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     • What will Ghost Brad do next to Simon to get him away from Katie?
    • Carly tries too hard to pretend she doesn’t want her G-Man to stroke her G-spot by protesting his staying at her house.
    • Rosanna & Craig ask Margo to be a part of their happy day. Who next? James Stenbeck as best man?

    All that and more on today’s show…weigh in with your thoughts…

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    I love how Margo brought up how Craig tried to, you know, KILL HER ASS. Craig -"I hope you don’t put that in the vows." I wish she had also brought up how he raided her bank accounts, took over her company, poked her in the eye with a stick…

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    Now why was Henry worried that anyone would see him not being able to pick up his list off the floor when Brad was holding his foot on it when ATWT can’t afford to hire extras? 

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     So Jack & Carly had a nice scene, a pleasant conversation about what a mess both of them are and how his staying in the house with the kids would be too difficult and the whole thing played out without Jack telling or implying to Carly that she’s a miserable failure for a mother & a wife?

    This needs to sink in…

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    Ummm, anyone else want Jack to pull his gun on Craig again and this time shoot to kill?
    I was irritated at Craig before but his comment to Carly about what she’s doing to her sister and the whole "too drunk to show up" thing…that was just cruel.

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    Jackie, that’s our Craig 

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    Funny how Craig & Auntie Ro Ro talk the hell out of love and marriage but they are ina CONSTANT state of emotional distrust.

    Craig: "Gurl, why are you jocking on Carly so much? You can’t even think about the wedding cake for thinking about how that drunk might drink up the champagne!"

    Rosanna: "Why you all up in Carly’s bidness? You seem vexed? Why would you give good goddamn?"


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    Jack and Carly are so a money couple today. This whole "let’s be friends" is like watching love grow and bloom before our eyes once again. He doesn’t want to leave her and she doesn’t want him to leave, but yet they are both telling the other to leave and then finding excuses to stick with each other.

    The Simon, Katie, Brad and Henry story is great, add Parker into the Simon mix with his hatred for him and it has the makings of a  good s/l.  I have to say though it’s sort of nice to watch a day like today where there isn’t crazy love triangles like Nutmeg/Craig/Lily or depressing romances like Nuke. Today was just good old solid soap.

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    It was fun. I feel bad for ATWT.  The show is producing good to great shows and it’s spending money on advertising for the Never Surrender campaign but the ratings are still crappy.

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