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    The wild and WACKY world of Verla Grubbs.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Krystal and Ryan talk about David. Ryan whines about him. Krystal says she would forgive David anything if Babe were alive. Ryan thinks that’s what David is banking on. Jack joins them and Ryan whines to him about David. Ryan tells Krystal not to buy into David’s games. Jack agrees!!! Ryan takes a call and Jack tells Krystal David is baiting Erica as well, but Jack doesn’t think she fell for it. Krystal says that Erica took it hook, like and sinker because she went to L.A. to find Mike Roy. DOH! Trying to start crap again Krystal? Jack wonders why Erica can’t let it go.

    The airport:

    Erica waits for her plane when look who shows up? Verla Grubbs!!! :) Verla recognizes Erica and tries to talk to her but Erica is trying to blow her off! Verla takes a picture of them. Verla says she wants her on her new reality show! Called The wild and WACKY world of Verla Grubbs hahaha! Erica says YOU are Verla Grubbs? Wait a second!!! I thought Erica knew Verla. I’m so confused. *scratches head* Verla explains she’s going to the high school reunion to reunite with Sam Brady. Erica brings up Opal and that she is her best friend in the world! :) Erica says Opal is getting a second chance with Sam and orders her not to steal him away again. Verla says Sam was hers who got away! She is going to get a second chance with Sam! Erica and Verla’s dialog is so funny! ROFL! Verla is not happy that Erica is not on her side and changes her mind about Erica being on her reality show. Verla then throws her camera in the plant! ROFL! Verla leaves. Erica has a flashback about having to choose between Mike and Jack. Jack shows up to confront Erica about going to L.A. for Mike Roy. Erica lies at first but then she finally admits it and tells him she just needs to see this through because Mike is a friend. Jack remembers that she loved Mike, but she reminds Jack she chose him. She always will because he is the man she is meant to be with. Awww! :) Jack knows that but he fears she forgets that once in awhile. Erica says that she never forgets that because she always wants to be his heart. He is the only man in her life. Awwwwwwwwww!!! :) Jack knows that and tells her to go, but to tell him the truth from now on. She promises when she gets back they will plan their wedding.

    The hospital:

    Cara is testing herself for cancer. David questions her and then she leaves. Zak shows up and he tells David Ryan is a problem that needs to be fixed. Hmmmm? Zak tells him the more he knows about Orpheus, the more he can help. David won’t tell him anything, He don’t trust Zak!!! :) so Zak says he’ll take care of Ryan to gain his trust. Hmmm. Tad finds Jesse waiting. Tad and Jesse talk about Angie. Jesse says he is more worried about Angie forgiving him though. Tad suggests Jesse let Angie mourn Ellie and deal with whatever comes next. It will take time, but he knows Angie will forgive him. I hope she does!!!! David shows up to say Angie’s surgery is going as planned. Once Tad has left, Frankie and Randi show up to wait with Jesse. Jessie feels so guilty for lying to Angie. Randi understands why he did it!!! She isn’t mad at him. Jesse just hopes Angie can forgive him some day. Frankie knows she will. Tad returns, as Jake brings Krystal to wait with the gang. Jesse wants to be alone and to breath air. He needs breathing room. Everyone leaves except Tad. He is staying! :) He says to Jesse he don’t need all that air ROFL! Frankie shows up to tell his father Angie’s surgery is over. YAY!!!! Cara and Jake almost crash into each other! They talk and David shows up. David and Jake butt heads. Cara pulls David away. They head to his office. David tells Cara if her cancer is back, he will help her fight it because he has treatments no one else has. She wonders if he cares about her or if she’s just another guinea pig. David says he values their relationship and tells her she doesn’t have to go through this alone. She says if she is sick, she will remain in control of her treatment. David promises to be there for her on her terms. Awww! :)


    Greenlee (who looks like she had another haircut, I like the way her hair was before) and Kendall whine about the fact that their men are obsessed with David. Greenlee says she plans to fix that by seducing her husband. ROFL! Kendall says she this whole thing with Zak isn’t real. Greenlee assures her it is, but it won’t be the same, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. After Greenlee leaves, Kendall calls Zak to tell him she needs him.

    Slater home:

    Zak shows up and Kendall says she wants things the way things used to be before Orpheus. Zak takes out Kendall’s ring and says it’s time for her to put it back on. Kendall tells him she wants him to show her how much he loves her. They go to their bed and make love!!!! YAY! Zak has a lot of scars including the huge one on his back!! DAMN! Kendall wishes they could stay like this forever. Zak gets a call and gets out of bed quickly.

    Casa D Lavery:

    Greenlee walks in and sees a tropical surprise waiting for her. Including a palm tree! Oh man great scene but with the wrong couple!!! It should be either Greenleo or Ryan and Gillian!!! Or both!!!! She tells Ryan she was planning to surprise him too. Ryan promises to stop obsessing about Orpheus when he stops David. Greenlee changes into something sex. They have sex too!!! UGH! He picks her up and takes her to the bedroom. After they are done they talk about David. You know, I think when Ryan has sex with his wife, he pretends that she is David. :) I mean damn he is so obsessed with him! :)

    Sidenote: Two more weeks until AMC is over on TV. :(

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    Whatever happened to Caleb?

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    [quote=Ryan-Scott]Whatever happened to Caleb?[/quote]

    *shrug* He is with Asher I assume. And I have no idea where Asher is!

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    Right! Thanks!

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    Ashers somewhere trying to not use pills…that was an amazing addiction story LMAO…NOT….I guess they tried to make him go to rehab and he said CALEB COME WITH!


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    [quote=Ryan-Scott]Right! Thanks![/quote]

    You’re welcome! :)

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    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]Ashers somewhere trying to not use pills…that was an amazing addiction story LMAO…NOT….I guess they tried to make him go to rehab and he said CALEB COME WITH!


    ROFL! Yeah come with! ROFL! EET!!! Hey stranger! Stop being a stranger damnit!!! :) Calab did want Asher to live with him. Asher agreed. So they live together at Wildwind. But I don’t know WHAT they are doing! :)

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    Hehe, I think that Ryan AND Tad AND Dixie AND half the rest of the town think of David when they are having sex with their partners. Griffin, however, only thinks of Ryan.

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