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    GMAFB! I’m so SICK of Phyllis! This woman plays fast and loose with everyone’s lives and then goes “Oh poor me! I didn’t do anything wrong! No one has my back! Boo Hoo!” And of course everything has to be about HER! “I saved Sharon not Avery!” STFU! Two words: TEAM AVERY! Get that bitch!

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    For the last few weeks, Phyllis has been acting like a victim of someone in her family. I thought maybe her father or uncle molested her or set her up with one of their adult friends. She was shaking and near tears all the time, and always saying that she wanted to “forget” her past. Now we learn that her father is an alleged Bernie Madoff. That’s it? That caused her to have the shakes every time she saw her sister? Let’s put aside the absurdity that her dad’s supposed crimes are beneath Phyllis. Let’s say she truly was embarrassed and that the local kids treated her like crap (after all, Madoff’s son did kill himself over his dad’s actions). Why didn’t she change her name? Wouldn’t something like this have come up every time Phyllis made the news? Wouldn’t Victor have discovered this before going into business with her? Wait a sec, I’m trying to find reason in an MAB-Sheffer storyline. Never mind.

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    I cannot stand Phyllis. Or the way she gets away with everything. When is Nick ever going to fire her for going against every single thing he tells her at the magazine? When is Daniel going to kick her out of his life for going against his wishes to let Victoria and Billy be Lucy’s parents?? Why does everyone put up with her selfish, hateful ways?? Thank Goodness for Avery!! I hope she succeeds in putting Phyllis behind bars where she belongs!! (now … for someone to do the same to Victor!!)

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    Exactly! Nick should really fire her for everything she has done. I can’t believe he even hired her in the first place after what she did to Victoria. If we MUST put up with Yvonne Zima, I hope that Daisy gets custody of Lucy and then signs custody over to Victoria. Then Phyllis is devastated and takes a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG vacation!

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    I would just appreciate not looking at her breast everyday hanging down by her waist.

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    LMAO at your comment about Phyllis and her boobs…she needs to visit Victoria’ Secret and purchase a wonder bra.

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    All of the above is just so completely right on base when it comes to the ruins of that once (maybe) interesting character. Maybe if she married Victor it would turn out to be like some sort of temporal anomaly and they would both just disappear forever.

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