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    This was an interesting week on All My Chil’ren’s. But the scene of the week was between Angie and Jesse. Both Debbie and Darnell can go down history as daytime’s “real onscreen couple.” Debbie gave another Emmy worthy performance. So relive it.

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    Totally agree, David. This could very well be a set of performances that are used as reference points in the future for how to draw an audience in and have them share in a personal tragedy. Raw and riveting, total “gut punch”. For anybody interested in the acting profession, these scenes are a goldmine to study. We the audience are made all the richer for getting to watch them.
    Brava, Debbie. Bravo, Darnell. Thank you… 0:)


    Yes. There are rare occasions when you get to see this. Today we get fluff acting. Emmy’s in-store for them both or will they get passed up again?

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    I watch the full abc soap lineup and this is the first time in about year that I actually watched AMC first of the three. Those two were amazing.


    @EricasEvilTwin: Oh yes they were on fire.

    Angie: Tell me the damn truth!

    We’ve all watched a lot of soaps and most soap couples are soapy good. But they really are like a real couple. They just ab-lib a lot and add in some things that make it work. When Angie was hitting the sofa I could feel it.

    So it was great save by Agnes and Lorraine to this storyline and the actors just gave it their all.

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    They were outstanding. Did anyone catch that Debbi at one point outside had a leaf in her hair and of course it was kept. Vanity goes out the window when the masters are at work kids.


    @Ryan-Scott: Yes it does go out the window. They are truly the masters at work.

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    I had a thought that gave me pause. It made me a little queasy when I realized, no actually, I know that Debbie is not going to have Ms. Nixon and Ms. Broderick with her at Y&R. I can’t(or maybe I just don’t want
    to), imagine Debbie having to put herself into the less than worthy material that is being penned under MAB’s supervision. I have faith that, whatever she is given, she will hit it out of the park. But will she have the misfortune that befell Maura West and Stacy Haiduk-“historically changed” characters like Diane and Patty that can’t be salvaged or worse, that we end up not caring about?… 0:)

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