectomy as her best treatment option!!! Oh no! :( Amanda is sad that she won’t be able to have more children but Jake sees it a path to a full recovery. After the doctor has left, Amanda thinks Jake is disappointed in her. Jake is only disappointed in himself for not measuring up. Amanda really wanted to give Trevor a sibling and Jake another child. Jake promises to never take his focus off their family again. He says all they need is the family they have. There are other ways to have children Amanda! Don’t give up!

    The park:

    Mookie finds Maya and Lucy! He accuses her of running away from him because she doesn’t love him anymore. She says I don’t want to love you. OH! You tell him Maya! :) Meanwhile Jake, Amanda and Trevor are there and Jake says they are the perfect family and nothing can take it away from them. :(

    The Hubbard home:

    Mookie follows Maya. She orders him to leave, but he demands to know if she is seeing someone else. He gets angry and grabs her. He promises to stop hitting her, but she remembers he’s promised that before. Damn Maya is strong!!! :) Angie walks out and orders Mookie to get out of her house. YEAH ANGIE!

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