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    Bianca Walsh: Lucinda’s other daughter that is never, ever mentioned.

    Samantha Markham: Lucinda’s sister, who disappeared and may or may not be alive.

    Steve & Betsy Andropolous or

    Danni Andropolous

    Jane (Lucinda’s loyal secretary)

    Jade (wherever the hell she is)

    Iris Dumbowski and Audrey Coleman as partners in crime

    Andy Dixon

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     John Dixon

    Andy Dixon

    Iva Snyder

    Georgia (Lucinda’s neice)

    Caleb & Julie Snyder

    Duncan (Bonnie’s father)

    Connor and Evan Walsh

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    John Dixon
    Iva Snyder
    Martha’s Lily
    KIrk Anderson
    Shannon and her sidekick
    Lein Hughes
    Tad Channing (from the dead)

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    MJ Dixon: John & Iva’s son. He has ties to Margo and the Snyders

    Adam Munson: He needs to be back on the show. So much story potential for him.

    Scott Eldridge: Lisa’s son. Enough said. Put him against Tom in a brotherly rivalry.

    Aaron Snyder: He needs to resume the role as the upcoming leading Snyder male.

    Bonnie McKechnie: Diversity. Tired of looking at Lilywhiteville Oakdale.

    Isaac: See Bonnie.

    Bridgett & Michelle McKinnon: Despite them having no real ties to Oakdale (more so to Bay City) it would be great if they brought these two into town to shake things up like Vicky and Marley did on AW. Might bring some old AW fans back to ATWT to see Jack & Vicky’s daughters. Have them involved with Parker.

    JJ Snyder: My favorite of Carly’s kids. He supported her through thick and thin and never questioned her judgment and never held anything against her. I would love for JJ to come back to be in Carly’s corner. Plus he could cause trouble for the younger crowd due to feeling neglect, & blames Jack ONLY for it.

    Daniel Hughes: Join the younger crowd as JJ’s partner in crime. He too can blame his parents for neglecting him. Especially Emily and her new obsession with stupid Hunter.

    Hope Dixon: To give Kim and Bob something to do. Have JJ & Parker fight for her affection. And she also will bring diversity to the show which is a plus.

    Chris Hughes: Time for him to come back (with Dylan Bruce in the role) and slowly make him the new up and coming leading male along with Aaron. (BUT, make sure they have nothing to do with the vortex of suck that is Allison, ugh.)

    Dallas Griffin: Diversity again. And Oakdale can never have too many cops. (Lawrence St. Victor is currently unemployed, he’d be perfect!!!)

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    J Bernard

    Wasn’t Lucinda’s sister Sam married to Kirk (I can’t remember his last name) when she disappeared from the show?  If my memory serves me correct I think Sam and Kirk left together.

    I would love for Kirk to return as well.

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    What great ideas. I do think Andy and John should come back, if nothing else, to incorporate Kim and Bob back as the Hughes family heads. Since soaps gravitate toward young, for all the Munsons, Dixons, Hughes, Snyders, Walshes, Stewarts, Wards and Andropoli (etc) out there I feel that ANY young, NEW character should carry one of these names. They already exist, so why not cast them? Seriously, why bother with a Jade, a Maddie, a Liberty (love them, but making a point), Sofie, etc when there are characters already out there?

    I do understand about keeping the gene pool fresh, but Parker married his stepsister Liberty!

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    Smitty, I’ll have to double check that but I’m not sure what the status of Kirk & Samantha’s relationship was at the time of Samantha’s disappearance.

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    Martha Byrne. That’s all I want

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    I actually agree with you Chels725, they need to bring MB back, I LOVE the current Lily, she is awesome, but if we are talking ratings, and trying to keep this show on the air, then they need to bring back the ‘real’ Lily and try and get the Gotham viewers with it.

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    I’d like to see John Dixon come back to the show, he was totally cunning and conniving.

    I’d also like to see Connor and Evan Walsh as well as Cal Strickland.  He was an old school good guy and the romantic storyline if him and Connor who was younger was pretty good.  It memory serves me correct, it was a triangle with him, Connor and Emma.

    the thoery of opposites
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    Bonnie and Jade defnitely need to return for some much needed diversity.

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