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    What do YOU see in the clouds?

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Dixie Chicken tells Tad they have a reservation at CONfusion!! She is going to CONfusion dressed like a chicken!!!! ROFL!


    Dixie chicken and Tad walk in!!! People are staring ROFL! She has a spot for them to be alone and eat. :) Tad laughs and enjoys Dixie Chicken! :) Oh oh Dixie Chicken is tooooooo hot in that chicken outfit! She is all itchy! ROFL! Tad tries to get her out of the chicken suit but she is STUCK!!!! ROFL! She wants out of her outfit and out right NOW!!!!!!!!!! :) He keeps trying but she ends up saying ow! Ow! Get me out of this! ROFL! Tad grabs someone’s umbrella to try to help her out of the costume but a cop walks over and tells him the owner accused him of stealing it! ROFL! I wonder if Dixie Chicken is going to have a rash! :) The scene cracked me up! ROFL!

    Police station:

    Dixie and Tad are at the police station!!! ROFL! Krystal helped Dixie out of her suit. ROFL! The charges have been dropped against Tad! Whew ROFL! Dixie leaves to see JR, and takes her chicken suit with her. Krystal tells Tad she’s thinking of moving out of the house. Oh no! If Krystal moves out and if Opal leaves, then it won’t be the Martin zoo anymore. :(

    Chandler Mansion:

    Scott shows up and tells JR about the mansion being in foreclosure. OH OH! Scott tells him he can stay at the gatehouse, which is not part of the foreclosure. It’s not? Awesome!!! JR is being stubborn! He says he wants no part of it. JR gets loud and says he will keep his house, his company and his son no matter what. Madison shows up and JR leaves. Madison gives Scott a microwave as a housewarming present. Awww! :) As they head to check out the gatehouse, they run into Marissa. Scott warns her about JR’s mood. She walks in and sees JR. She tells him AJ wants to see him. JR is still angry towards her as Colby enters. Colby knows the house is in foreclosure and tells him they have to be out by next week. JR gets louder and louder!!! Marissa knows he’s not in the right state of mind to see their son, so she leaves. Colby wants to call their father, but JR grabs the phone out of her hand and throws it across the room!! JR is scaring me!!!!! He thinks getting Adam involved would be a huge mistake. He vows to get everything back. Colby leaves the room as Dixie enters. Dixie finds her son who says he won’t give up on the house. She hugs him while assuring him she’s there for him now. In the foyer, Colby calls Adam, but she gets Brooke. She tells her what’s going on. Adam gets on the phone and Colby says they really need him. :(

    Martin zoo:

    Dixie returns and tells him JR is losing the house. Tad agrees with her that JR can stay with them. That the house is always open. Dixie notices he included her in that statement. :) Tad thinks they should be together. She wants that too, but she isn’t sure she should move in. Tad leaves the room and comes back as Tad chicken!!! ROFL! He tells her it’s all about humor and love with them. He asks her to come home and move in with him. She finally agrees!!! I actually thought he was going to purpose to her. :) This was a great and funny scene too! :)

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Scott and Madison have a table. She apologizes for shutting him out after Sara. :( He accepts her apology, but she doesn’t need to feel bad about anything. Madison can’t believe how differently he and JR turned out. Scott credits his father for that. She tells him she had a date, but she cancelled because she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Aww!!! Mott (Madison and Scott) are being applesaucy again YAY! :)

    The hospital:

    Amanda finds Jake. She wants to know what he is working on. He says he wants to talk about it when they go home. Meanwhile David runs into Cara, who is unloading her patients at the hospital. She isn’t sure she’ll be able to help them if her cancer has come back. :( David offers to take her somewhere.

    The park:

    Cara and David are walking in the park. She shows him her trouble dolls, which gets assigned one of her troubles: cancer, Griffin, Tad and family, for the children she probably won’t have. :( She gives him a pouch of dolls as well and tells him it’s his turn. David jokes that he has no troubles, as Jake, Amanda and Trevor walk up. Jake says David’s claim is a lie and that he could probably use several of those dolls. Jake shut up!! You are ruining their moment!!! Go away! Jake tells Cara to watch her back and walks away. Amanda stays behind and tells Cara something good will happen to her. :) Amanda walks away too. Cara gets David to lie on the ground with her to look at the clouds!!!! :) I can’t believe David did that! What a great scene!!! Cara says she sees a dog with a sock in his mouth. David says where do you see Fido with a sock fetish? ROFL! David says he sees an Alligator with a walking stick and a ferret with a stethoscope in other clouds. :) They playfully bicker over what they see! ROFL! Cara says it’s time for her face that she’s about to get news that will change her life. David thinks they should enjoy the day until her results come in tomorrow. He tells her to get back down on the dirt woman ROFL! Meanwhile Jake, Amanda and Trevor are at another place at the park. Trever is playing while Jake and Amanda talk. Amanda keeps looking at Trever to make sure he is safe. LOVE THAT! :) Jake worries about Cara with David. UGH! Amanda talks about the fact that she can’t have more babies. Jake shows her his information on adoption. He assures her this is something he’d like to do because despite the kids not being theirs biologically, they would still be a family. He says too bad the kid won’t have his hair ROFL! Amanda agrees to do the adoption! :)

    Sidenote: Does anybody remember when Tad was in a chicken suit back then and purposed to Dixie? :)


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