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    Sleeping with the HOT doctor will make you feel UNBELIEVABLE!

    Martin zoo:

    Tad comes hom and tells Dixie Cara has taken off. Dixie wants to help because she is grateful to Cara for being good to him and Kathy. Tad remembers they need to be at the courthouse! Marissa and AJ visit. She tells them JR tried to bribe the judg!! Dixie and Tad are shocked. She wants to find JR, but Dixie and Tad feel they should talk to JR first.

    Chandler Mansion:

    JR spits out more homophobic words about Marissa and Bianca raising his son!! Liza stops him and Colby jumps in to defend Marissa and Bianca. They are both not happy with how JR is acting!!! Liza tells JR if he continues to act this way he will lose any chance he has at seeing AJ. JR asks what his next move should be. Liza tells him to find another lawyer. Colby pleads with her mother to help JR. Tad and Dixie show up. . JR doesn’t want their help or judgment. Liza and Colby leave, as Dixie and Tad try to talk to JR. They urge him not to make the same mistakes with AJ that Adam made with him. JR says he missed Dixie and hugs her. He promises to make it right. I was thinking is JR lying!?!! That was a quick turnaround. Dixie boxes up all of JR’s booze and tells him to grab on to her whenever he needs her. He vows no more distractions. It’s all about AJ from now on.


    Liza and Colby are together. They are getting along!! Colby wants Liza not to quit being JR’s lawyer. Liza agrees to help JR, but only for her. Great scene!!! :)

    The hospital:

    Ryan is SO angry that Zak is backing David. Ryan Jr (Griffin) enters and gets filled in on Zak siding with David. Zak defends David saying they have a chance to do something good with David’s work. He wants Ryan to get onboard. Ryan wonders how David saved him without knowing about the plane crash. Zak says that he knew his casino partners were after him so he told David to stand by and revive him like he did for Greenlee if something should happen. Ryan Jr leaves, Kendall says she is with Zak and will stand by David because he brought her husband back to her. HUH?! Something is going on here!! Kendall AND Zak are on David’s side?! No no something is fishy. They are just pretending to be on Team David. I think they are playing David!!! Ryan continues to have diarrhea of the mouth about David. Zak says if he goes against David, he’s going against him. Zak wants him to get on with his life and let go! YEAH ZAK YOU TELL HIM! Zak asks for a minute alone with Ryan and the BFF’s head to the hallway. Greenlee urges Kendall to be careful in regards to David, but Kendall says she’s made up her mind and so has Zak. Kendall gushes about David. Yeah that does it! Kendall and Zak are playing David!!! Meanwhile, Zak tries to explain his stance to Ryan saying David factors into his plans.

    David’s hotel:

    David and Cara kiss, and then David stops it. David says he doesn’t want to take advantage of Cara because she is vulnerable! HUH?!!! :) Oh David I LOVE YOU! :) She assures him she’s not a fragile flower. She also doesn’t feel like an outsider with him. He let her in and she likes it. She wants to stay. Cara kisses him and David kisses her back and THEY HAVE SEX WOOT WOOT! :). After they have sex, Cara says that was freakin unbelievable! ROFL! David says he wants to keep it a secret for her sake. Cara doesn’t have any regrets. They kiss again and David says he can’t let her leave Pine Valley. He offers her a job working on Project Orpheus. She needs to think about it. After they get dressed, Cara opens the door to Ryan Jr!!! David explains he offered Cara Griffin’s old position at Project Orpheus. Ryan Jr orders his sister to turn him down. Cara won’t let her brother tell her what to do and says she is considering his offer. She leaves and Ryan Jr accuses him of doing something to Zak because he’s talking about him like he’s the second coming. David says the day just gets better and better. I can’t believe that Ryan Jr turned on David so quickly! DAMN!!!

    Martin zoo:

    Tad returns home to plead JR’s case to Marissa. Marissa isn’t sure, but she’s willing to work with him. After Marissa leaves, Cara stops by. She’s sorry she worried him and then tells him that David offered her the Orpheus position! :) Tad isn’t happy to hear that! :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Marissa walks in and tells JR AJ isn’t ready to see him yet. JR is calm and understanding. He says he will win back his son’s trust. If she sees improvement on his part, she will try to change AJ’s mind. She leaves and JR talks to a photo of his father. He knows Adam wouldn’t let anyone steamroll over him. He says it’s on. He won’t let that bitch take AJ from him. I KNEW IT! I knew it was all a snow job!!!

    The hospital:

    David walks into Zak’s hospital room. . Greenlee and Kendall return as Zak tells David he wants to partner with him on Orpheus. David shakes his hand and says he’s in. NO DAVID NO!!!! Zak is just playing you!!!! Unless David knows he is, and is going to play him too. :)

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    Ooooo, this show just seems to be getting better & better.

    I don’t want David to get played, so I hope that he doesn’t. I mean, this is David, he is a KING at that game, so there is NO WAY he isn’t going to be paranoid about EVERYONE. Don’t trust Cara either, heh, is a Martin after all! LoL, though I do like that David is getting a lil something-something, & its super consensual. ;)

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