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    • NutMeg is suspected of not only poisoning Damian, but
    • Damian tries to convince everyone that NutMeg seasoned his wedding cake
    • Bob Hughes makes an appearance!
    • Molly & Holden continue to bond over crazy ass NutMeg

    …and much more! Discuss today’s episode here as we also mourn the cancelation of As the World Turns.

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     Loving Demon, just can’t help it! That no one checks to see where the wedding cake order came from, I would say that Molly and Hodumb need to find another hobby… as detectives, they suck. I am really enjoying seeing Mug putting her obsession out there and Demon framing her! Silly is really tooo annoying, if you would ask me, I don’t know what Demon sees in either woman. Silly smacking Mug after the attack in Fashions was greeeeeeeeeeat! I can’t stop loving this because Demon has them both wrapped and instead of using their instincts, they are playing right into his hands! 

    Great stuff, I am going to enjoy the show whether or not they survive 2010 anywhere in the world or not! This is tooo good!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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