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    Ok I have to say it. Victoria’s MESS of hair has been distracting me from her scenes! I know it’s been discussed before, but it’s getting WORSE AND WORSE. I am seriously expecting a flock of birds to fly out of there one day! Girl, pleeeease just brush your hair!!!

    But on another note, Melody’s hair looks gorgeous! : )

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    Her hair is disgusting and gross! Looks like a rat’s nest and is waaaaaay too long! Y&R, can’t you afford a proper hairstylist for Amelia Heinous? I mean, if we have to put up with her horrible acting, you should at least make an effort to make her look good.

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    I read in a magazine interview that Amelia has no hairstylist and does her own hair…..(or in this case, DOESN’T do her own hair!). I think she even went as far one time as to say that she doesn’t do her hair to show how “carefree” Victoria has become since marrying Billy. I call BULLDOOKIE. Victoria has NEVER been sloppy in her appearance in the past, regardless of who she happened to be dating.

    It’s not uncommon for stars to hire their own stylists to work on them. I believe Lauren Koslow, who plays Kate on DAYS, hires her own hair and wardrobe stylist and does her own makeup.

    But there’s no defending Amelia’s horrific hair. It’s been a HOT mess for quite a while now. And if she were a stronger actress, it MIGHT be easier to tolerate or overlook her bad hair. But when an actor gives you so LITTLE to work with, performance-wise, it’s easy to get easily distracted.

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    She does her own hair and that is why it is a hot mess. A Y&R hairstylist even went on twitter to state that “Ms. Heinle refuses to let anyone do her hair.” The stylist even said that he wished she would let him work with it.

    Victoria was all about looking great. Heather Tom never went around dressing like she was some homeless person while she played Victoria. It has been look ridiculously bad this month. I’ve had great difficulty concentrating on her performance.

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    Victoria Newman was never some hippie socialite. She was always put together and would never dream of rolling into work looking like a homeless person. Ugh! Victoria is such a SHELL of what she used to be! Inside and out!


    TPTB please fire this Amelia Heinle,for she is just not strong enough of an actor to carry this story. She is horrible. What have they done to Victoria? I fast forward through most of here scenes and have been doing so for years,smh

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    I agree!! She was NOT good during the scenes when the kids were gone or when CPS took that baby. She pulled a Charlie (OLTL) when she went running out of there & up those stairs, lol.
    PLUS her hair is a hot mess!!! I cannot stand it. It distracts me & I find myself looking at nothing but her terrible, terrible hair & I then have to wonder what was said in the scene. Do you guys think that maybe that is the point? That her tacky hair is there to distract us from her poor performances?? ;)
    When that baby was holding onto it, I think that she may have cut her hand on it. Even that kid is like, “Please Lady, let someone put some conditioner on that shyt. Flat iron it, something.”

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    Normally I’m sick of Victor yelling at people but maybe this one time he can yell at Victoria. “VICTORIA!!! BRUSH YOUR DAMN HAIR!!! HOW DARE YOU WALK INTO MY HOUSE LOOKING LIKE A HOT MESS!! YOU BETRAYED ME!!!”

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    I know watching Monday’s show was a horrific experience. I mean just looking at her head makes me think her hair is just going to dread it’s self up. I even looked at MTS when she was consoling Vicki and she refused to rub her hand through that head instead she just patted her like a dog.

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    LoL, I bet a dog’s hair is smoother. ;)

    I mean, really! How had is it to just put that shyt in a ponytail!?!

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    Oh wow, COSIGN all posts! LOL, anytime I get to watch the show live, I RANT about this on twitter. Her hair is abominable! Amelia should be smacked, and I mean serious business, like my mama says, for letting her hair out of the bag like that on every episode. I mean, WTF??? It’s just NOT okay for her to have her hair looking like a barrel of hay everyday or like she rolled outta bed not nary a shower, and comb bumRUSHED throughout her damn head. It’s BEYOND me. Total, utter, insanity. Inexcusable as the daughter of Victor and Nikki Newman to look like you can’t afford a brush at the 99cent store.

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    Abby got drunk as hell, fell into a water fountain, and got arrested and HER HAIR LOOKED BETTER THAN VICTORIA’S!!

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    [quote=Miry]LoL, I bet a dog’s hair is smoother. ;)

    I mean, really! How had is it to just put that shyt in a ponytail!?![/quote]

    It is! Lol, I had a skipperke and kept his coat glowing.

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    Someone please make Amelia do something about her hair! Washing it would be a start. This woman looks unclean. No matter how she is dressed or what scene she is doing all I can think is …I bet she smells. How sad. I loved her on AMC, on Y&R…Not so much.

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