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    M.R. Spinnacle street facility #25 Los Angeles California.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Tad wants to know what is going on! Jesse runs out of their so fast, Tad’s head spun! Tad went to go chase Jesse!

    The park:

    Jesse sits on a bench! Oh look!! Tad finds him! Jesse spills his guts and tells Tad the whole story. Oh Jesse. :( Tad is in total shock!!! Jesse shows Tad the grave. Tad tells him to take some time and think things through.

    Hubbards home:

    Maya tells Angie she made a mistake and can’t live without her baby. :( Maya tells her she dropped her baby off in a cop car. Angie wants to tell Jesse right away cus he can help! Maya is scared and doesn’t think it’s a good idea! Angie tells her that she can trust Jesse. Angie picks up Lucy and tells her she might have a playmate soon. After Maya leaves, Jesse returns home. Angie tells Jesse that Maya wants her daughter back and she wants him to help her. Angie goes on and on and Jesse gets upset and tells her to stop! That he has something to tell her. NO JESSE!!!! David told you NOT to stress her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait until AFTER the surgery!

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Tad shows up and tells Maya he can’t take her case. She wants to know why! He says I can’t tell you. Yeah Maya Tad can’t tell you!!!! Shhh be vewy vewy quiet! It’s a secret! :) Tad tells her what great people Angie and Jesse are. Maya wonders why he’s telling her this. Does he know something about her baby?

    The park:

    Woah all of a sudden Bianca gets her confidence back! Strange.. Where did she get it from? Bianca tells her she wants to live with Marissa! Marissa says she wants to live with her!!!

    Jerica home:

    Erica is sleeping on her couch and dreams about her past with Mike Roy! Erica calls David, but he ignores her. Bianca stops by and tells Erica that she and Marissa are in love. Wow more confidence!! Where the hell was all that before?!!?! Erica is surprised that Marissa is gay. (She is probably bi) Erica says she wishes Bianca wasn’t involved with Krystal’s daughter. She just hopes that apple fell far from the trampy tree. ROFL! Bianca sees her mother’s book she wrote with Mike. Erica explains she thinks Mike might be alive due to David’s taunts. Bianca can’t believe she fell for that. Erica knows David could be up to something, but thinks even Travis could be alive. Bianca doesn’t think so. Erica knows Travis has been dead a long time so that’s why she keeps going back to Mike. She tells Bianca of her history with Mike and Jack. Bianca doesn’t want her to risk her relationship with Jack by taking David’s bait. Erica can’t risk not knowing if Mike is alive and leaves. Damn Erica why are you so obsessed with Mike Roy?!?!?!!?

    David’s hotel room:

    After David and Cara’s kiss, he tries again and she backs off. She wants to keep it professional from now on. Uh huh! Good luck with that Cara! You want David admit it! :) David wonders if she is using him to get info on Orpheus for Griffin. She sarcastically admits it but then says it’s not true. She wants to get to know on the O project. Cara gets a call from the hospital. She finds out her brother isn’t answering his pages, which is unlike him. Hey Cara your brother Ryan Jr is with Zak being cozy. :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    JR is looking at the sex tape and Dixie notices he is looking at something intently. He lies and says he is figuring out his schedule so he could see his son. Dixie calls Marissa to of course plead JR’s case. She thinks he’s turned a corner, so she asks Marissa to bring AJ over for a visit. Marissa says she’ll talk to her son and if he’s ready, they’ll stop by. JR enters the room and Dixie tells JR what she just did. JR thanks her with a hug. After Dixie leaves, Marissa drops in without AJ. She tells JR that AJ is still afraid of him. She also tells him that her and Bianca are moving in together. JR is angry and says that he won’t let two lesbians raise him. What the hell? Is JR drunk?!!?! JR shows her the sex video. He tells her if she doesn’t give him his son, then the whole world will see the video and think she put it out there. She think she is sick!!!! Call his bluff Marissa!! And IF he does it, then JR is going to look like an idiot.

    The hospital:

    Dixie has a checkup. Her checkup is with Ryan Jr but since he isn’t there, Frankie will be her temporary doctor. She asks him about repressed memory. She feels if she remembered what happened to her, she could stop David from hurting someone else. Erica finds them and asks if Dixie remembers anyone else being at the clinic. Dixie thinks there was a woman. She suddenly remembers the woman wearing a bracelet with the letter B on it. I kept thinking B? What woman is named B? And then I figured it out!!! Babe!!!!!! Anyway Erica says that doesn’t help her. Erica leaves and goes into David’s office. Lucky for her he was in!!!! She wants more information on the person he has kept alive that she once loved. She agrees to appeal to the FDA on his behalf if he gives it to her. David leaves the office and Erica looks through one of David’s files, which lists addresses next to initials. One of them says M.R. Hmm Mike Roy? Maybe. Maybe not. Anyway it says M.R. Spinnacle street facility #25 Los Angeles California. She makes a copy of the one that says M.R. on it.

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