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     So it’s a Saturday night and I am sitting here bored and got to thinking about where some of the ATWT actors could end up and I had a great idea for Don Hastings.  He should go to Bold and the Beautiful and play John Forrester.  John Forrester is Eric Forrester’s brother and ex husband to Maggie Forrester and father to Jessica Forrester.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    John is a character we have heard about numerous times during the run of The Bold and the Beautiful.  I think Don Hastings could make a good brother for John McCook.

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    I would think that Don Hastings would be almost ready to RETIRE………he’s been acting for over 50 years!! LOL!!
    Wherever he ends up, I feel that he needs to be playing a character with more of a sense of humor!! I see him as having Dick Van Dyke potential, but the writers of ATWT have never really uncovered Dr. Bob’s funny bone.

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