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    • Casey & Alison plan their wedding, but Mick complicates things

    • Emily starts to remember what happened, but Mick complicates things

    • Jack & Carly try to come to an understanding, but Janet complicates things

    • Janet wants her husband back, but Carly complicates things

    • Jack wants to be with Carly, but Liberty’s condition complicates things

    • Paul wants answers, but Barbara complicates things

    There is more to the story! Discuss today’s show here!

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    Casey and Allison????? YAWN!!!!! Can’t Mick send them to that spa that ages people like James did with Carly, Emily and Lily back in the early 2000s???? They have ZERO chemistry, and bore the **** out of me!!!

    Actually, Casey is not completely useless, so keep him, but ship Allison off ASAP!!!!!

    This Janet, Jack, Carly, Dusty quadrangle is interesting, but all the longing glances between Carly and Jack are getting repetitive. When soaps become too sappy, I usually tune out!!!

    Barbara, Emily and Paul, as usual, are interesting and keep me watching this show, even though I know that the end is near!!! Give me Emily and Barbara together in a scene verbally bashing each other, and I’m a happy man!!!!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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