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    It is called As The Election Turns.

    It focuses on the Obama’s and the current core family the Romney’s. In a battle for the White House. It is jam packed with drama and comedy. Up’s and Down’s Highs and Low’s.

    The Wednesday first debate will bring in the fall.

    Will Obama win a second term? Or will Romney sweep in at the last minute to take the throne?

    Tune in weekly on a network near you!

    If these real life people were played by soap actors it would work like this:

    Principal Cast:

    Kristoff Saint John as President Obama
    Renee Jones as Michelle Obama

    Micheal Parks as Mitt Romney
    Katherine Kelly Lang as Ann Romney

    Supporting Cast:
    John McCook as Joe Biden
    Joshua Marrow as Paul Ryan
    Melody Thomas Scott as Sec. of State Hillary Clinton
    Vincent Irizarry as Obama campaign strategist David Plouffe
    John Anniston as Romney campaign strategist Karl Rove
    Tamera Tunie as U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice

    Good cast?

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