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    I hate you. You’re weak. I hate you!

    Hubbard home:

    Mookie won’t let go of Maya! So Angie orders Mookie to get out of her house. Mookie finally leaves! YAY! Poor Maya blames herself for Mookie’s behavior. Angie tells her there is no excuse for him hitting her. Maya explains how great Mookie used to be, but then they moved in together and he got possessive. She thinks Mookie just loves her so much, but Angie points out that’s not love. Hell no it isn’t! Maya says that she moved to Pine Valley because she was worried Mookie might hurt her baby. That she gave her baby up. Maya says when she held Lucy in her arms for the first time it took her breath away because she looked so much like her baby. Oh oh!

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Bianca and Marissa talk to JR about him driving drunk in Bianca’s car. Marissa says AJ doesn’t even want to see him. JR thinks Marissa is poisoning AJ against him!!! He tells Bianca and Marissa to go off and do what you people do. Marissa says she’s gotten a restraining order. Until he goes to rehab and proves he is a responsible parent, she has full custody of AJ. I think that is a very good idea right now! JR is angry and tells them to get out of his sight. Meanwhile paranoid Jesse talks to Brot about David letting Angie down. Brot thinks Angie can deal with whatever happens, but Jesse worries about her finding out about Lucy as well. Mookie walks in, which only makes Jesse’s paranoia even worse! Jesse says he knows it will end badly and that he needs to tell Angie the truth. Brot doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Meanwhile abuser Mookie approaches JR and quits his job working on the house. JR doesn’t care. Of course he doesn’t! Cus Scott is the one who hired him!!! Mookie you are an idiot!!! If you want to quit, go find Scott! Mookie doesn’t appreciate the way JR is talking to him. He calls him a drunk ass. JR flips his table over and punches him in the stomach!!! Hmm karma Mookie? Jesse and Brot stop the fight and notices that JR is drunk! Jesse offers to take him home to sleep it off. JR pushes Jesse, who tells Brot to cuff him for assaulting a police officer!

    Martin zoo:

    Cara has all these clothes around here! She is trying to figure out what to bring when they go to their trip to Martha’s vineyard! She needs Tad’s help. Gay tennis player Tad goofs around. Tad what are you wearing? Hahaha! They are having some fun when Marissa and Bianca stop by. They tell Tad what just went down at Krystal’s. Tad tells Marissa she did the right thing. They leave and Cara tells Tad to go to JR. Tad doesn’t want to postpone his life for JR again. Cara knows he will worry if he doesn’t. Tad promises they are going on their trip. He changes his clothes before he leaves. Yeah good idea. :) Marissa and Bianca talk about JR, as AJ comes out. He says he misses his nice daddy and doesn’t like the mean one. :( AJ thinks if he’s really nice to him, his dad will be okay again. Marissa says the only person who can help his daddy get better is his daddy.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Tad shows up and boy does he smell the alcohol on JR. Jesse offers to take the cuffs off now that Tad is there. JR pleads with Tad to help him. Tad tells JR he loves him, but he thinks it’s time for JR to grow up and clean up his own mess. JR is going to jail!!!!!!!!!!!!! JR yells out, I hate you. You’re weak. I hate you! JR you are saying Tad is weak?! NO! YOU ARE!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Colby (What the hell is she wearing? What is with that strange strap?) finds Asher’s suitcases. He is leaving to live with his father. He admits that he has been depending on his pain pills and needs to figure things out before he throws his life down the drain. Colby thinks they can still see each other, but Asher doesn’t think it would be fair to her. They can’t be together until he becomes the man she deserves. Yeah!!! I like that. :) Very mature Asher. :) Colby wishes him well, but makes it clear she is not giving up on him. They talk about JR’s accident and Colby explains how she called her dad several times, but she thinks if Adam returned it would only make things worse. He doesn’t want her to deal with this on her own, so he’s staying. Colby assures him she’ll be fine because she’s learned to only count on herself. :( He says she can count on him. She knows that, but still encourages him to go because she’s looking forward to seeing the kind of guy he turns into. Aww! :) Sweet!!! Well after that they kiss and he leaves. Colby calls Adam and leaves a message for him to call. She then records her next vlog about Asher.

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