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    A dream…. Or is it?

    Martin zoo:

    Kathy is looking through Dixie’s box of things. Tad tries to explain why Dixie died. Opal takes Kathy upstairs and Cara tells Tad he’s a great dad. Cara gets a call from the hospital about a fire at Oak Haven!!!! So she has to go. Opal is very worried about Erica!!

    Slater home:

    Bianca and Kendall hear about the fire in Oak haven!!! The oak haven gang has ESCAPED!!!! Erica shows up! They think they should take her back, but Erica won’t go. She’s not insane and did not set the fire. She knows who did though. Bianca asks if it was Jane. Erica says no and then calls for Janet to come in, who is full of soot and is burned a little. Erica begs Bianca and Kendall to help them and the others. Janet says she’ll go to the park and bring the other ladies back. Later, Marian and Dixie come to the door, which shocks Kendall and Bianca because they thought Dixie was dead! Marian says that Janet is at the hospital because she had injuries resulting from the fire. Kendall and Bianca realize Erica’s kidnapping story isn’t so farfetched if Dixie can be back from the dead. No duh! You think?! Erica pulls her girls aside and tells them she thinks Dixie was held at the same place she was. Marian tries to explain to Kendall why she tried to shoot her after Stuart died. Kendall understands because she felt the same way after Zak’s death. Kendall tells her how she tried to kill David, which Dixie hears, making her run off!!!!!

    The park:

    Tad sits on a bench and looks to the stars and talks to Dixie. He tells her everything is changing and talks about Cara. Tad tells Dixie she was his best and brightest and that he will never forget her. :( He wants her blessing though with Cara and asks for a sign. All of a sudden Dixie stumbles up behind him!!! Tad! TURN AROUND!!!!!!! TURN AROUND!!!!! Oh this is so soapy! :)

    Casa D Lavery:

    Ryan and Emma are together when Annie shows up!!! Emma is so excited to see her mommy! They hug! :) Aww! :) Emma goes upstairs to get something she has made for her. Annie and Ryan talk about the fire. Annie vows to Ryan she didn’t start the fire and knows she can’t hide out there, she just wanted to see Emma. She says she is working really hard to get better for their daughter. Ryan says the police will be looking for her. With Oak Haven burned to the ground, Annie doesn’t know where they’d send her. Ryan promises to brings Emma for visits wherever she ends up. Annie says she doesn’t want Emma to see the police take her away. Ryan agrees and calls the police. Annie Emma returns with a book she made for her mommy awww! Annie tells her to be a good girl and to never forget how much she loves her. As the police wait outside, Annie leaves and Ryan comforts Emma. Jack calls for Greenlee, but a surprised Ryan says he hasn’t seen her. David stops by and and Ryan turns into the incredible hulk and grabs him!!!! Incredible hulk Ryan demands to know what he did with Greenlee!!! RYAN LET HIM GO YOU JERK!

    The hospital:

    Griffin enters David’s office to confront him about his file of obituaries. That is none of your business Griffin! Get out of his office!!! Griffin demands to know if Dixie and Zak are alive. David accuses him of being afraid of losing Kendall. HA! You tell him David! :) David points out it wouldn’t be a contest between the men for Kendall’s affections if Zak were alive. ROFL! Griffin gets paged and David mocks him for practicing ordinary medicine.Griffin and Cara tend to Janet at the hospital for her burns. Recognizing her last name, Cara asks if she is related to Amanda Dillon. Janet is so happy about her daughter and then tells them Dixie is alive, which will rock the Martins. Janet is so excited hahaha! Cara pulls Griffin out in the hallway. She thinks Janet is delusional, but Griffin says that what she said could be true.

    The O clinic:

    Greenlee is in shock to see Leo!!!!! Leo opens his eyes and whispers Greens. She doesn’t think it’s real because she watched him fall over that waterfall. He gets out of bed really quickly and is able to walk around. She asks if it’s really him. He remembers moments from their past to prove it is. And there are flashbacks too!!!!!!!!!!!! They were so young!! He wishes there was something he could do to make things up to her. She tells him to never do it again and they hug!!! Leo says they are still a perfect fit. HELL YEAH! GREENLEO FOREVER! She tells him when she lost him, she lost herself for a really long time. He knows she isn’t lost anymore and that she’s not alone. She tells him she’s with Ryan. She tells Leo she loves him. He says, And? She says I love Ryan. Yeah but she loves Leo more! :) She still loves him! Just look at her face! :) Leo just wants her to be happy. If it can’t be with him then why not with Ryan? They kiss and we see Greenlee on the ground sleeping saying Leo’s name. She wakes up from her dream!!! Or was it? :) I have no idea! Anyway she sees a person lying in the bed. She walks over to him and sees ZAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sidenote: GREENLEO FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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