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    Sydney Penny (ex-Julia) is joining Days of Our Lives for a 7-episode stint beginning August 30. She plays a doctor at the rehab clinic where Carly’s recovering. If you go to and scroll down, you’ll see a picture of her on set (The full link doesn’t seem to post correctly because there are numbers in it).

    Are you disappointed she’s appearing on Days and not AMC’s final episodes? I suppose there is still a chance she could appear on AMC since her short Days stint is currently underway. Personally I remember her best as the temporary Meg on Sunset Beach.

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    AMC killed off Julia in 2008, and at that point the entire Santos family had basically been dismantled, with Mateo, Anita and Maria having already exited Pine Valley. So if Sydney had returned to AMC, it would have more than likely been as a ghost. I don’t think she’s needed back on AMC. Maria is coming back, as is Mateo, so that will be enough Santos’ for me. They would be better served by just showing some great flashbacks of her as her loved ones pay tribute to her memory.

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    I adore Sidney Penny. Happy to hear she’s coming to DOOL.(even though it’s only a short stint)Wish she were returning to AMC.(AS A GHOST MAYBE??)But the Santos family hasn’t been relevant in Pine Valley for years so two Santos family members returning is more than enough.

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