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    The hospital:

    Agnes Eckhart (who is none other than the creator of AMC AGNES NIXON) is rushed in. Poor Agnes Eckhart looks so sick! :( David says there would be no hospital without Agnes. He wants her looked after immediately. Agnes is in her own room. Cara asks what she ate today. Agnes tells her and Cara is sure it’s botulism. Later, David comes in to see Agnes and she tells him she was in the tunnel of light and saw his father who had a message for him.:( He’s worried about how David turns peoples’ lives upside down and that he’ll make the wrong choices. :( Cara leaves. Agnes is so grateful to Cara she wants to help her somehow. David tells her that Cara has an immigration problem. Agnes agrees to help. Later David explains to Cara that Agnes has influenced the state department and she no longer needs to be married to Tad. She can focus on Orpheus. YAY!!!!! Cara is in shock! The way she is looking at David, it looks like she is falling in love with him! :)

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Marissa tells Bianca about JR blackmailing her and about the tape. Poor Marissa doesn’t know what to do. Bianca says they’ll fight him together. Marissa is sad that this is ruining their happiness. She wanted to tell people in her own way. This video is not how she planned it. She’s worried the kids will be harassed. Bianca says they are a family and they will get through it. Wow! Now Marissa has no confidence and Bianca has a lot! Strange. :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Scott is there!!!! :) Now where is Madison? JR asks Scott to take a look at his computer. He shows him the video of Marissa and Bianca sex tape. Gee JR does it turn you on? Do you like watching it a lot? Scott is in shock. JR says he needs to blackmail to get and keep his son. Scott threatens to stop him from using the tape. Colby joins them and Scott suggests she ask JR what they were talking about. Colby sees the tape and is NOT happy! Liza comes in and is horrified that there are still copies of the tape around. JR says the deal is off. Colby wants to know what deal. Liza explains the deal is if she helped with AJ, JR would convince Colby to give her mom another chance. Colby is PISSED OFF! Colby wants to move out! JR doesn’t want her to but she is going to. Liza says she wants her to move in with her and that she will give her a lot of space. Colby agrees. She and Liza both leave. Scott warns him not to use the tape and leaves. JR is sure his son is coming home. Later, Scott shows up again and tells JR it’s a good thing his father isn’t around to witness this. And JR’s father. JR says Adam will pat me on the back and give me a hand. JR also says that Marissa is a wimp! She will give into his blackmail easy. Marissa and Bianca walk in to confront JR. Marissa is strong and not a wimp. She tells him go ahead and do it. Marissa says if AJ asks where the video came from Marissa will tell him the truth. She isn’t going to be the one to hurt AJ it will be him! The ladies leave. Scott says Marissa isn’t a wimp afterall. JR isn’t happy ROFL!

    Ellie’s grave:

    Angie is still at Ellie’s grave. :( She is still crying and is very upset. :( She wants to know about Ellie. Jesse tells her she was tiny and had her dimples. She was an angel. He should have told her right away but couldn’t. He comes there every day to tell Ellie how much she’s loved. Angie asks where the Lucy came from. She remembers she called out to hold her baby and he handed her Lucy. He says that’s almost exactly how it happened. He wanted to will their baby back to life when he heard a baby cry. He thought it was a sign. The baby was left in a box with no identification. Suddenly she realizes the baby is Maya’s!!!!! She is in shock!!! She asks when he found out. She can’t believe he let Maya look after her own baby. Angie screams at him!!!! They have to tell Maya the truth. Jesse wants to go home but Angie won’t leave her baby. :( She’s angry that Jesse kept all of this from her. She tells him to leave her alone with her baby. :( He walks away but watches her from afar. :(

    Martin zoo:

    Tad tells Dixie that his marriage to Cara wasn’t in the cards and doesn’t want to talk about it. He knew there was nothing going on between Dixie and David and the past is over. Awwww! :) Now come on Tad tell David the truth! The truth that you are INLOVE WITH HIM! :) She wants them to face their issues. Dixie regrets the pain she caused him. Dixie come on!!! Tad hurt you in the past too!!!! He worries about her trusting that oily snake. ROFL! Tad is still jealous and wants David. :) Dixie cries and Tad reassures her she’s forgiven. Awww! Dixie thinks she upset Tad’s and Cara’s marriage by showing up. That they were in love. He says his marriage to Cara couldn’t hold a candle to theirs. Damn straight! They have a chance to pick up where they left off and get it right. Cara suddenly walks in with good news. She got her green card and he’s free. YAY!!! Now Tad go and find David and give him a loving hug. :) Tad never realized that Agnes had that much influence. Cara cries and says she’ll never forget what he’s done for her. They hug and she leaves. Outside the door, Cara takes her wedding ring off and then gets dizzy. Hmmm baby David Jr? :) Or Cancer?

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    [quote=Ryan-Scott]LOVED SEEING AGNES TODAY![/quote]

    Yeah love seeing her!!! It was great! :)

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